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  1. Hey, I dunno if you guys have taken a look at the little thingie at the edge of the portal, but Mike scored us a few affiliates.
  2. Right right, I forgot to throw these out there.
  3. I await to see what you have to show us.
  4. Arcadia Colony Rebellion Fed up with The Terran Confederation's increasing stranglehold over the Earth, and Highlon's exploitation of the colonies, the Arcadia Space Colony begins gathering support for a colonial rebellion, starting in Earth L5. Because the Colonial Independence movement is in a somewhat grassroots phase, new units will be added as comics are made. Arcadian Resistance Soldiers Gaits Space Armor *UPDATED* Gaits RED METEOR Variant Colonial Warship
  5. http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2015/07/12/nintendo-president-satoru-iwata-dies-at-55/ Iwata died of complications from a bile duct growth, a rare and tricky form of cancer.
  6. Also, I don't know if people are as into this series as I am, but this made me happy that it's finally nearing its release:
  7. This isn't a flying troop from Gun Hazard. This is a space frame made by an artist on DA. http://fav.me/d8ho3i1 It looks janky as hell, but it sorta makes space-sense. ("Sorta" being the key word here.)
  8. The "closeness" of the planet really doesn't matter much if you plan on just having a static warp gate connecting the two worlds together. If one end of the gate is anywhere within the Earth's sphere of influence, and the other end is within range of the new planet, the distance between the two wouldn't matter, even if it was all the way in another galaxy (Or dimension? Dunn dunn dunnnnnnn!) As long as a relatively short gate trip is all that lies between Earth and New Planet, distance becomes semi-moot. Just bear in mind that even if the planet is in our system, or is as far flung as it can be, there's going to be at least a little space travel involved.
  9. The existence of trees would depend on whether the planet had a working biosphere before they got there or not. If the planet had no established biosphere, there would be big huge brute-force terraforming stations like in the Aliens movies processing the atmosphere by pumping out oxygen, carbon dixoide, and argon, and there wouldn't be a lot of vegetation outside of heartier forms of grass. If there's a working biosphere, there's probably a lot of native plants, interspersed with introduced Earth plants. It's reasonable to believe that if photosynthesis is a common end in evolution, the plants will be green-ish leafy affairs that share a lot of analogues with Earth. Granted, it could be anything from lichens and mosses, to prehistoric conifers and ferns, to high forms of algae and fungus, on up to your average trees. Probably for ease of making backgrounds, we could assume that the planet is somewhat green.
  10. Before we go crazy beginning to design backdrops, What sort of planet are we looking at in terms of land types? Is this a temperate world with lots of forests and jungles? Are there deserts? Is it a rocky, mountainous world, or is it mostly flat? You mentioned water. Are there just a few seas and lakes, or are there whole rivers? Does it snow at all outside of the ice caps, or is it warm year-round? Are there any other interesting features for the world? Also, the planet's moon with the spaceport on it. Is it a moon like our own, a dry, dusty ball covered in craters? Or is it a moon with atmosphere and ice, like one of the moons around Jupiter and Saturn? Or maybe a captured asteroid, like the Martian moons?
  11. I would assume that since infrastructure is rather young, the main cities would look somewhat futuristic, but would probably be surrounded by rather old-world shantytowns built from scraps and prefabricated houses and stuff by the people who couldn't afford to live in the big city. The further away from major cities you moved, the more spartan the living condition would be in the small towns, unless one of the corporations set up an agricultural or resource project that required a lot of hands to manage and a lot of resources to move through. As for backgrounds... welp, looks like we'll have to start building stuff ourselves.
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