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Going to be absent for an unknown time.

Hi guys, probably noticed why I haven't been online in a while and I can explain why.

Basically the computer that my friend lent me had died under unknown circumstances, last time I used it I had it put on sleep mode and when I tried to wake it up it refused to boot up, so the next logical thing to do was reset the PC- then it refuses to boot up entirely and constantly resets itself failing after failing. Working it through safe mode was glitchy aswell and the drivers on my friends hardrive/ssd etc had become corrupted somehow. As far as I am concerned my hardrive is safe as nothing wrong was discovered with it initially and I have backups of my sprite/game and other key resources saved.

Good news is I'm able to use the home PC- but i'm not going to waste time downloading steam games and other programs etc- considering also this PC is poorly optimized and hasn't got much space to spare. I'm still around just not as actively ( not that I was even to begin with anymore ) until I get myself a repair or new PC done up.

In the meantime I'm going to keep myself occupied more so with RL stuff and plus I got alot of gaming to do with my brand new Nintendo switch along with my Collector's edition of the New Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. It's actually a very fun game and I'm glad I spent the money on it :)

Anyhow later;

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