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  1. This is a solid move. Passing the torch is important.
  2. I think renaming the topic to Color Coated Discussion would suffice.
  3. *Added my army sheet to the dropbox and the backgrounds I used here. I also organized the dropbox so it wasn't so messy.
  4. International Strategic Arms Alliance [iSAA] The ISAA is an international assemble of asskickers. ISAA was created to respond to global threats. Their philosophy is shoot first, ask questions later. Color: Teal/Blue Sprites: Soon
  5. Sweet! Once MAJ is back up and I can read the comics posted already I'll hop in.
  6. I can't see the first page of comics (because of MAJ) but is there still space for me to jump in? I remember being excited when this was being planned.
  7. So wait, is this post apocalyptic? I got the impression the world was just really destabilized and wrecked for the most part but the world more or less existed as it did before the war.
  8. Very happy with these new rules. Looking forward to playing!
  9. Man it's been a lonnnng time since we had a good old straight human vs human game. I'd be interested in seeing that play out.
  10. This sounds awesome. So, is this set in the 80's or what? How many years after the war does it take place?
  11. I'm in. If this gets nailed down to even squad or platoon based combat with heavy focus on infantry, I'm even more in.
  12. Sorry for the absence guys, been playing GTAV and lost track of time haha. I'm going to make a new comic tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Mike and I worked it out a few days ago. Just to clarify, Canada wasn't invaded or anything, they requested protection from the US and so were annexed. No invasion, no uprising, etc. The people who didn't agree with what happened left and joined the IOT. I thought my half comic made it pretty clear but I guess not.
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