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(Script in English)
Alejo: Oh no! I'm out of ammunition!
*Alejo fights Axonians, seems to have upper hand, still gets taken prisoner.*
Alejo: Why are you attacking me?
Axonian Stormtrooper: You wear and dishonor our armor!
Alejo: It was a birthday gift from Reptil77. Let me go!
Axonian Stormtrooper: Yes, but he did not give adequate credit.
Alejo: What?
Axonian Stormtrooper: When a sheet is made with materials from other artists that are not free to use, credit must be given!
Alejo: Excuse me?
Axonian Stormtrooper: We will show it to you before killing you.
Alejo: (Sarcastic) Great...
Axonian Stormtrooper: Responsible artists give credit by finding out who is the rightful owner of the sheet, what parts of other artists were used to make it, and then put a section on the sheet or in the description. As shown here. *Shows two credit sheets, one English, one Spanish.*
Alejo: So, if he had given the proper credit, I wouldn't be in danger right now?
Axonian Stormtrooper: Exactly.
Alejo: Shit. This is what I get for accepting the Nazi armor.
Axonian Stormtrooper: We are not Nazis! Our faction respects all life forms and does not commit ethnic cleansing. We are just an empire with a German aesthetic.
Alejo: I did not know that!
Axonian Stormtrooper: It has been a pleasure to educate you before sending you to your final destination.
Alejo: Damn. (Now that I know this information, I can escape, take off this armor and go to warn others!)

(Thanks to Judgemagister for translating. Credit sheet and bonus sprite sheet in the comic!)

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