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A Fiasco On Deviantart

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Lucas O Delta wanted to celebrate the new year by gathering Sprite Wars members and members of at least one other friendly spriting community for a collaborative project.
The project was a sprite art 2020 banner made with Metal Slug-inspired characters. Members eagerly added their's to the once-empty city background, turning empty pavement into a place of joyous & well-armed festivities. Lucas uploaded the image to Deviantart and there was much rejoicing. 

But Deviantart took it down. Someone made a copyright claim against Lucas for posting it on Deviantart.

Everyone involved in the project consented to having their works shared, or else they might have said something.
SNK was not behind it, or else they would have launched strikes against all of our collective sprite art, which is made using their base sprites.
One possibility is the claim, likely false, came from someone Usagi warns about in Spanish & English.

Contrary to what the suspect has claimed, it is improper to file copyright claims just because they were not invited to work on a project. It should be noted that communities sometimes create celebratory scenes without giving credit, it's not a great habit, but it is not horrible and punishing it without conversing civilly beforehand is bad form.
Anyone who filed a strike who would like to converse with me can do so on Deviantart, Discord, or the Sprite Wars forum, preferably in private. In whatever language they choose. I ask that they speak coherently & don't resort to pettiness.
The 2020 collaborative work has been preserved, since the spirit behind it was creative and pure. I saved backups of it to my computer, to Discord, Brickshelf, Imgur, and Sprite Wars. If no-one can convince me the copyright claim was valid that the creators behind those works and the sprites used to make them take issue with the image, these images and accounts will remain.

Recently a strike was filed against Usagi, another prominent Deviantart spriter.
While I don't approve of vulgarity & insults, it is understandable he is upset. The art struck was another holiday work, implying someone other than a company is responsible.
Copyright notices have been misused on Deviantart against original or non-copyrighted content in the past, as explained by Stanhoneythief & Gerbenlaw, respectively.

Lucasodelta is leaving Deviantart, because the website does not defend users against false copyright strikes. His works will go on Sprite Wars and be saved in the previously mentioned sources. Whether or not Usagi leaves Deviantart, his work will also be preserved.

The Sprite Wars staff considers any copyright strikes initiated to "attack" our members to be an act against the forum and our interests. This is why I am speaking out. Everybody is free to sign up for the Sprite Wars forum. The members of our community will be protected! Our works will be preserved and we can have fun without it being ruined by people who want to be mean.





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