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  1. Well, I've been figuring, I don't really post anymore, I just read posts, and with both my interest in spriting myself waned and work being soul crushing; I probably won't need any of the sprites I've got so I might as well make them free use. I might use the back stories behind the sprites in the future, but not likely the sprites. These are all free use unless someone whose pieces I used don't want them to be, and honestly I think the only worthwhile sprites are the MK III and WIP sheet. Mahlan Aliens (Or whatever anyone wants to call them now) Stormguard MK I Sheet 1 Stormguard MK I Sheet 2 Stormguard MK II Stormguard MK II with a different tank. (I dunno) MK II Special Forces MK II Characters Stormguard MK III (Lastest version) Some Mercs I made (Female was WIP)
  2. I just want the world itself to be built by Bethesda's team. New Vegas may have been an improvement gameplay wise, but it was really bare bones in the whole exploring side, and half the map was invisible walls. Also, stop giving me good karma for shooting ghouls in the head.
  3. Will do more soon. Kinda tired and ill right now.
  4. Wanted to do more with this, but this last week has been trying to kick my arse. Also just FYI I know the Voltor didn't cause the explosion, my guys don't since there's been no news on the incident.
  5. After a long period of being unable to, I'm back at it. Starting again with this, profile is updated.
  6. So after changing hardware, BSOD is avoided for the time being. Replacement laptop is inbound because this one is on it's last legs. In short, temp leave is either post-poned or avoided altogether. I was getting sick of looking at the site on my phone.
  7. Attention. My laptop is FUBAR with a BSOD. I will be away for X amount of days until my replacement arrives. That is all.
  8. A lot shorter than what I planned but you know, fuck these last few weeks...
  9. Can it include new factions joining? Like to show they've been forming from the aftermath? Or is it just for those involved in the first season?
  10. TEMPEST STATE FEDERATION Made up of various country’s denizens leaving for land uncontested by the new world powers, from civilians emigrating from their countries that have been occupied or invaded due to their high value, Several African countries experienced a boom in their economy and infrastructure. From this the states advances, and whilst neutral in global politics, buying technology from various groups furthering advancement even more. A common interest between countries births the “Common Interest Committee” or as it is later changed to “Tempest Initiative”. Designed to keep the states advancing towards better technology for the public and defence by allowing and promoting competition. Companies would be paid huge bounties for breakthroughs. If one state falls behind in an area of technology, the others would help to ensure they caught up to maintain rivalry between companies. Eventually after a while they joined into one unified government. Further discussions led to the creation of a new government, dedicated to more than just technological advancement: The Tempest State Federation. The first change was the military, becoming a full-fledged force. Many mercenaries who were paid by companies to defend the Tempest Initiative’s interests resisted this change, and begun a campaign against this uniformed force, causing an “Invisible War”. Several incidents later and a few revisions to its military, the TSF stood victorious. The ministers of its government however felt that giving too much power to the mercs is what caused the war, and restricted the military’s power by removing its offence capabilities and its size. COMMANDING OFFICERS Sprites: http://i.imgur.com/F78iK7q.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/71wn0ah.png Stormguard The fighting force of the Federation. All units use the Semi-Powered-Combat-Armour platform for their armour, known to the troops as Spackers [sPCA]. Different units have different attachments to their armour to aid in their tasks. Sprites: http://i.imgur.com/6BJxqJi.png Strengths and Weaknesses: + High tech advanced troops with clear communication and execution of orders. + Highly trained and disciplined troops. +Inbuilt counter measures equal added defence for vehicles. -Vehicles have little offensive capabilities. -Small numbers. Teams of four at the most.
  11. I REALLY don't think 'resource shortage' as a feature is going to work. MAYBE as a plot point to get some action on the new planet maps. NOT as a feature, it's just gonna spit in the face of new factions. If it's done in a way that suggests that the areas of land that haven't been touched are high valued as opposed to the currently occuiped area as the battle between the forces of IRON vs Terran Comman & friends strains resources in those countries, yeah that's fine. If you're going for "No, fuck you, everywhere is resource poor." then it's really gonna be playing against new faction favour. Also, unless this storm idea has been in effect for the whole time skip, it's unlikely that Earth, which now seems to be a highly visited planet by large empires, is not a trade hub of sorts. Resources from off world trade would lessen the burdern on earth.
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