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  1. I moved some old 2000s forums of mine before the move over. What you need to do is get whoever had the hosting e mail for the original forum and get them to contact tapatalk to port the invasionfree board over. Everything is moved, avatars, posts and structure so should be fine. Only concern would be if the hand over had a cut off date but there might still be a chance(Best bet would be to see if Storm or Mike hosted the IE board)
  2. This is not a personal sling at the staff, members or community in general it's some feedback I felt It's that time again, does a rant on how to improve sprite wars and future proof it. Stay with me here because I am going to try and be reasonable and give some logic for my solutions. Remember as well these are only bare-bones first steps and not a cure all, sure some of these will have their own flaws and problems but remember constructive criticism is good for everyone. 1: We need to be able to make some compromises while not turning the forum into a toilet The internet isn't the same any more, these are chaotic times but despite that we should remain steadfast and set a better example than “Well X on the internet acts shitty why can't we?” We should allow discussions, world topics, give people a ranting area while avoiding heavy political slanted discussions that risk being extremely divisive. A complete zero tolrence rule is unhealthy while the other extreme is just as bad, in a sense balance is the key to success. Also to staff members do not be afraid to lay the hammer down when people act entitled or shitty, rules should still be enforced if users step out of line. We should respect civil discussions, peoples rights to voice some opinions while also not allowing full shitlord behaviour or people to just vomit edgy garbage on the carpet every day. 2: Clean the inactive moderation staff out. This has been said before, we have too many inactive staff members who look like they have positions for life. Staff should be active when on the board, do their jobs and help promote community spirit on the forum rather than just get a participation trophy because they logged in for one day a month. 3: Staff should be selected on merit rather than activity. Too many people are promoted because they make a lot of posts or are just active on the board rather than “Is this person skilled?” or “Are they level headed and cool under pressure?” have they shown an excellent example and proven they can be good leaders? 4: Promote community spirit When there are no campaigns going on most of the forum tends to “Go to bed” and we have a spike in inactivity. Let's change this and get people motivated again, build excitement, run role play games, host interesting contests, show off our creations to one another and teach our members to be community leaders. 5: People should be called out for being jerks When people act shitty they should be called out for bad behavior and held accountable for their actions because if you enable bad behaviour and entitlement then it encourages future acts of the same poor behavior. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or the divine god of pixel art you should be called out if you act poorly. Rules stand no matter who you are and we need to stop making compromises with those that violate the sites policy or abuse other members when they don't get their way. "Basically, don't be a jerk: don't attack others, don't lie, don't whine or rage quit when things don't go your way or go better for others, and don't stomp on others for success. Learn from your mistakes, show understanding to others, support each other, and become a shining example of human growth. “ 6: New policies should be put in place to streamline the rules and remind people they exist. Stuff like an anti grudge policy to prevent bad blood between groups forming, he said she said behaviour, Chinese whispers and people having ill will towards members. This can't be easily enforced but it can stand as an example to follow and help build a healthier community while also preventing future problems. "Do not take sides if people have disputes with other members or groups. Seek to be a peace-seeking party. Help keep the community a peaceful, drama-free place. If somebody has a problem with the other groups (or even ours), don't add to the problem by jumping in. If somebody is mad at someone else, getting involved only makes things worse unless you can resolve the issue peacefully. Fighting others only causes more stress: bringing people together reduces it for everyone. " Also a strong mod accountability policy should also be put in place to prevent power abuse or bad behavior from staffers, to cite WSW another group “If a mod steps out of line, have proof/witnesses on stand-by and bring it up to the group. Mods will be up for probation, and those who do not do their job may be removed by the community at large. Please note that the person who calls the probation is not eligible to present evidence at the follow-up: only third parties may do that. Conspiring against admins would go against the Anti-Grudge policy and would be met with administrative action, as well as reinstatement of the removed admin.” 7: Have monthly voice chat meetings over discord to discuss policy, the status of the site, ideas members can put forward and enable a democratic process. Again to cite WSW they have a system called Town Haul which they host monthly to discuss issues with the community, share ideas, bring up important issues and at the end creation a mintues of the meeting, this can also help get members more engaged with the staff team and have their voices heard and encourage people to speak up. I know I've cited that one group a lot but some of their policies are interesting platforms and jumping off points for reform ideas.
  3. Good to have you back, don't mind the mess we upgraded the forums code and it came with many layout changes and stripped down features.
  4. My past era of moderation involved blood showers and a rousing musical called Shiki on ice~
  5. Good to see you around d00d~ As for Viv considering shes filling Mias role I'm sure if you spoiled RE7 you'd figure out where that goes.
  6. I like discord but it's pretty much the skype cult all over again that everyone MUST use it to be part of the cool kids club.
  7. Might as well repost this here since it was a prototype comic for this.
  8. A veteran of this community is in serious trouble IRL, they have been outed regarding personal stuff and it has been used to humiliate them, destroy their life outside of the net as well as weaponized into a tool to spread sick rumours to defame and slander them. All this has literally destroyed their emotional well being and mental state and things will only keep getting worse that's why they've made plans to get out but need to raise some money to sustain themselves for the first few months. Sadly said member refuses to start a gofundme campaign or give too many details out due to stalkers crawling around their social media profiles and trying to find dirt to use which has made them paranoid in case the harassers attempt to track them to where they move too. If people can find it in the goodness of their heart to donate please do I'll start a PM chain with the paypal details. I know people might want to hold to what they got to buy a game or a thing but if you can spare it you will be saving someone's livelihood that is getting utterly destroyed right now. Also advise and insights into their situation is welcome too. I will add a few notes. 1: My friends done nothing illegal, if that where the case I would hold them to account. 2: What caused the mess was harmless but some people are just bigoted fucknuts. 3: They have a lot of fears of their safety which is why they refuse to start some big fundraiser campaign.
  9. So with the forum update we're now on a new version, the benefits of this would be security upgrades, keeping the place tidy so it doesn't fall apart at the seams and other things I maybe don't know about. Yet there are downsides, the userlist has been nixed outside of taking time to go through an extra tab, can't see whose viewing topics anymore, staff list is a pain to reach, the shoutbox has been nixed which is an SW institution with a lot of history behind it. Also on gripes I really hate the rounded avatar/display pictures and the fact animated gifs have been completely done away with. So the question is are there plug ins or adds for this new incarnation of the board that could restore some of this content or perhaps even add something better than the features we had in the past? Also to members any wishes you have for future features? For me besides the above listed stuff I'd like to see more skins and even a restoration of the custom banners we used to have to give the place character so it's not just "BOARD"(tm)
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