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[Contest]Create A Song Comic

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What is a song comic?


Pretty much a sprite comic that features lyrics from a random song that might have context with the scenes you are mixing them together with.




themes can be anything from dramatic, epic, funny or just something you think looks awesome.


Points will be given for


How well the song choice goes with the comic

Good use of effects



1: Deadline is Feb 28th same day winners will be called.

2: All assets must be new, so no recycling scenes from past comics you've made.



1st: A game of your choice worth £20/$24

2nd: A game worth £5/$6

3rd: Possible sprite or background request










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One entry per person.


Also I'll try and fix it most likely since it's mega sized and few image hosts are handling it. On another note added extra time to the deadline which is now the 28th.

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On 12/03/2018 at 9:46 AM, JaredKlief said:

Hmm, does this have a 2018 edition?

I don't see any harm in still making comics for this. Feel free!

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