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  1. Yup yup. I leave that up to the players. It's an alien world with Earth elements brought over from colonization, they could run into man-eating plants. I will have some locations of interest marked ahead of time, but players can come up with some on their own; the planet may be settled on but it's still being explored.
  2. Bigger. Earth is 196 million square miles if you include the oceans. Right now I figure the new planet is around 20-25 million square miles with oceans, slightly bigger than Asia, Europe, and the Middle East combined.
  3. We can come up with our own resource, I only mention tiberium because it's a fictional resource we'd be familiar with. But you're right, we can name our own resource for people to mess with; something that can be used as an energy source or something else if a faction wants to do some technobabble on it. Or maybe it has unforeseen side-effects. Also forgot to point out that 'Fertile' on the map just means it has lots of life. So it can be just lush grassland or woodland, or jungles or whatever. Like the fertile lands of Themis and Dione are likely dense tropical jungles.
  4. Hi everyone! Been a while but development on the map has continued in the meantime. It has terrain and all that's left is to label landmarks, which will take a little bit. So people were asking why we'd be fighting over this new planet. On Skype, Ivan (or Monsta, I've forgotten specifically who it was, sorry) proposed the idea that we'd be fighting over Coltan, which is vital to the manufacture of electronic components. Coltan sites would provide centralized locations to fight over or provide motivation for a human faction, should you choose. Think of it like tiberium. Here's an example of major Coltan site distribution on the planet, marked by a red X. As you can see, places like Dione or eastern Aphrodite might see more contention because there's only one site that's isolated but extremely rich. This is only a proposal of course, and I'd like to hear people's opinions on the idea of fighting over resources and the current map appearance. Should I put some islands back in? Not enough Coltan? Should we fight over resources at all? Should we just say tiberium? I look forward to hearing your feedback and additional proposals.
  5. Updated the OP with the preview map and current information.
  6. Does this world have its own native race? Nope, only people who travelled there. What are the provinces? Cities/colonies or current residences? These'll be added to the map later on. Each continent has at least one large, major city. Is this based on a period in time where it's only been discovered or somewhat-fully developed? When the season starts, it will be a few months or so after discovery. Settlers have been travelling to it and building on it and now the major factions (that's you guys) are ready to move in. What kind of government runs this or governments for that matter? None in particular. The capital of each continent is technically the authority but there's many settlements that are far enough away from the capitals they just do their own thing. It's the Wild West out here, basically.
  7. http://postimg.org/image/x6yi67ixl/full/ Direct link that isn't as blurry So here's the territory map for the Global 3 planet. Will be tinkering with it a bit more. No borders, terrain, or landmarks yet, will be added later on.
  8. Keep in mind alot of this is still up in the air, still deciding where this new locale will actually be. Might make it closer to Earth for the sake of factions less space inclined. You can just show up without explanation if you really want or just say you took ships off-screen, whatever. Anyway, the ruins are a good idea for what I have in mind and I'll work them into the map. There's also alot of stuff I don't want to give away just yet that'll be part of the mystery for this place. Global 3's kind of a misnomer but I'm hoping this can be a fresh start for people, if need be. A sort-of reboot? Playing fast and loose with continuity. What with majhost crashing and all, people might want a do-over. If you want to drop a faction because you wanna try a new one, go for it. I'm aiming for a lighter tone as well this season and probably the ones onward, similar to the Grand Campaigns of old. That was always my intention but admittedly I laid it on pretty thick with the grimdarkness in the intro comics for Global 1 and 2 and I regret the initial impression that gave. Will have a preview for the map soon, so stay tuned.
  9. I'll run down the list so far: - It is temperate - Deserts will exist in small pockets, like the Mobian Desert in Pangaea or California's Death Valley - Mostly flat, hills and an occasional mountain (or mountain range) the further inland you go. (Tectonic activity in the past, none now?) - There will be rivers - Snows around the poles, rarely elsewhere Haven't thought about more distinct features. Another planet can occasionally be seen in the night sky? A lot of the fauna and terrain look similar to Earth counterparts, either because colonists terraformed the area or for other unknown reasons. In meta terms, you can use the same backgrounds we always use I didn't want to restrict BG use. But feel free to make backdrops, there are definitely parts of the planet, up in the hills or the hearts of deep forests for example, that were untouched by terraforming and look very alien. Undecided on the moon. If it's an ice moon, I'd say use/make snowy backgrounds for sake of convenience. If it's a captured asteroid, the spaceport would be built into the moon itself. On the subject of the major cities architecture, they vary depending on who built them and when. Some emulate the traditional Earth styles while other cities fully embrace a New Age It's-The-Future style, and are the ones most often seen in publicity shots sent back to Earth. An early city or two might have the remnants of a protective dome and have lots of prefab buildings from the very first settler landings.
  10. Er, the point is to not spread out between too many places. I'd rather not give people a reason to do so by having an entire army stay behind on Earth. Not to say you can't have scenes on Earth or elsewhere, but the focus of a faction should be on this new planet. The landmass-to-water radio is more evenly spread, yes. More than one continent but they'll be pretty close together. Lakes will likely be common landmarks or obstacles depending on your perspective; a narrow strip of land between two lakes might be the only way across to the other side of a continent for hundreds of miles if the enemy has major anti-air, for example. Different expeditions of colonists have established infrastructure but nothing big. A few major cities with some towns/farms and such and scattered about, paved roads link most major cities but that's it. All the big cities claim to have spaceports but this could mean anything from a landing pad to a flat patch of dirt with a dude in a lifeguard tower guiding you in. The Freeport on the moon is the only actual spaceport, providing fuel and a berth for ships to stay in. You guys are more than welcome to build your own stuff, you don't even need to start in a pre-made city or anything. You could start in the middle of nowhere, construct a town/base, and keep building as you expand your home territory (and conquer other territory). Just let me know so I can add it to the map so people can see.
  11. People've been asking about Global 3 so here's the current idea(s) we've got so far: - New Planet and a 1/2 A problem that I've noticed, and contributed to, is that while our playerbase has gotten smaller, our map scale has not. Earth is big, plain and simple. With this new planet, which would be a little smaller than Earth, I'd like to prevent factions from being so isolated like in Africa at the beginning of Global 2. Isolated factions have the possibility to idle around, waiting for enemies to come to them, or wander off and do their own solo thing, which is fine sometimes but isn't really what Sprite Wars is about. Or worse, go inactive when no enemies show up. With this new planet, which will be slightly smaller and less watery than Earth, I hope to encourage more close contact between factions and lessen chance of isolation. With this smaller map, individual cities, towns, and other landmarks will have more importance. It was brought up, in the Skype chat I think, that lots of the fighting recently is spread out , it's lots of engagements over an entire front, which is fine, I'm not saying it's bad, just that that's all it's been recently. Back in West Season 5 (or 6? I forget) the finale was fought over the city of Odessa and almost everyone showed up to brawl over this place. By claiming, winning, and losing cities it might give some oomph to conflicts. Like, we lost the main battle for City A, but we're managing to hold them in the hills at Town B down the road. Factions that are more Earth-bound should not worry about being left behind. This planet is in our solar system and there's plenty of ways to get there, if you even want to bring that up, you're not required to; you can just be there and wave it off saying "oh we took some spaceships offscreen" or teleported there using a stargate, whatever explanation you want, really. More updates will be posted in this thread, including a preview of the map and any other ideas that we intend to implement next season. Please bring forward any questions you have to me here or on the Skype chat, I'll answer 'em the best I can. Preview of map so far. Nothing is set in stone and is bound to change.
  12. So trying to make all the terrain was a bad idea. Since Mike jumpstarted some events on Mars, I'll post the first ver of my Mars map for anyone that needs it. No territory lines, sadly. Maybe in a later update. Otherwise territory will just be fluid, we'll figure it out. Note that not every city and location on Mars is listed in this version, just ones that are notable or large. Tharsis Heights: Very mountainous. Population is largely human.Xanthe City: Capital of Mars and center of New Martian authority. One of the largest cities on Mars. Corridor: A military base in all but name, controls the only land bridge to Xanthe. Cold Horizon: Port town. Cold as fuck. House ships that travel to Mars' frozen northern continent. Olympus Mons: Largest mountain on Mars. Tourist trap town at the base of the mountain, get your Authentic Martian Experience here. Elysium: Home to Palamedes Base, Mars' major spaceport. Almost all traffic from Earth or Venus will land at Palamedes first. Arubia: Lots of flatlands and craters. Population is largely Native Martians.Cassini: Neo-Arabia's capital. Based inside a large crater. City goes underground. Cydonia: Largest Martian military base. Oppurtunity: Largest city in Arubia. Has crime problem. Aeolian Freelands: Largely uncolonized, as of yet. Unsavory characters will travel through the vast expanses of nothing to escape to Noachis.Isidis Canal: The river that runs from the Hellas sea to the Martian ocean. Has three cities along the Canal, Newgate, Crossroads, and Marvel Little Ishtar: Small town that contains almost the entirety of Mars' Venusian population. Curiosity: Home to several well-known colleges/universities on Mars. A major tech hub. Noachis Marshlands: Allegedly home of Mars' criminal elements. Lawless. Swamps on the border of Mars' frozen south. Hard to traverse even with a map.Copernicus: Has the misfortune of being capital of Noachis. Large, overworked police force that needs to enforce law in both Amazonia and Noachis. Southwind: Southern-most town on Mars. Frequent snowstorms. Anyone whose gone further south, has never come back, willingly or otherwise. Aonia Desert: Large and vast. Many battles were fought here pre-colonization between Native Martians.Zodanga: Aonia's capital. Built into and around the hulk of Zodanga, a once-mobile city for an ancient warrior society of Martians. Tallman River: Looks like a creature from Martian myth.
  13. Thanks to CommanderCool, Underling, Mike, Monstarules, Freak Ops, Skurge, Dempsey, Steampeng, Draco, and Mechasonic for submitting panels. And anyone else whose panels I used to fill in some spaces. Special rules thread coming soon as well. Will have information about merc contracts (Draco will elaborate in his comic as well.)
  14. Yeah, panels should all be stuff from Global 1 or immediately after, Steampeng. Go for it. But like Mike said, you might wanna find someone to help with spellcheck and such. Campaign is still set to start Thursday, people. If you're making panels for the intro, be sure to submit them before then.
  15. Yeah. Anyone can submit a panel about Global themes or events.
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