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  1. dunno how to fix it. Pm the staff your other two choices please
  2. Letting you all know I made this a multiple choice. Everyone pick 3 out of the four for the staff team
  3. welcome to the site. if you need help with any shading techniques you can ask around here or join our discord
  4. a revival of the rants /vent page though I like to ask you no pissing on other memebers or geting personal with eachother. otherwisr feel free to rant or vent. other members can discuss and hear you out. fourm rules apply here as well
  5. It's time to kill people in Ninja Golf. The game where now the PGA has Ninjas duking it out to win the title of champion. Play normal golf or decapitate your opponents with your sword., use nun chucks to whap your enemy's ball away from the hole , or use ninja throwing stars to permanently blind your opponents. Not only you face the classic hazards of golf like the sand pit ,but also there the Dragon's Breath pit where if your ball falls in it melts in the hot flames, and the spike hole where you may fall in when getting your ball and be impaled to death. my turn
  6. In a world where Gynoids overpopulate humanity by 2/3rds The Whitelords lead by Vanilla plan to destroy the atmosphere of Earth to kill humanity. Join our purple haired heroine Relli And here human UN companions to stop the WhiteLords evil threats and find her white haired partner Lucy deep in the black void of the CYCON Corp Tower Next one
  7. Okay . this game Is simple. Someone post a video game cover and the next person make a story from the cover alone what the game is about (no cheating of googling the game info. you are going blind and making the story based on the cover alone ) Then the next person then post a game cover and the game repeats. let's see what crazy stories you can make from the many video game covers that are out there First to post mine to start
  8. i'm gonna temporary close this topic until further notice
  9. go ahead. the arcade is rarely used anyway
  10. And here it is the epilogue of not only GC2 , but also my factions. Music for the ending link to image if you cannot see it https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/rF46sehtR.png
  11. Okay time to respond I tried many campaign revive as well ,but they sadly died off quickly. mainly cause some of our older members left and the current members are swamped with real life. so the only way was to keep one campaign for now with the current active member count. Mainly cause stuff like the fantasy and retro background project We don't have many resources since most of us just edit sprites since we don't have time to build stuff from the ground up. some of us do ,but not all. Well it is good to be active ,but we also need more active people in order for stuff to work. Do whatever you can and the more you do sprites the better you will get. you should of seen everyone's early sprite edits/customs to what there doing now. I'll give you the 411 1) Lots of us are OLDDDD in net years. much of us are in out 20s or getting to the 30s (ie me hitting the big 3 0 on the 19th) So yeah real life like work, trying to find work, College, and just getting there lives started is holding us back. that and medical issues ( I have a new ulcer back and more angrier than before wrecking my system). 2) time is limited for most: sorry ,but we aren't sprite /background making machines that can vomit out sprites and backgrounds. Even after a day or work or a day off most of us want to relax from the stressful day of work. Or many ( like me) are spending much time bombarding EVERY... SINGLE.... JOB BOARD.... with no bits and having to go from contract to contract just to get some money. if it wasn't for my dad knowing how job hunting is difficult now than he was a kid i would be on the streets. so i'm very lucky. I also study as well so I can get certifications and such to help better my resume. So just cause folks aren't around don't think we are just spamming memes or watching anime. some of us are trying to i dunno FUCKING... ADULT!! aka get a job, and makesure we make enough so we don't go homeless on the street Once you get to our age you will understand. anyway i'm done
  12. HEADS UP ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am going to set a end time for GC2. You all have till the 28th of this January the finish what your doing in the campaigns with a epilogue to your factions. Any who do not I'll make in the epilogue for the entire campaign comic make there ended open so gc3 they can explain what happen at the end of GC in there intro. Sorry I'm being pushy ,but we been doing this for far too long and I want to end this campaign and start a new one for 2017.
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