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  1. I just updated the board and added some themes. Let me know if there's any problems, if I don't respond have the staff get a hold of me in the staff channel. Thanks.
  2. I added a new theme, that allows you to change the colors of the forum to your liking, click the brush on the upper right on the Elegant theme. I removed the two dark themes for now as they seemed to have issues with the messenger system.
  3. Some of our old skins aren't there anymore obviously but there is an easier skin editor now so the staff may be able to contribute
  4. Site has been upgraded, there will probably be errors and issues just let me know and I'll take a peek.
  5. Alright I'll be taking a crack at it sometime this weekend, I'll make a post this weekend in Discord when I'm starting.
  6. Would anyone be opposed to upgrading to IPB 4.0? Some things might not work such as the Arcade and such and a couple others. I haven't really touched the board in a while, but figured I'd ask. I would post in Discord, but I don't want something like this to be just a generic message.
  7. Pretty sad to see, apparently he was cutting himself as well as hanging.
  8. Very Simple. The host that Zigge was posting his images from now requires a login/pass to view the direct link to it. I have edited out the link. I also just checked the database, it's the only place where that URL is used, so all should be well.
  9. Player1


    I banned you from the shoutbox. Why? Because I check in here once a day for about an hour, and what do I see? An essay in a "ShoutBox", it is NOT your personal soapbox to stand up on and voice your concerns. Anyone with a shred of common sense would see that kind of thing should have been taken to a PM, and not there. I copied and pasted your message in the staff forums so it can be read later, and people can decide what do do then. So no, your point isn't "Proven" cause I don't partake in any of the drama in these forums I just keep them running and when I see, and pardon me for being blunt, stupid shit going on I will actually do something. I don't know about the whole ordeal about what you have going on at the moment Steam, but I can tell you from reading one thing you're already on my shitlist.
  10. Does the link to the current Wiki need to be updated?
  11. Let me know if it happens again I'll just turn BB code off entirely in the shoutbox.
  12. All I know is my cpanel was quarantining a large amount of files. Luckily it was just files and not the database.
  13. I upgraded the site, I was going to postpone it for awhile, but some things came up, mainly the fact that someone actually tried to hack the site. I feel much more comfortable with the site being up to date with someone attempting to do that. Some things of note: Some posts might be broken, I'll fix them eventually. Old Skins are gone, they weren't up to date with this version and I've got better ones. Shoutbox will be gone, but for a couple hours until I get the mod installed. If anything else is broken please post it here.
  14. Just got this email just notifying you all.
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