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The Rules 3.0 (Last updated: 9:06 PM EDT 1/6/2017)

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The Forum Rules

These are to be cared for as closely as your Bible, Tora, science, Quaran, Sprites, wife, left/right hand, or whatever you hold dear and highly esteem.


The Golden Rule: What happens elsewhere, stays elsewhere, and what happens on Spritewars, stays on Spritewars

If something happens off-site, in a PM, chatroom, or whatever, we don't care. I don't care. Neither do the other staff members. If it involves a threat to the site, that's a different story. However if someone is giving you shit off site and they are a member here, that's between you and them. Keep it off of here. I don't care if you think they are "right wing scum", "leftist cucks" or whatever. I don't care what people have as far as ideals, as long as they keep creepy, crooked, or plain wrong things off here.

1. Follow US Law
For those of you that DON'T know what this means, let me elaborate on the high points:

    - Don't post child pornography. If you're into that, you're sick and need serious help.

    - Pedophilia is also not allowed.

    - Don't attempt to phish for information.

    - Don't pirate, and post links to pirated things here.

    - Do not commit terrorism. Also no pro terrorist propaganda and conversations. I'll go more into this later.

    - Do not sexually harass other members. Please. Just don't.

    - No hacking the forum. We said no, US law says no, most international law says no, so don't do it. Even for CompSci classes.

    - Zoophilia is not allowed.

Commiting any of the above offenses will pretty much get you permanently banned. You will not be able to appeal this ban.

2. No Porno

Porno is not allowed on the forum. In any form. Period. Webhoster rules. No links to it. There IS a small exception, some nudity in a sprite comic here or there is okay but if you are going to be making sprite porn, stick to DeviantArt...and also don't say you're posting it here, or even related to us. We like having this nice forum around.

Posting porn will get you banned on the website for 1 week. Repeat offenses results in a permanent ban with no appeal.

3. No racism/sexism

That shit don't fly here. Racism is defined as discrimination against a person, or group due to religion, beliefs, ethnicity, background, skin color, and/or practices. Sexism is defined as discrimination based on sex, or sexual identity. However we do not accept outlandish identifications either. You are either a male or female. You're also either: gay, bi, straight, love everyone or hate everyone. Or you're a furry. We don't mind our local furries, they're pretty cool. Anyways, joking is cool. Bullying, is not. By the way, if you identify as the opposite sex, just say you are the opposite sex. Unless you have a sex-change while you are part of SpriteWars, we don't need to hear your preferences. Say you are a girl or a dude, and we will like you no matter who you are and identify as.

Racism/sexism will get you banned for a month. A second offence will get you permanently banned.

4. No "Social Justice"

This is not something directed towards any political party, look at this in a non political manner. You're not allowed to do that here. It is not good for our image to have that here. I don't care if you think you were fighting for "the good of blah blah blah". Especially keep politics and religion off of here. Stuff that happens off site will not be used against someone except in extreme circumstances. Especially if it is PM'ed to someone or is using their personal information to bring "justice". If I see people ribbing each other and trying to say one is better than the other, I will laugh at both of you for being complete cunts.

Social justice will get you banned for a week. Repeat offenses results in a permanent ban. You may however, appeal this one. However, time between your appeals lengthens with each ban.

5. No politics/religion

Fuck off with that on the forums. It isn't allowed here. In Discord, we have a NSFW seperate group for talking about that. If you don't like it, don't look. It's not related to the forums, and what is said there will have no consequence here. Not even personal opinions from what you say there will affect you here. Ask Skurge if you want access to it.

Politics/religion will get you banned for 3 days. Repeat offenses carry heavier bans.

6. Try not to fight each other outside of comics

We're all friends, mostly, but we occasionally argue. Most arguments here are massive misunderstandings, or breaking other rules. Arguing is normal in humans, so try to keep it in PM's. Generally, the staff will stay out of it unless the conversation starts to be bad. We will warn you several times before muting, kicking or banning you. And remember, if you shoot at someone, expect them to shoot back. Try and keep if off of the forums and chat. If you're being a bitch and you can't take the flames, thats on you. If you're messing with one person and their buddy jumps to help them, you're also on your own.

Fighting each other will usually only end up with day bans. If it continues, the punishments will get heavier.

7. This is more of a notice. The "Don't be a dick" rule is no longer in effect, but cyberbullying, is not okay

Yeah, it was a stupid rule that just allowed people to harrass the staff whenever someone called someone something that they didn't agree with. If I see people fighting each other, I will laugh and call them both cunts. Keep it off the forum and the Discord. If you're misunderstanding someone, you need to talk to them first. If they keep being a prick to you, that's when you come to us. However if it's happening off site, go talk to the people where it IS happening. Or just block them.

Cyberbullying will result in harsher penalties, as it is against US Laws.

8. No advertising

People who attempt to advertise other forums, or communities will have their post deleted if it is not in the "Links and Affiliates" forum. You may pay $10 via PayPal to this website to advertise and have it featured in the announcements. If you keep trying to advertise in any other forum, we will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group. If you evade and skirt that, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban.

If you evade your punishments, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban.

9. No spam

Just don't do it except in the spam forum. People who attempt to spam will have their post deleted if it is not in the "Spam-o-Can" forum. If you keep trying to spam in any other forum, we will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group. If you evade and skirt that, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban. There are exceptions to what might be considered spam. Necroposting and bumping of topics is alright in certain situations, say if asking a question about sprites to an active member, or bumping your own topic back up. You may also multi post in your own topics.

If you evade your punishments, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban.

10. No multi-accounts

If you have a reason to have another account, chances are you did something wrong.

An account deemed to be an already existing member, will be deleted.

11. Do not DOX people

If I find out you're using this website to fill out DOXXes, you will get banned and we might actually be required to call the police. DOXXing involves getting very personal information, including street adresses, phone numbers, private emails, and such. It also includes attempting to contact people through that. Attempting to do this on the forum, or Discord, will get you in trouble. This is one of the few things that can get you in REAL trouble on this forum. Do not do it. At all. Finding someone's Facebook is one thing. Finding out what street they live on is another.

Permanent ban for DOXXing.

12. This is not Facebook

We're not your followers or whatever. We don't want to see "*yawn* Lol so bored imma do this"  or "Check out my new selfie" or whatever. You're only going to be making fun of yourself. I don't need to punish you. You would already be doing that to yourself.

We will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group if you try posting status updates here.

13. No attempting to divide the forum. Also no terrorism

Schisms happen, but if I see someone attempting to divide the forum over something, especially over something that happens off site, staff will be stepping in. Additionally, let me delve further into what defines terrorism, and I mean, outside of the dictionary. No vouching or sharing propaganda for real life: murder, mass genocide, assasinations, anarchy, anti-semetism, the KKK, ISIS, attacks, or anything of the sort. There is enough of that in the real world.

14. No causing or feeding drama

Enough said. If you don't like what someone else says, talk to them. Do not talk to us. I don't care if you don't like someone. Keep your opinions to yourself. Usually, drama is started here because someone disagrees with what someone says. I will not even look at your argument. The most recent examples were because someone personally felt targeted. News flash: you paint a bigger target on your back by screeching. Besides, if it is breaking the other rules on the forum and chat, they will get dealt with. If it however, happens off site, read the Golden Rule and rule #4. You're supposed to be here to enjoy yourself.

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