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  1. Rather large amount of new material added. Brand new versions of the Prologue and Chapter 1, along with the next page of Chapter 5.
  2. Sorry, long hiatus, yadda-yadda, etc. etc., but new pages up now. Specifically these two.
  3. I feel sorry for you non Xbox'ers. You outta luck. This game is legit.
  4. 100% ingame. There's no practical way to mod Halo: Reach, and I wouldn't if I could. I do use Photoshop to do other effects and add things that aren't there.
  5. Final page of Chapter 4 (Page 14), is out.
  6. Updated to Page 7 of Chapter 4. Phoenix Seven has it's own forum category over at HaloSprites forums, where the bulk of the material is placed. I'll still keep this page updated, but it won't be as robust.
  7. Final Page of Chapter 3, and the first 3 pages of Chapter 4 are up.
  8. Aside from the million times I asked you if you wanted to play it, because I know how to get some people.
  9. Pages 11-20 added for Chapter 3.
  10. 3 month bump. File share returned. 6 pages have been added.
  11. I enjoyed the Halo 4 showing, And definitely Watch Dogs and Borderlands 2. But I'm kinda saddened about the glaring lack of Bioshock Infinite.
  12. I told him it was a bad idea to make his house out of sandstone.
  13. Doom review's got a mishap. Doom 2 is 800MSP. Ultimate Doom is only 400MSP=$5. Not $10. In the lackeys section, Breen's first name isn't Isaac. Isaac Kleiner's first name is Isaac. Dr. Breen's first name is Wallace.
  14. To be fair, The CGI Clone Wars has been really excellent this past season, and is starting to rival the original animated one IMO.
  15. I need this game. It is crack to me. I cannot function normally until I play it.
  16. Heard about this back in march. What a piece of shit. Under that kind of logic, R* could just as easily sue THQ for the Saints Row series (well, at least 1, MAYBE 2, doubt it for 3...)
  17. Noir should really be higher on the list if it was going by level of dangerousness. Because seriously, dude did destroy 2 universes (Well, that version only killed 1, while his alt universe self killed the other). Also you forgot All the troll's consorts, sprites, dream selves(save Aradia and Sollux), the entire population of 2 universes, and all the population of 2 prospits and a derse. Also is still incredibly funny and even likeable because he's just plain awesome and doesn't give a shit.
  18. Let's finish this. Once and for all.
  19. 1st bookmark on my tab that opens up when I start firefox. Cannot get enough of it. Ever. Adding on to that, webcomic form isn't the only way to read it. Hussie's been coverting his stories into book form since early last year. http://www.topatoco.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=TO&Category_Code=MSPA-BOOKS 3 Problem Sleuth books, and as of tonight, 2 homestuck books. EDIT 2: WORD OF WARNING. If you go searching for Homestuck stuff on google, DA, tumblr, youtube, etc. BRACE. YOURSELF. FOR ANYTHING. AND EVERYTHING. There is no greater spectrum between amazing and plain fucked up than the Homestuck fandom.
  20. You know Activision....master exploiters...
  21. My question isn't how did he age well... My question is WHY IS HE AGED AT ALL? I SAW THE FUCKER DIE.
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