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  1. I know this is belated, but I love these seasonal/annual sprite banner things :3
  2. Oh hey MikeK, long time no see. It's great to see you again! And no worries man, a good number of the old-heads still remember you, myself included. It''s great to have you back in the fold.
  3. Roger that, will send via PM's old bean.
  4. Hey Solidus, welcome back old friend! We missed ya around these parts. We are still operational, it's just that we also have a Discord up and everyone has been chilling on the discord as well as the forums.
  5. This is honestly some rather interesting theory and thoughts to pontificate on... Makes one wounder to be honest...
  6. I have been keeping some tabs on old spriting sources and on my own time trying to keep an eye on any and all of our old forums to ensure upkeep and archival, as well as admittedly taking the odd walk down memory lane. However while trying to access the old invisionfree sprite wars forums I was directed to a page that had the following.: It seems that the web address of the old forums is not longer accessible for whatever reason until these tapatalk folks are contacted. Granted it's a given that the old forums were pretty much used for a long time at this point as just archival and not much else since the forum migration years ago. however I think it might be important for the sake of archival and maintaining community digital history that someone might try and look into seeing about getting this incident resolved since their is a lot of old content of note that could still be worth preserving and revisiting.
  7. I guess that would depend wither it's the good ending or the bad ending run in the comic. .......I hope it's good ending. <:( Also yes: I'm still alive.
  8. Oh my god, I pop into the forums to check things out and I find this lovely number... and I love every little bit of it; it's hilarious and I feel it pretty much portrays my alter ego as the "only sane man" straight man I was trying to build on; very good way to keep a character in character; my sincere kudos. Though it begs the question; what the heck happened to Vivian after her appearance and the whole Meme Magic; I get the feeling that's an important plot point that needs a follow up and resolution... That said: I still love it; hardly ever see many sprite comics and works that feature any of my sprites; it's a surprisingly pleasant joy when I see them being used.
  9. Indeed; finding sources and means of comic archival is vital to preserving lore and resources so it will be important to find not only a primary archive but also redundant/backup archives to ensure our eggs aren't all in one basket. We might need to get Admin and Watchmen, possibly even other site members as need be; to hash out out possible options.
  10. I wish you good tidings man: may you're days with your family be filled with happiness, love and warm nights on the sofa.
  11. A fellow writer and buddy of mine has been writing a COD/Strike Witches crossover that shows a lot of promise and is apparently going different routes them most other fics under the Strike Witches Section. The first couple chapters may lack some direction a bit but it gets way better pretty quick. Not to mention he plans on writing a pair of squeal stories after this fic is done. It's called the Clocktower and is written by my buddy blaze92x45. Also be sure to check out the supplemental story; Iron Within. The Clocktower Iron Within
  12. Hello my friend, welcome back
  13. MG36 Sprite for everyone to have fun with.
  14. Well, that was a exciting new way to wake up in the morning. So yeah, I was asleep in my room this morning, sawing some proverbial logs when I start hearing a buzzing. I think it's my imagination and continue naping, but after another minute the buzzing continues. Curious, I awaken and my eyes turn to the sound. Cue the sight of four yellow jackets by the wimdow next to my bed and two more directly above my head next to a hole in the ceiling. Cue obligatory "son of a bitch!" declarative curse and charging next door into my dads room, telling him that we got a bug problem. So the two of us grab the vacuum and suck up the first wave of wasps but we get the feeling the nest is in the attic. After moving my cat into the bathroom (during which he's freaked out by the vac and claws my arm) my dad first calls an exterminator who will come two days later, and another who wanted us to check first where the wasps are coming from first and would have charged us $130; all the while I hold the line with the vacuum and suck up any wasps that enter my own bed room. My dad decides to do the job himself and goes into the garage to get some foam insecticide, only to find he's out, so he has to call my mom and sister who are out at the time. They return with the required sprays and after they leave the two of us to it we managed to foam up the hole to my room. We'll be doing it again later, and my dad will foam up the entrance outside the wasps are getting into and then seal up both holes so they damn things can't get in. Once that's done I'll get him to put up the pair of fake wasp nests to make sure no other wasps decide to bed down in our domicile. So yeah, I just fought a bug war at 8:05 in the morning. How was your wake up calls this morning, eh?
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