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Commander Evil

The Spritewars Archives (An Important Announcement About The Future Of The Dropbox)

Alright, as everyone knows, we have a community dropbox where everyone can send me or Mike their email to get added to the whitelist so they can access it. Everyone uploaded all of their sprites to it, plus tons of resources like backgrounds, free use stuff, sprite rips, old campaigns from seasons past, and everything else one could imagine to it. This constitutes probably the biggest concentration of Spritewars Content since Majhost went down.


Now, we've been out of space on the dropbox for a while, so I'm taking measures to fix that and free up some space. What I want to say first and foremost is that your personal folders will not be touched, or affected in any way. Now that I've said that, I'll tell you exactly what's going on, and what changes are going to happen.


I've created a new archive on Mega.co.nz, which has 50gb of storage free and is much more suited to the purpose of uploading archives of comics, backgrounds, and things like that.


Features that make this change worthwhite include:


1. The ability to download entire folders of files as .zip files, instead of having to grab them one at a time.


2. Increased space for files (50gb, as stated before.)


3. Centralized hosting for files instead of everyone having to download files from each other. Now, instead of waiting for the entire archive to load through dropbox, you can just page through it and pick what you want.


4. Increased Security. The files can only be accessed through secure links. This isn't such an important thing since I'll be posting the links here and elsewhere for everyone to use, but it's an extra layer of protection for stuff.


Features that could be considered downsides are:


1. No Communal Editing. The only people who will have control over the archive are Me, Mike, and anyone he deems vital to keeping it maintained. That may change in time, but for now it's not so much a security measure, as a matter of just spreading the login info around, which could lead to confusion while we're setting it up if multiple people are doing different things to it. But, the Mega will not be for hosting your personal work, so you won't really need to log into it anyways.


...And that's it, really.


What this means for you:


We're keeping the dropbox, so all of your personal folders will go untouched. The only things we'll be pulling out of the dropbox are the Public Resources folders, and all of the archived seasons of comics that aren't running anymore. I might pull the free use stuff from your personal folders if you have it, but I will not do so without asking your permission first.


If you have something you think should be on the archive, like old comics or the works of members who aren't around anymore:


Just let me or Mike know, so we can review it for addition to the archive.



And that's it, really. I won't be deleting the stuff in the public resource folders for a few days, so don't worry about waking up to a bunch of changes just yet. I wanted you guys to have a chance to be informed about this before it happened. Feel free to discuss things here, I'd like to hear some feedback on it.

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So who has access to the Mega.co.nz archive with the old campaign archives and everything? I'd be interested in getting some of those

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Just a security measure for the log in info, do you have a backup plan if a dishonest person where to fuck with the login details locking us out?

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