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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6EzabcZEOc&ab_channel=generalflood Faction Name: CYBER Faction Alignment: Neutral Technology level: Highly advanced, but limited in deployment [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] CYBER is not really an army as much as it is a distributed intelligence following its last given orders: Pacify galaxy. Created at first as a means to fight ever escalating war, and then to enforce peace, CYBER is a faction that has nothing else except war in its nature. However, for whatever reason, one day entire CYBER network received an emergency shutdown orders and the galaxy spanning warmachine... simply shut down. With nobody to maintain, most of the machines have broken apart and decayed, tough some have survived. One day, a comet struct the homeworld of the CYBER, accidentally activating few repair bots, who then proceeded to rouse up the entire machine complex. With CentCom coming back online, it has started to call out to its remaining ACUs. CYBERS way of war can be described as an infestation.Starting with either an ACU or a humble construction bot, entire planet can be converted into a machine world in less than a week unless the CYBER is stopped. Worst part is, that CYBERs quantum gate network allows it to transport troops from any location to other. In general, construction of a quantum gate on a planet will herald the arrival of the full might of the CYBERs army, regardless where that army might be. However, CYBER does have a weakness: the quantum gates and its rigid structure. Loss of an ACU will cause all lesser units to revert to base protocols, until a new ACU is completed or arrives. Equally, without Quantum Gates CYBER is reliant on using "slingshots", a massive constructs in space that are capable of "throwing" a vessel from one system to other. CYBERs ships lack personal jump drives, which means that without a slingshot to throw vessels, it is confined to a system until has acquired enough raw resources to construct the slingshot. [NOTABLE PERSONS] CentCom: CentCom is the central intelligence hub of the CYBER. While not a "character" in a sense, all directives, operations and plan pass through this central hub before being disseminated down to the lower "ranks". This is effectively its leader. Generic ACU: ACUs (Antonymous Command Unit) are the commanders of the ground forces. Unlike normal bots, ACUs are capable of operating independent of CentCom, although at diminished capacity. They are capable of diplomacy as well as complex strategic maneuvers. Most ACUs are rather bland, having no personality. However, some have developed quirks and what can be described as "personalities" over the years. ACU-112-2E-R3 "Seer": Seer is one of oldest surviving ACUs. [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] CYBER acts much like locust. It will consume and convert all that is, multiply and then spread out to new worlds. As said in description, CYBER is closer to an infestation than actual war machine. Diplomacy is carried out in rather blunt manner. Outside of few commanders, CYBERS units are simple machines attempting to conquer world. CYBER has very lax attitude towards organics. If organics submit to CYBER; they are herded to enclosures where they are taken care of. Resistance is crushed. However, when it comes to collateral damage CYBERS reaction is same as one when killing a fly, that is to say, they don't even consider such matters to concern them. They do understand the concept, but they are simply not concerned with it. CYBERs external communications follow following pattern: All statements begin with CLARIFICATION. This clarifies what sort of message/question/response is being delivered. Keywords are marked with >>arrows<<. Concepts and units, such as "commanding officer of X" are described as [X]->feature. Actions to be carried are out indicate by <<outbound arrows>>. For example, statement "ACU wants to negotiate with the commander of the opposing force" would be: REQUEST: [CYBER]->ACU <<negotiate>> with [OpFor]->Commander_Officer, <<accept>> <<reject>> Links to Sprites: Up soon
  2. Back in my days, we didn't have canes. We had broken bones, and we had share those bones!
  3. As Monstra said, lots of us current mods are largely inactive and usually come to the scene after the fire has already burned things down. This was discussed among all administrative personnel and we all agreed to it. Monstra and Freak can run for their positions again and seeing how popular they are, probably get elected. Me, I am happy to step down.
  4. Nice, I honestly think I prefer this new one.
  5. So how do we change our display names? I can't find the setting.
  6. Removed your warning points, all of them were over 6 years old

  7. Question, how many we can submit? Also, your pasteboard does not work. It shows nothing.
  8. I see no reason not to. Arcade is pretty much just something of a leftover.
  9. God damn it, stop killing me! Resurrection is not cheap!
  10. Man, what an idiots. "I had not heard of it and I didn't use it, so it's people angry about losing all their stuff are just losers!"
  11. Welcome aboard and holy shit those details are awesome on those ships. I wish I knew how to draw details like that...
  12. Holy shit. Then again, MajHost had quite hands-off approach, so it would make sense people would try to use it for... less than legal things,
  13. Where will we be positing our profiles? Will you set up thread for that later?
  14. Just wondering, since if I do use the CYBER (Rename pending), I probably will have two modes of transportation: Quantum Gates for instant travel from one to another and normal hyperspace travel for ships. I guess I could join this, would probably fit the "non-ending army of self-replicating machines". True Neutrals, unless we count "Morality by actions" in which case they would be evil. In reality, they don't really consider good or evil, merely obeying an ancient programming that tells them "Annihilate everything standing in your way".
  15. Hmm, what are the limitations of travel? Also, will there be sets for planets? Like, what type of backgrounds to use?
  16. I got Windows 10 and... I don't see where the bad rep comes. It's miles better than Windows 8 and a lot more efficient than Win 7, with several improved things, like HOLY SHIT SEPARATE DESKTOPS FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES!
  17. Reviving this to say the game is out and it's awesome. I mean, it's kicking my ass all the way but I love it!
  18. Mandemon


    And the saga continues. Now they send it to my original address, rather than to the new address I specifically told them to sent to. For fucks sake, it's starting to get cheaper if I had gone to Sweden to pick it up.
  19. Mandemon


    Alright, rant time. So, there I am, buying christmas gifts for my siblings. I have taken up on that on recent years, I dunno why but I just do. Maybe make up on whole "Be an asshole all year long", so Christmas gets to be exception. Anyway, I order my brothers gift from Amazon. Delivered in two days. FROM UK. And then we have Finnish stores. Oh where to begin. First, they inform me that the product I had ordered was out of stock and had to be brought from their overseas stocks. Sweden, specifically. Okay, sure, that's just one day, right? I was promised it in 2 days, I can deal with 3 days. But noooo, Swedish postal system decides to send it BACK because it got marked with wrong custom number! Another day gone. At this point I finally get my tracking number and get to know what the fuck is going on. So I go to local post office to negotiate turning it to a new adress, since I will be gone from current address for rest of the year. They say they can't do it like that. They need to receive it and make a new packet. Which costs money, to me. Oh, and cherry on this shit cake? It's going to wrong postal code. Two numbers had switched place and now it's headed to OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY. So, not only do I need to wait for it to arrive there, I need to call them, tell them to repack it and send it to new location and then pick it and pay some more. Fuck postal system.
  20. Yeah, you read that tittle right. I went through old Ibundles and I apparently got bunch of Steam keys I never used, yet already have. So, in spirit of Christmas(and because I am a generous God), first come first serve. Please post if you use any of these keys JOLLY ROVER: J4RC5-9QR6H-FQDPL VERTEX DISPENSER: RYB5Y-4AEEA-HAQZL HARD RESET: 4F70K-HX6JP-DX9X4 WEIRD WORLDS: RETURN TO INFINITE SPACE: http://www.indiegala.com/game?game_id=a4e61570987e11e5a06c43969d13c1ad ZENO CLASH http://www.indiegala.com/game?game_id=bca09938987e11e587721f754ab0ba45 Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game http://www.indiegala.com/game?game_id=7a710626987f11e58759b3391b2b353a Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game http://www.indiegala.com/game?game_id=844e3ae3987f11e58a6269b6654ca700 I also have one giftable copy of Frozen Synapse: Prime, but that comes through Steam so send message so I can gift it via Steam. Preferably with link to your bio, so I can find you in case I haven't friended yet.
  21. https://www.bundlestars.com/en/game/planetary-annihilation It's legit site, so no worries about that. However, do note that this is the basic game, not the one with Titan Expansion. However, you can upgrade to Titan Expansion for 13,99 dollars (or your regional equivalent), which is total of roughly 15 dollars (or regional equivalent). This is a lot cheaper way than buying the actual Titans, since it's been sold for 40 bucks, so you are saving 25 dollars this way.
  22. Just noticed those Nod sprites. Ah, brings back memories...
  23. First gameplay look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uerF_iIcnCc
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