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[PLEASE READ]Helping a member of the SW community

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A veteran of this community is in serious trouble IRL, they have been outed regarding personal stuff and it has been used to humiliate them, destroy their life outside of the net as well as weaponized into a tool to spread sick rumours to defame and slander them.

All this has literally destroyed their emotional well being and mental state and things will only keep getting worse that's why they've made plans to get out but need to raise some money to sustain themselves for the first few months.

Sadly said member refuses to start a gofundme campaign or give too many details out due to stalkers crawling around their social media profiles and trying to find dirt to use which has made them paranoid in case the harassers attempt to track them to where they move too.

If people can find it in the goodness of their heart to donate please do I'll start a PM chain with the paypal details. I know people might want to hold to what they got to buy a game or a thing but if you can spare it you will be saving someone's livelihood that is getting utterly destroyed right now.


Also advise and insights into their situation is welcome too.

I will add a few notes.

1: My friends done nothing illegal, if that where the case I would hold them to account.

2: What caused the mess was harmless but some people are just bigoted fucknuts.

3: They have a lot of fears of their safety which is why they refuse to start some big fundraiser campaign.

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