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  1. Hey Monsta! my favourite regular army captain good to hear from you man Well I agree it's easier to reach people through chat servers, however one thing that I preffer about the fourms is that conversation doesn't goes as fast so it's easier to catch up I'm not really spriting at this time, right now I'm working on a mod for AOM which will feature american civilizations. If there's anyone interested: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-return-of-the-gods Cheers
  2. ~ABINADI~


    Welcome! Hope you'll have fun around. I'm happy to see more people joining, this site might revive soon ✌️
  3. Praise the allmighty! This news feel my heart with joy! That's really good to hear, I really hope this site can start it's revival! Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi! Hola! A pleasure to have you around. I have to tell you that unfortunally this site seems to be dying. It's been a while since no important activity has ocurred. But well, I hope this can start resurecting and hopefully you will be part of this! Welcome aboard
  5. Oh such a shame to hear you don't play this game, well you should try it, if you ever get a chance don't think it twice, highly recommended So then, wich games or wich kind of games you like the most?
  6. Hi Guys! This last months I've been playing the Dark Souls saga (wich is why I have not done any sprites recently) and I don't see any topic for this game around here, so I thought this may add new fresh conversation to have right here. I'm already done with the DS2 and I'm curently at DS1 before moving to the third one, I found this games pretty challenging, with a really nice and interesting story and lore, along with great mistery has done of this game one of my new passions. So does anyone else here plays this or maybe got any cool story about it to tell? I might be doing Dark Souls sprites on the near future
  7. The quick answer will be yes, and adding more in time, I'm just looking for a reliable free image hoster so I can start uploading.
  8. It's good to be back.

  9. Hi people out there! This is my formal introduction in Sprite Wars. A little about me... I'm not really new on spriting, in fact I'm actually good(not trying to be smug); I used to use msdb, then I took a break from spriting, now I wanted to return, but since it died, I guess I'm gonna work a little bit around here. So soon, I'll be posting stuff and messing around Greetings! P.S. Sorry if I do mistakes, you know, english is not my native language.
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