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Cbs Sinks Fan Creation And Fan Films

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This isn't new news but it's still pretty asinine as it's basically big daddy corporation deciding to police fandom and with stuff like AM2R it seems like a bad trend is on the way as copyright police and big bussiness want to ether shut down or control fan culture which is pretty messed up by all accounts.


The internet has given people a new means to be creative and show their love for works they really loved. It's not out of desire to steal or make "profit" and these creators will always give full credit which should fall under fair use and transformative works.


This also goes to further show how broken copyright law is and how unpreprared it is for the age of the internet not to mention a sign that we need heavy reforms including stronger fair use laws.


To think the irony here is that star trek would never have survived past the 1960s if not for it's passionate fandom which helped get a third season of TOS, helped see the films get past the motion picture as well as revive interest in getting a new series beyond the JJ high octane popcorn flicks.



Here's the mandates with some of my thoughts.




CBS and Paramount Pictures are big believers in reasonable fan fiction and fan creativity, and, in particular, want amateur fan filmmakers to showcase their passion for Star Trek. Therefore, CBS and Paramount Pictures will not object to, or take legal action against, Star Trek fan productions that are non-professional and amateur and meet the following guidelines.

Guidelines for Avoiding Objections:

  1. The fan production must be less than 15 minutes for a single self-contained story, or no more than 2 segments, episodes or parts, not to exceed 30 minutes total, with no additional seasons, episodes, parts, sequels or remakes.

(This pretty much kills fantastic stuff like new voyages and many more, good jorb)

  1. The title of the fan production or any parts cannot include the name “Star Trek.” However, the title must contain a subtitle with the phrase: “A STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION” in plain typeface. The fan production cannot use the term “official” in either its title or subtitle or in any marketing, promotions or social media for the fan production.


  1. The content in the fan production must be original, not reproductions, recreations or clips from any Star Trek production. If non-Star Trek third party content is used, all necessary permissions for any third party content should be obtained in writing.

(So nobody is allowed to use a scrapped story idea, probablly recreate set pieces an so on)

  1. If the fan production uses commercially-available Star Trek uniforms, accessories, toys and props, these items must be official merchandise and not bootleg items or imitations of such commercially available products.

(So basically policing what kind of props you are allowed to buy and make...wow)

  1. The fan production must be a real “fan” production, i.e., creators, actors and all other participants must be amateurs, cannot be compensated for their services, and cannot be currently or previously employed on any Star Trek series, films, production of DVDs or with any of CBS or Paramount Pictures’ licensees.

(Who the hell are you to tell human beings and actors what they can and can't do with their free time? Many of the original cast loved helping fans out from sheer passion and it gave us greats like star trek of gods and men. Also must be "Amateurs"? How do you even measure something like that? So basically "All staff on your thing must be crap or we will sue you.")

  1. The fan production must be non-commercial: (This is fair enough)


      CBS and Paramount Pictures do not object to limited fundraising for the creation of a fan production, whether 1 or 2 segments and consistent with these guidelines, so long as the total amount does not exceed $50,000, including all platform fees, and when the $50,000 goal is reached, all fundraising must cease (While it's a grey area crowd funding isn't really making profit so long as funds go to production)

    • The fan production must only be exhibited or distributed on a no-charge basis and/or shared via streaming services without generating revenue. (This is fine)

    • The fan production cannot be distributed in a physical format such as DVD or Blu-ray. (Ok I'll throw it on VHS)

    • The fan production cannot be used to derive advertising revenue including, but not limited to, through for example, the use of pre or post-roll advertising, click-through advertising banners, that is associated with the fan production. (This is also fine)

    • No unlicensed Star Trek-related or fan production-related merchandise or services can be offered for sale or given away as premiums, perks or rewards or in connection with the fan production fundraising. (I don't see issue in rewards for crowdfunding within reason)

    • The fan production cannot derive revenue by selling or licensing fan-created production sets, props or costumes. (Again with the above)

  2. The fan production must be family friendly and suitable for public presentation. Videos must not include profanity, nudity, obscenity, pornography, depictions of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or any harmful or illegal activity, or any material that is offensive, fraudulent, defamatory, libelous, disparaging, sexually explicit, threatening, hateful, or any other inappropriate content. The content of the fan production cannot violate any individual’s right of privacy. (Ok what? That basically kills 90% of the human interest and moraility tales trek can do, on top of that TOS had alcohol shown all the time, this rule is absolutely bollocks of the highest order)

  3. The fan production must display the following disclaimer in the on-screen credits of the fan productions and on any marketing material including the fan production website or page hosting the fan production: (Yes because I want to see a giant watermark over the screen through the entire film, not distracting at all)

    Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made film intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures.”

  4. Creators of fan productions must not seek to register their works, nor any elements of the works, under copyright or trademark law.

  5. Fan productions cannot create or imply any association or endorsement by CBS or Paramount Pictures. (This is 100% ok with me)

CBS and Paramount Pictures reserve the right to revise, revoke and/or withdraw these guidelines at any time in their own discretion. These guidelines are not a license and do not constitute approval or authorization of any fan productions or a waiver of any rights that CBS or Paramount Pictures may have with respect to fan fiction created outside of these guidelines.

CBS and Paramount Pictures are big believers in reasonable fan fiction and fan creativity, and, in particular, want amateur fan filmmakers to showcase their passion for Star Trek. Therefore, CBS and Paramount Pictures will not object to, or take legal action against, Star Trek fan productions that are non-professional and amateur and meet the following guidelines

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Terrible but let's be honest, this was BOUND to happen. If you really want to control the people, you control at least one of two things: Resources and/or media. Why wouldn't they control the media if they could?

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