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  1. Played it, loved it, couldn't give less of a shit about what anyone else thinks. Spec Ops and Survival mode are fantastic. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet due to network difficulties, but everything else? Top-notch. The campaign was easily the best in any COD game. Metal Team were even more badass than Hunter 2-1, and to have not just Craig Fairbrass and Kevin McKidd but also William Fichtner doing voice acting? Insta-boner. The missions were incredibly Hollywood, yes, but all in all it was as fun as shit, and at the end of the day that's what matters. London was too short and it kind of annoyed me how you saw nothing of the French military besides the GIGN (I was also kind of disappointed they didn't all use revolvers) and nothing of the German military except a few tanks, but Prague was fantastic, and Soap's death literally made me cry. Yeah, that's right. I cried at a video game character's death. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm comfortable with my masculinity, and the fact that I like this series. Anyone who disagrees can fucking sling their hook. Go fap over Skyrim for all I care. I enjoyed it and nothing you can do or say will change that. Also, with regards to what Cass said, something set in the Falklands would be ace (Land of Fire by Chris Ryan, anyone?) and something in the Gulf War might work if it was like that level in Diwaniya, Iraq in Splinter Cell: Conviction. I'd definitely buy it.
  2. It's been a while. About 2 months, in fact. But now I'm back, and (hopefully) here to stay. For those of you who missed the memo, my hard drive basically went up the spout a while back I've basically only just got it fixed. Miraculously, my sprite sheets and comics are all still intact, so I might well be rejoining the campaigns soon, provided college doesn't keep piling on the workload. It's good to be back. At the risk of sounding like a soppy cunt, I missed you guys. <3
  3. Jackal says: *I ever tell you about that time me and my buddy Keith tried to make fireworks? Seth says: *Oh god go on Jackal says: *Now I don't know shit 'bout chemistry but I figgered gasoline burns, right Seth says: *anyway the zealot is all up and directing the grunts with fuel rods and the other elites *and i come flying over with my bansheet **banshee *It turns to regard me *and i turn on the acceleration *and slam into it *knocking it against a cliff face *lol'd so hard. *Also I might have live like Friday... anyway go on about gasoline. *and yes it does. *poke poke ;_; Jackal says: *Oh my God you are such a fucking chode I swear to God *That was a Left 4 Dead 2 reference Seth says: *OH MY OGD *YOU'RE RIGHT TOO Jackal says: *Did you actually think I was being serious Seth says: *OH GOD IM SO STUPID *ELLIS *FUCK *OH MY GOD Jackal says: *You fucking moron Seth says: *as;ldfjSADJFSAIDJFSAFa *shut the fuck up *I haven't played it *in literally a year Jackal says: *Neither have I *:|
  4. Nice Hitman reference in your newest comic there, CE.
  5. I think the only thing they did right on this show was the Spetsnaz/IRA episode, and even that was utter bollocks. IRA using Slingshots, Webley Revolvers and Flamethrowers? What the fuck were they going on about? And all that crap about them "fighting the British military to a standstill" - what a load of shit. Typical example of the retards on DW not doing their homework. The Spetsnaz beating the IRA was a frigging no-brainer.
  6. Well, 10 out of 10 for trying, but I bet this is going to be shite regardless.
  7. Jackal says: *FUCK *Just spilled yoghurt all down my trousers *For fuck's sake Jess says: *are you sure you just didnt jizz your pants Jackal says: *Pretty sure, yeah Jess says: *BLAME IT ON THE YOGURT UH HUH *its just yogurt you guys Jackal says: *How did it get on the outside of my pants Jess says: *i dont know, maybe you have really weird aim and it managed to shoot out the top of your pants Jackal says: *OK then, riddle me this *Why does it taste like lemon Jess says: *what have you been eating. Jackal says: *Lemon yoghurt, evidently Jess says: *is that what kids call it these days
  8. Welcome to SW. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Johnny Cash - When the Man Comes Around. God, I love Generation Kill.
  10. Fuck him, man. You didn't do anything wrong in the first place.
  11. Still Halo Reach, punctuated with Modern Warfare 2 and Halo Wars. I'm getting so fucking hyped for MW3.
  12. I'll get Steam. One day. As soon as Valve starts giving out free copies of Killing Floor with all the DLC. Probably.
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