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  1. That would be cool if not just to catch up with you guys. I wouldn't mind seeing if any of my junk was archived as well.
  2. I forgot I made a new account here back in 2011 for reasons I can't actually remember. I remember being some kind of auxiliary player for Commander Evil, I think? I know I did play as Mike Murdock's Marines for the 1975 campaign at least for a little bit. S'alright. Just kind of reading all the stuff I missed, or at least what I can read after all the imagehosting sites hit the shit. I remember I started lurking for about a year and just treated Sprite Wars like a semi updated web comic, I had favorite factions and everything. Kind of upset I stopped coming here, honestly.
  3. Current objectives: Reinforce EFC forces around the city. -Defeat SS forces -Find Corporal Jerad Muldoon.
  4. Oh Mike Murdock, I didn't know you cared. --- Maybe I should of put the actual sprites in my sheet.
  5. Thought I would take the initiative, give the SS someone to fight on their ground and stuff.
  6. Quick intro before shit gets real.
  7. Updated, replaced the blue armor stuff with the recolored marine stuff.
  8. Mike Murdock gave me permission to use his sprites due to the fact of technically being Eastern Blok and him being a cool guy who is probably killer at pinball. United States Marine Corp Founded by Captain Samuel Nicholas in Tun Tavern in Pennsylvania on November 10th 1775. The USMC is a Branch of the American military that power projects its expeditionary forces through the US navy. Now a branch of the United Federated Colonies, the USMC works mostly independently from the rest of the US eastern blok armies, even boasting its own yet small air force. The USMC also boasts advanced power armor designed by top scientists that gives further protection and strength to the marine wearing it. Each marine is armed with powerful plasma technology, fielding 95% of their infantry forces with plasma weaponry. After too long of rallying their forces, they are now focusing their efforts on the Western blok to return it to American dominion, holding on to the name "United states Marine corp" instead of the United federate or any other variation as an act of defiance against their occupying enemy. Units: Marine infantrymen: highly trained and fully encased in power armor only known as "Advanced power armor MK1", Marines are dropped into battle armed with Plasma technology. Almost 100% male fighting force to keep to tradition, the Marine corp only has a few female engineers and scientists. They also refuse enlistment of Mobian volunteers, referring to them as "Flea bags". MUTT II armored Jeep: Multi use jeep made for various situations. can be armed with a minigun. other variants is light troop transport, Scout vehicle, Medivac, and Anti-Armor/Anti-Air missile launcher. APC: The APC and it's heavy variant is a heavy armoed assault vehicle armed with powerful laser cannons or a multi launch rocket system to deal with air units or ground units. Can carry 6 SAFS units, 12 infantry units, 18 cyberdogs, or 12 infantry and 6 cyberdogs. Ute Gunship: A assault gunship using a large fan for flight. The Ute is taking the best of the cobra attack helicopter and the cheyenne gunship and making a fast hitting assault unit able to provide close air support to ground units. Coyote Light AFW: A light mech able to deal damaged to armored vehicles and infantry. used mostly for scouting. dangerous in packs due to it's speed and maneuverability. Liger Anti-Mech AFW: A heavy assault mech made to take a heavy amount of punishment armed with 4 powerful Recoiless Rifles to deal damaged to armor units. The two manipulator hydraulic arms are powerful enough to punch through buildings and armor. Hummingbird VTOL transport: A VTOL transport plane able to drop infantry and light vehicles into battle. Avenger II: a fighter bomber. Carrier based Corsair II: a carrier-based subsonic light attack aircraft introduced to replace the United States Navy's Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, initially entering service during the Vietnam War. It is now the main aircraft of the EFC. ground based takeoff also available Notable characters: Major Strickland: A veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam wars, Strickland life is entirely dedicated to the Marine corp. Almost like a father-figure to those under his command, Strickland is well renowned in the corp, with even many higher ranking officials coming to him for advice. Strickland is also a avid fan of baseball and the red sox. It is rumored that he started the "Flea bag" trend. General Sebastian Mcguiness: The man in charge of the coming campaigns, the General is a elderly man in his 60's, rising in the ranks during WW2 and commanding during both Korea and Vietnam. At the moment, Mcguiness is the only general rank in the marine corp and was the first one to call the marines back to arms. Sprites: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/MikeKE/Sprites/marine_armor_and_cap_troops.png http://www.majhost.com/gallery/MikeRugar/Grandcampign/north/advance_power_armor.png
  9. Don't mind the quality, I'm just getting back in the groove of things after a hella long time of not making sprite comics.
  10. From what I remember around a year after Crysis came out, Crytek got pissy because only 1.5 million people bought Crysis, apparently every PC ever can run it on ultra high DX10 16x AA with no slow down.
  11. Why they didn't just keep the old Crysis multiplayer in a city setting is beyond me.
  12. The Great Yorian Empire A space faring race from the Andromeda Galaxy. The Kin of Yor have recently sent out expeditionary armies to new galaxies for colonization and conquest. Due to their religious beliefs, the Yor base their culture heavily around warfare, with each member of their large and powerful military being technically considered a man of the War god Stavern or a "war priest". Their nation is heavily militarized but not savage and entirely warlike, the Yor are known to ally themselves or avoid any faction that wishes to open diplomatic relationships with the empire. The 15th Vendgar Expeditionary army "Only in war is a Yorian truly Yorian." Hailing from the Yorian planet Vendgar, the 15th expeditionary army is one of the most renowned in the Empire, holding more than a hundred worlds conquered to their name. Due to the heavy presence of religious shrines and pious priesthoods, the soldiers of Vendgar are almost fanatical to the word of Stavern. Vendgar Yorians are not afraid to charge into battle and see it as a act of faith to do battle with a opponent much stronger physically than they are, making bee lines during a skirmish to the most skilled combatant or flat out aggravating large and savage race. Outside of melee combat, the 15th Vendgar are well organized and disciplined, using a form of front line combat that slowly advances mixed in with fast attack and drop, drop ships that quickly reinforce the front. Lord-Commander Marcus Cain Marcus Cain has been serving the Empire for more than 400 years. Beginning as a infantryman at an early age, he was promoted quickly due to his discipline and prowess on the battle field. Considered a military genius amongst his peers, Cain was the first Lord-Commander in the Vendgar armies to revolutionize Vendgar-Yor warfare with the introduction of "Air Calvary" to provide constant support and reinforcements to men and woman on the ground. Lord-Commander Marcus Cain leads his army independently and see's no need for C.O's and any other individual that may undermine his authority and instead places his trust in field officers on the ground. Special attributes Though they may look similar to the native population on earth, the Yorian are farthest from human. They stand taller than the average earthling and show great feats of strength. Pros Physically strong and endurable A acute sense of hearing, allowing them to gain leads on enemy ambushes and positions very organized and disciplined. Cons Suspicious, Yorians may turn down perfectly dependable allies out of pride or trust issues. Poor vision in the dark, this has been semi remedied with night vision in their helmets, but even then it is mediocre at best. Fanatical, a Yorian may not know when he is in over his head and charge a opponent that out classes him in every way. This has not excluded enemy walkers and war machines. Sprites Infantryman (Going to be heavily edited over time) Land master fast attack armored unit Pulveriser heavy tank vigilant class battle cruiser Sickle anti infantry vehicle Armored response dropship
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