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Global Campaign 2: The Epilogue

With the end of the assault on Heaven, came many things. The Terran Command Remmnant, Robotnik, and most of Liberalis Terrae retreated off into space. Liberalis conceded defeat in the Asian operating theatre, and has now become Neutral. China has been irradiated and destroyed, although there was very minimal loss of life because of the Xenomechs. The IOT was disbanded and several elements joined the Mechvaraans, and Task Force X. The IOT high commanders Bunny and Antoine joined TFX, while Sally stayed to lead the peacekeeping force. EAGLE forces have also decided to work with the Task Force further. Sonic and Tails are still missing in action, as well as Esdaille (I think Mike and Shiki have a plan for them, as Shiki is doing the Executors in Interstellar). New Teutonburg is starting to explore space. The Axonian Empire suffered damage to Korea from fallout and has mostly retreated to the Ferra system and Axia, although like most of the other factions, are still maintaining a small presence on Earth. Terran Command and Robotnik have suffered moderate-severe losses of forces and equipment, with TC now on the run from TFX and the Mechvaraans (Robotnik has all but vanished and probably wont be appearing immediately, although from what I know, Mike has a plan for him). The Task Force and the Mechvaraans have wrapped up recovery operations on Earth and have placed refugees on Xorg-7 and Kait'hur. TFX is now additionally bolstered by mobians and mechvaraan forces.TFX and the Mechvaraans have pulled out into space, only maintaining small outposts on Earth. America, Canada, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Papua are now under their own control again, with support from the mechvaraans and the mobian peacekeepers. The Executors were welcomed to stay on Kait'hur in order to plan their next course of action. The Executors, TFX and the Mechvaraan forces have returned to Kait'hur in order to discuss what to do next...


Hopefully next season is quicker and a lot more fun for the involved factions.

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