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Shiki Scarlet

Post update wishes

So with the forum update we're now on a new version, the benefits of this would be security upgrades, keeping the place tidy so it doesn't fall apart at the seams and other things I maybe don't know about.

Yet there are downsides, the userlist has been nixed outside of taking time to go through an extra tab, can't see whose viewing topics anymore, staff list is a pain to reach, the shoutbox has been nixed which is an SW institution with a lot of history behind it. Also on gripes I really hate the rounded avatar/display pictures and the fact animated gifs have been completely done away with.

So the question is are there plug ins or adds for this new incarnation of the board that could restore some of this content or perhaps even add something better than the features we had in the past? Also to members any wishes you have for future features?

For me besides the above listed stuff I'd like to see more skins and even a restoration of the custom banners we used to have to give the place character so it's not just "BOARD"(tm)

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