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  1. How am I supposed to boost my self-esteem without arcade scores? The arcade at Kitsuria broke and it never got fixed. Anywho, I'm Sakuya, and you might remember me as Chibi Neko. (if people only remember me by my army I rarely got to use, I was CrescentCorp) For those who don't remember, I recolor things. I'm good at it, I may not have done anything in years, but my palettes will always be amazing. I'll probably go back to doing it because I really need the practice. I'll make a topic later, throw me a few requests and I'll prove that I'm still good at it. Roar. Fear me and my Colorwheel of Ultimate Doom. (I've suddenly realized that I'm probably the only one here who hasn't grown up in any way >.>) Edit: why is it that despite that it is such a prevailing thing in our lives, this forum does not have a profile field for you to put your steam name >.>
  2. Welcome back, although I don't really remember you. Anyway, don't forget to pay tribute to the queen. (that's me)
  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that comment... you guys do know that this is Reverse's girlfriend, right?
  4. Well, in theory, wouldn't they be a small local army, you don't really get the feeling of a massive military buildup in somewhere seemingly peaceful like this. We are a handful of small armies or teams. A small army probably can't respond to that many threats at the same time and would quickly fold under the pressure, in theory, right? ... do they even have an army? *never thought of that* I know that there is belief in citizen vigilantism, but I never thought of whether there was an army. If there is (was) an army, it could have been decimated by whatever happened at Site 14. Hell, the government might have disbanded the army after that and left defense to civil services. (read: police)
  5. *shrugs* A civil war would be assuming we're from L'Croya. But if we're from off-island, then aren't we invaders more than capable of overwhelming the locals and are just are fighting eachother for control of something that isn't ours?
  6. Australia can be considered both an island AND a continent, can't it? Edit: I read that again, and oh wow, I really typoed on that one. Another edit: Okay, I fixed it, it should read better now.
  7. Why not, I guess I can show you what I wrote. Wow... In four days I made a map, resized it twice and wrote all this... I really need a to find a hobby. Republic of L'Croya The Republic of L'Croya is an island nation that makes up the small continent of Chennora, which itself sits somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. The nation boasts a sizable population. The below information tells more about the island and its towns in a bit more detail than I can provide here. Northwest L'Croya Bloodwater Isle Bloodwater Isle gets its name from the deadly seas that surround it and make a sea approach to the island near impossible. Minkora, the only town on the island, is only accessible via a small airstrip and a road leads north from the town to a military-grade lighthouse that exists purely to ward off ships that venture too close to the island. It is also possible to anchor in Canterra Bay and head ashore in small boats, but anything larger than a lifeboat is almost sure to sink. Fort Jen'ke The town of Fort Jen'ke is built on the site of an old French fort of the same name that was destroyed by pirate a pirate invasion sometime around the 18th century. The fort itself was named after a L'Croyan war hero named Kalami Jen'ke who supposedly single-handedly repelled invaders to the island who had come some time during the 16th century. The commander of the French batallion that built the fortress thought it to be funny. The location of the fortress had been chosen because it was near Bloodwater Isle, back then known informally as the "Kraken's Fortress". However, the inability to field frigates and warships was presumed to be a small price to pay for safety against enemies. However, they hadn't anticipated that pirates would launch a dual attack from both land and sea, pounding at the fortress from afar with cannons while using that as a diversion to cover the real invasion coming from the land. Fort Jen'ke is primarily visited by tourists or people travelling to Minkora. Keaton City The third largest city in L'Croya, Keaton City also has the highest crime rate for reasons no one can seem to fathom. Keaton is also a major industrial city, with many factories to employ the local workers. Some workers commute from Fort Jen'ke, or even as far a away as Dragon's Reach. With the rates of murder, rape, and robbery skyrocketing, the citizenry have gone to great efforts to protest and even call for a new mayor. Other citizens however, have taken to vigilantism to solve the crime rate. Expect trouble here. (Side note: Keaton City was named after Keaton from The Usual Suspects, just as Söze was named for Keyser Söze) Nelteche Nelteche was home to an oil field, until it burned to the ground in an explosion some fifteen years ago. While the L'Croyan government got the oil fires under control, and managed to restore the fields to working order, they never got around to rebuilding the town, the burned out shell of which still remains. They say they're going to restore the town in a few years. Blank Island Ryonka Island, Isla Soryu, Sentry Island, Isle of Missing People, Haunted Island, Nenna Island, call it what you will, there is no real name for the island, and for centuries people have argued about what to name this large island. Shockingly, for a large island, it seems to be surprisingly hard to name. Collinwood Welcome to Collinwood... it's Collinwood. While I could go on and on about the town's thriving farming or textile industries, I won't because it's REALLY not that interesting. Central L'Croya Jinx Jinx is a small town on the edge of the desert, there really isn't anything significant that can be said about it. The people are hard workers, other than that, the railroad runs through Jinx deep into the desert. It doesn't really get very far though. Desert of Catharsis The Desert of Catharsis is a strange and mysterious place that tends to swallow up anyone who ventures too far into it. While it is publicly known that there are railroads that run through the desert through Site 14, if you actually followed the rails however, they all reach terminus a little into the desert, either covered up by sand dunes or just plain gone. There's precious little water in this desert, and what little there is is found in the rocky canyons of the south where the Rikerra River moves through the desert. Site 14 Abandoned Military Base Site 14 is a seemingly ordinary military mase in the middle of nowhere with a vast facility extending underground. An unknown period of time ago, an experiment being conducted here went haywire and everyone subsequently disappeared. However, the automated security guns and sentry bots are still active and regularly keep tresspassers to this abandoned facility out, not to mention the deadly field of mines surrounding the facility for five miles or so. If you can get past the mines, the auto-guns, and the sentry bots, you'll find a nice supply of weapons and equipment waiting for you. That is, IF you can get past them. Note of oddity, they are be controlled by a system AI, and not just programming, be careful. Söze A mining town deep in the desert, the only reason the town has prospered is because of how close it is to the Peloran Oasis... that and it's abundant mineral deposits. Awhile back a previous mayor of Söze decided to build a road heading north into the desert, but stopped when he realized there was nothing there. Northeast L'Croya Point Albatross The supposed northern most point in L'Croya's main island. (there's still some debate on whether the northernmost point is here, or at Fort Jen'ke) Point Albatross and its tall cliffs overlook Vulture Bay and Faerie Cove. To be frank, only the residents of Dragon's Reach call it Faerie Cove, but that's semantics and a whole different tangent. Well, I can't really say much about Point Albatross really, except that it's best not approached by sea due to the high cliffs, and if you plan to approach it by sea, it probably means your're crazy as hell and intend to climb them. (wow, climbing wet cliffs? bad idea) Or you could just be passing by them on your wayw to Vulture Bay. Dragon's Reach Dragon's Reach, called Dragon's Reach for a crazy local legend about human participation in a war between dragons and faeries. Supposedly the faeries attacked from the sea, surprising and overwhelming the forces of the dragons who were ultimately backed into a corner on Point Albatross, where they were promptly crushed by a dragon god. The town settled there became known as Dragon's Reach. The story REALLY reeks of lies and tourism-attraction, but the townspeople have claimed to be part dragon for the last few centuries. In reality, there was some sort of disease induced mania, and because of that, the residents of Dragon's Reach are rather resistant to diseases. The only thing that makes this town really significant is that story. Although... you might want to note that while the railroad passes right through town, there is only one road out... The Great Barrier The Great Barrier is a large forest that has more than earned it's name. Other than that roads that lead through it, the forest is nigh inpenetrible whether you're on foot, in a car, or in a tank. The sheer amount of trees and bushes will stop even the most hardy of off-road vehicles dead in their tracks, and in these woods, it's easy to get turned around and even lost forever. There are stories of people who've gone into the woods and never come out. Needless to say, it's best to stick to the roads. The Three Cities Clandon is the capitol of L'Croya, and along with it's two suburbs: Cendry and Halnekka Park, makes up The Three Cities. Clandon is well-renouned for the fact that it wasn't built directly on the ocean and provides scenic views of it. Clandon was originally a town called Eastbury that was founded around the turn of the century by Michael Clandon, a wanted train robber from off-island, along with several other men. Some years later, when he died, the town was renamed Clandon in his honor. Over time the town grew spawning the two other suburbs and in the 1950's, the seat of government was moved from Shetland to Clandon, where it remains to this day. Unlike the graceful towers of Clandon, Halnekka Park maintains a more subtle beauty with it's many parks and wonderful trees. Likewise, Cendry is more of a town designed around the concept of being somewhere in between the other two, a city of skyscrapers and beautiful parks, not to mention its abundence of high-tech clean industry. Although, a large metropolitian area such as this requiress alot of utilities to run and has a gigantic network of subways, utility tunnels, drainage tunnels, and steam tunnels that run underneath the cities. Mt. Karinetta By the scientific definition, Mt. Karinetta is an active volcano, as a sizable portion of Pandora Island was formed when it erupted a little over ten thousand years ago. A cult still exists that throws sacrifices into the crater to appease some sort of evil god. Said god does not exist, it's a creation of a bored individual who one day decided to create his own religion. Other than those unfortunate details, Mt. Karinetta is a beautiful mountain in the eastern-central portion of L'Croya, and one of several homes of a unique species of falcon native to L'Croya. Do note that this mountain has rumbled with minor earthquakes for the century or so, the tremors are a regular thing, it probably won't erupt soon... probably. Although some scientists believe that L'Croya sits directly on the ring of fire. Fernwall Fernwall couldn't be less accurate than its name. There are no ferns. It is not exactly the most eco-friendly town. The factories belch out smog so badly that the government has placed sanctions on them in an attempt to reduce pollution. God knows how in the hell this town got the name Fernwall. However it happened, the person who named it deserves to be shot for picking such an unfitting name. Southwest L'Croya The Pirate's Lagoon and the Four Islands Several hundreds of years ago, this sea was commonly used by pirates and its said that untold treasure lies underneath its serene waves. Although the odds of that being true are pretty slim, many try to search for this likely non-existant treasure. The Four islands are as follows: To the northwest is Port Island, home to Port Silas. To the northeast is Hangman's Island, where men were regularly hanged back in the 1700's, its said you can find skeletons still. To the southwest is the Isle of Circe, an island who's siren call has beckoned many an inexperienced treasure hunter to their doom. Finally, to the southeast is Claw Island, an island that may or may not have seen pirates on its shores at some point or another. Port Silas Long ago, the ruthless pirate Silas Clasky retired with his stash of treasure and got married, settling down in the port town of Genere. Over time, the Clasky family with their fortune gained control of the town and renamed it Port Silas, in honor of the great pirate who made it all possible... well... it could have been in honor of their ancestor, historians are still debating that. Port Silas is a town on the Pirate's Lagoon, reachable only boat, road, or helicopter, it's a thriving town despite its small size due to the tourist industry that brings many treasure hunters to the Lagoon. M'yrete Forest A pretty sizable forest lying directly ontop of the Rikerra River Delta, back during the 50's and 60's, the forest was home to a group of rebels that sought to overthrow the island. It ultimately failed and the group broke up, but some people refused to disband. Now supposedly they realized the futility of their efforts and committed mass suicide in their camp. Well... it was either mass suicide, foul play, or a disease of some sort, nobody's sure really. The rebel camp still remains somewhere in the M'yrete Forest. Robynwood Robynwood is a town that's significant in how insignificant it is. Really. Robynwood is just your average ordinary town found the world orer, with boring, average ordinary people, although something about this town seems a bit off... But let's be realistic, such things only happen in movies, so they're perfectly normal... (note: if they offer you food, don't take it) Redland Village A surprisingly large town for a village, Redland Village used to be a small village in the Traveller's Forest until a combination of deforestation and population growth increased the size of the village and the size of the forest. Nothing's really special about Redland Village except it seems to suffer something of a bug problem Traveller's Forest The Traveller's Forest really isn't that special, it's really just a forest. It actually gets its name because the road through the traveller's forest is tne only western road that travels between the north and south sides of the island, and because of that finds itself a commonly travelled road, hence the name Traveller's Forest. Sheaton The second largest city in L'Croya, Sheaton is also the former seat of government, given that the capitol was moved to Clandon in 1954, Sheaton still serves purposes as an industrious city known for it's large population... and its thriving gambling industry. However, it has incredibly strict gun laws. Southeast L'Croya Beltran Beltran is a town with larger population than it seems to have. It is also strategically unimportant. Really, you could wipe this town off the face of the planet with bombs and it wouldn't affect the workings of trade, politics, or the stock market in any way, other than that you'd probably hear about it in the news. Unlike Collinwood, with thriving but boring to talk about industry, Beltran is literally unimportant. Luminere Luminere is another town on the Den'kela Peninsula. The town gets its name from the spectacularly beautiful festival of lights that occurs annually. It is honeslty a nice town to live in. Decent property values, a riverfront views, close to a volcano that may or may not be active... Ookay, maybe it's not the best town to live in, but it's good enough. Stuffed animals made in luminere are extra fuzzy, be sure to buy one while you're here. Crayton Crayton is a large town bordering on becoming a city, it's primary production is electronics. Yes, they make microchips, among other various. There are jobs in Crayton, and if the population growth continues, it could easily become a large city soon. Lake Skyullea A sizable lake in the highlands of L'Croya, Lake Skyullea seems to be the source of the Rikerra River... seems to be, the real source is likely somewhere underground. The town of Monroe lies on the placcid shores of the lake, which is known for well known for a yacht that sank after thirty-seven people killed eachother for various reasons. To be fair, its a rumor made up to increase tourism, after all people are inexplicably attracted to the morbid , but its still pretty grim. Monroe Monroe, a tourism based town on the shores of Lake Skyullea, these are the people who made up the story about the people who killed eachother on the boat. The town even offers diving to anyone who wishes to look for it. Needless to say, the residents here are not exactly good people. Its a giant community of shifty con-artists that has thrived because of fake rumor. Forest of Crossing Paths A rather insignificant, but large forest named for the roads that cross within it. And really, it's not like the intersection is directly in the center of the forest. This is a place that should either be named or burned to the ground. It's not like the forest really serves any purpose other than hiding an intersection from satellites. Land's End and Dolphin Bay The aptly name Land's End is the easternmost point of L'Croya and literally where the land "ends". The tall cliff juts out like a bridge then ends. Hence, Land's End. The cliffs here overlook Dolphin Bay and subsequently Saluki Beach. Dolphin Bay itself is a beautiful bay known for its wonderful dolphins. Saluki Beach The only town on Dolphin Bay, Saluki Beach is a resort town known for its hotels, spas, and sandy beaches. The tourism industry here is thriving, as people come here to relax and get away from all their troubles. It should be noted that a saluki is a type of dog. Wickerton Guess why this town is named Wickerton, three seconds. Two, one, time's up. If your anwer had something to do with wicker baskets, then you were correct. Yes, this town was named after wicker baskets. The founder had a real thing for them, possibly a fetish, but we'll leave that to the historians. Anyway, care to the guess what the town is known for today? Three, two, one, times up. If you said wicker baskets again, you were wrong. Very damn wrong. These days, Wickerton makes guns. Yes, guns. Oh and neat little sculptures, but who cares about those things. Wickerton has thrived off the gun industry and actually used to be a small city. Although a small "incident" reduced part of town to rubble. The gun industry was in no way at fault for this incident, nor was it available to comment.
  8. I finally got it resized... yaaay... *tired sarcasm* Click me I also worked on some information about the locations on the map, if anyone is interested in using it. If you guys are, I'll post it.
  9. That's right, blowing shit up is what counts. Oh, and since it seems to be group consensus that it's still a bit too big I'm resizing to 25%, which is 1250 x 900. But since it's smaller than 50%, the roads need to be redone so they're more visible, so I'll have it ready by tomorrow. (hey, Chibi has to hibernate too... when she's not forcing herself to stay awake, that is) By the way Fluxx, even if your map isn't exactly the best, there's always next time. Why not finish it, the practice always helps. Mine was actually my first attempt at making a map with just my mouse. (I went with the same type of map concept (land, water, cities, ect.) that was used waaaay back in Season 5, btw) If you keep trying, you'll get better, so never give up.
  10. You know Fluxx, instead of complaining about my map, you could stop asking someone else to finish yours and finish it yourself.
  11. so it's acceptible and okay to recolor the desert and readd the text?
  12. Thank you for that confirmation, I was going to wait on doing anything until I had an approved size because I didn't want to do everything than be told "do it smaller" a second time and have to do it over again. Still, keep in mind that 50% is still 2500 x 1800. (the original was 5000 x 3600) Edit: This is what 50% looks like, are there any improvements I need to make before I finalize it with text (except the railroad blending in with the desert, don't point that out, I know already, it'll be fixed in the final version)
  13. Eh, I could resize it easy. I'll do that later today for yas. Is 50% smaller okay? If you want smaller, I'll probably have to rework all the roads. With 50%, I'll only have to resize and refont anything with text to make it more readable
  14. Still, you gotta admit that my map was pretty damn good. Not to mention the size would have allowed numerous people to join. And I only spent five hours on it, it can't be that hard to make another.
  15. I've watched this topic for a little bit now, and I've decided. I've been good with maps since childhood, I'll try my hand at making one for you. Edit: here's your map. I don't remember how to put images in my posts, so I'll give you a link. This is the link.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm a new member, kinda. Actually, it's just me, Chibi, self-appointed Queen of the Shoutbox. And I'm like, back, totally. Returning from my epically awesome exploratory voyage into the abyssmal black holes of the Touhou Project and Tvtropes. Yes, the unescapable website Tvtropes can be escaped, I'm living proof... or my ship is slowly sufficating me in some space vaccuum and I'm hallucinating an introduction. Oh well, if this is an oxygen deprivation-induced hallucination, it's been quite fun. I am Chibi Neko, All hail Queen Chibi! I hope to be welcomed to this forum. Eh, welcomed, rewelcomed, same diff really.
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