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  1. I always thought the romans were dank asf. History as it is.
  2. http://webmshare.com/play/6VJXn
  3. Welcome to the forums. However the announcement board is for admins and mods, you're looking for this one http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?/forum/5-introductions/
  4. Hi guys, probably noticed why I haven't been online in a while and I can explain why. Basically the computer that my friend lent me had died under unknown circumstances, last time I used it I had it put on sleep mode and when I tried to wake it up it refused to boot up, so the next logical thing to do was reset the PC- then it refuses to boot up entirely and constantly resets itself failing after failing. Working it through safe mode was glitchy aswell and the drivers on my friends hardrive/ssd etc had become corrupted somehow. As far as I am concerned my hardrive is safe as nothing wrong was discovered with it initially and I have backups of my sprite/game and other key resources saved. Good news is I'm able to use the home PC- but i'm not going to waste time downloading steam games and other programs etc- considering also this PC is poorly optimized and hasn't got much space to spare. I'm still around just not as actively ( not that I was even to begin with anymore ) until I get myself a repair or new PC done up. In the meantime I'm going to keep myself occupied more so with RL stuff and plus I got alot of gaming to do with my brand new Nintendo switch along with my Collector's edition of the New Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. It's actually a very fun game and I'm glad I spent the money on it Anyhow later;
  5. Removed your warning points, all of them were over 6 years old

  6. Skurge


    I was meaning to ask if the new version included an uploaded function much like another forum I visit. This is a wonderful addition and I hope we can post things more effectively than having to use another website, I think this was due a long time ago haha.
  7. Skurge


    Thanks to my hardrive conversion my purchased products clip studio paint in particular is now requiring me to enter the validation keys, don't have the documentation for it for some fucking reason, have to contact the website- I get some dickwad who can't read the request who in turn directs me to some fucking stupid EU german money website thing I've never heard of before or even signed up for that suddenly is now responsible for purchases made. Eventually I manage to log in with my purchase order ( from a adobe acrobat receipt ) and a password I had to reset? I get in and there's no history of my purchases. Now I'm fucking pissed. I'm not letting some fucking wierd arse japanese company that lets germans or whatever handle the purchase history walk away with my fucking money.
  8. Skurge


    Well turns out it's a steam error entirely (big surprise) miraculously I logged out for the 50th odd time and relogged and then it decided to unfuck itself and work.
  9. Skurge


    So my friend invites me over for the purpose to have my computer's hardrive transfered into a PC that has more powerful hardware- after some motherboard issues we got it working. Everything is perfect until we decide to check if the steam client- and for reasons unknown Steam decides to just go fucking retard mode and conditioned itself to believe all my purchases are null. All my games installed and now listed as Pre-load complete which according to many sources indicate that the game's files cannot be unlocked until the games release date. So fucking wonderful- none of it even fucking adds up- All we did was transfer my hardrive to a new tower- and this somehow of all things effects Steam? Even though I have recorded game time and backups- installed files you name it. So now I have to contact steam about it, and wait god knows how fucking long to get an error that shouldn't even exist to be fixed.
  10. OK, so Skype/Microsoft continues to believe the information I provided is not adequate and continue to think I'm not me trying to recover my account which is rightfully mine. They continue to feed me the same exact list of things to do to reacquire my account and everytime I follow through and do just that- it's never good enough. I get codes- they refuse to accept them. I do this stupid fucking account recovery process and it's handled partially by a computer rather than a person which is just dismissing my information without telling me what I failed to do. The help staff are useless- the system is usless and I just wish for once Microsoft would stop changing it for the worse and making it too fucking complicated. So for now on- just contact me from my new one, screw the old fucking one- all my contacts? gone- so wonderful. Yes I'm fucking pissed off.
  11. Skype mysteriously decided to go fuck itself and glitch my account, restoration codes and such don't work and the Skype Support take too long to find solutions, in the meantime I have made a new account until this issue is resolved. Should be simple to find,
  12. welcome, having a look around and getting the feel is a smart thing to understand what we are about. Alot of our links do not work anymore because an image host website we used to use mysteriously shut itself down. We tend to use dropbox or imgur these days.
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