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Sprite Wars
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Lookie What I Found In The Dropbox...

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>Accessing file...

>File mj12 address.txt accessed.

Gentlemen. Thank you for coming.

As we all know, the world has changed. Our nation, our people,
our American way of life has been left at the side of the
road, and thanks to the ET's, the world has left us behind.

That just won't do. We are one of the oldest organizations on
the planet when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing,
and it's about time we stopped lurking in the shadows as much,
and started a full mobilization.

Our objective is simple, although not necessarily straightforward.
Our mission is to break the stranglehold that extra-terrestrial
powers have on this world, to restore our Nation to super-power
status, and to ensure that it will remain forever at the top
of the big pyramid that is the global power structure.

Through subversion, infiltration, sabotage, and manipulation,
you will induce insurrection and discord within the power structures
of alien-controlled nations, back dissidents within their homes,
assassinate, subjugate, the whole nine yards. This is a new war,

A shadow war, against a foe we never thought we'd have to face
again after the end of the Martian Crisis.


With the tools and technology we've been building up since the
foundation of our organization, you're tasked with the greatest of
all tasks. We will change the world, from what it has become, to
what it once was. 

Our goals are best summed up by our motto. "Nunquam Ante, Numquam Iterum."
In english, "Never before, never again."

You have your individual orders. Carry them out, gentlemen. It's time
to change the world again. For us.

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