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  2. And we back at it.
  3. Back with another one! Fregata has some very sneaky people.
  4. I moved some old 2000s forums of mine before the move over. What you need to do is get whoever had the hosting e mail for the original forum and get them to contact tapatalk to port the invasionfree board over. Everything is moved, avatars, posts and structure so should be fine. Only concern would be if the hand over had a cut off date but there might still be a chance(Best bet would be to see if Storm or Mike hosted the IE board)
  5. I have been keeping some tabs on old spriting sources and on my own time trying to keep an eye on any and all of our old forums to ensure upkeep and archival, as well as admittedly taking the odd walk down memory lane. However while trying to access the old invisionfree sprite wars forums I was directed to a page that had the following.: It seems that the web address of the old forums is not longer accessible for whatever reason until these tapatalk folks are contacted. Granted it's a given that the old forums were pretty much used for a long time at this point as just archival and not much else since the forum migration years ago. however I think it might be important for the sake of archival and maintaining community digital history that someone might try and look into seeing about getting this incident resolved since their is a lot of old content of note that could still be worth preserving and revisiting.
  6. Yeah yeah, 'thread is dead', but the whole forum is in traction. Not as bad as Halo Sprites forums, which are basically Cass's abandoned playground, but still. Enjoy this silly meme I made based off a game I have yet to play and a member of the forums I never met. All credit belongs to Nexus and Tsauruvia. "Merku...I am already a demon..." What a shame that he purged his whole majhost Gallery. Even the free use stuff.
  7. We *love* you! and maybe want to shoot you
  8. Fregata's still getting used to the variety of environments on the unnamed planet, so I recommend you BEAR with them! I'll see myself out.
  9. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGufy1PAeTU
  10. It's weird, I sort of miss Steampeng. That Steampunk army was extra rough around the edges, but it could've worked.

    1. Dhalo


      Hi, late, but yes!

  11. Been feeling way too much disaffection these past 2 years. The hibernation that this site's been experiencing is one part of it. I was really amazed by the lore everyone had built before I joined. I devoured whatever I could that wasn't lost. I really felt like I could help contribute to the community. My whole spriting career is basically still in shambles from the misfortune that struck me in late 2014 through most of 2015. The interest is still lost in the background somewhere, but it gets buried by more pressing matters. Watching the majhost crash pull the rug out from under our collective feet hasn't helped, and neither have some of the other debatable turns of events that affected this community more recently. A little over 2 months back, the fifth anniversary of when I signed up here passed. It's such a strange thing to comprehend. Five years is a lot of time for something to exert its impact on you, and this forum definitely has done so, relic of a better different time that some may view it as. I've found newer interests, different ways to express myself in silly vanity projects. On some level, I have to think that my current creative works took a subtle inspiration from this website; the freedom to develop one's own ideas, and the ability to bring them into a greater pool that people could adapt and interact with. All I can say for sure is: I'm not ditching Sprite Wars yet.
  12. Father: “Son, you were adopted.” Son: “What?! I knew it! I want to meet my biological parents!” Father: “We are your biological parents. Now pack up, the new ones will pick you up in 20 minutes.”
  13. An elephant and a camel meet on a road.. Elephant: Say, why is it you have your breasts on your back? The camel paused for a second. Camel: That's an unusual question coming from someone who has a genital on his face.
  14. What do you call an overweight baby? Heavy infantry.
  15. How do you spot a blind man on a nudist beach? Well, it's not hard.
  16. Did you know that you can tell the gender of an ant by throwing it in water? If it sinks, girl ant. If it floats, buoyant.
  17. What’s worse than ants in your pants? Uncles.
  18. I've scoured the celestial bodies for humor.. The real joke's always in the comets.
  19. Three blonds are out walking in the Forest when they come across a set of tracks.. “Those are deer tracks!” Said the first. “No! They’re antelope tracks!” Said the second “Oh no... they are definitely bear tracks!”said the third. They were still arguing when the train hit them.
  20. A farmer had 196 cows in his field.. When he rounded them up he had 200.
  21. Job interviewer: “So, where would you see yourself in five years’ time?" Me: "Personally I believe my biggest weakness is in listening."
  22. My grandfather survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.. Being in Canada helped.
  23. “Ever since she lost her job, my wife’s identical twin sister is living with us until she gets on her feet,” I told my friend. He asked, “Just want to know, how do you tell them apart?” “Why should I?”
  24. Hey, fellas! I've created this thread for us to share a few full-hearted laughs, something to lighten up the day when the going gets rough or you just needed something to pick you up from a gloomy day. Let me start this up with a few shorts: Scientists finally found out, how much sleep humans exactly need.. ...just five more minutes.
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