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  1. Update: I now own several guns despite living in a "Bad" state. So many silly gotchas to get around. It took me a year before I could buy ammo. Trouble is that I can't go to the range with all this work. 9mm pistol, pump-action, scoped bolt action, 22lr scoped, and that's the most specific I'll get. Did you know that there's a magazine shortage going on? I found out the hard way recently. The company for one gun has been backordered for months due to "supply chain issues". Another one is out of production with no mainstream online sources available. None of the "limited" magazines, that is, but the extra-large ones are still available for people in unrestricted states. Oh, but they're both still for sale...courtesy of price-gougers on ebay. Lol, I'm not paying $80 for a five-rounder.
  2. Woah. Woah... Woa... Wojak!

  3. Faction Name: Gyuylenkov Expeditionary Fleet Faction Alignment: Lawful Neutral with a callous streak Technology level: Think UNSC circa Halo Contact Harvest or Pre-war Fallout USA Theme: Description: a Corporate colonial project turned Militarized autocracy with modest expansionist plans. Shortly after the Morden wars and subsequent flourishing of Space travel tech, a major colonial expedition was organized by a mix of Eastern European and North American private groups. An "Earth-equivalent" star system had been discovered that these corporations wished to reap the fame and fortune of occupying first. So they pooled their resources and built a large expeditionary fleet with willing colonists from many nations. Surplus military gear was acquired on the assumption that the potential for life on the primary planet was high and "risk mitigation" would be needed. The trip was completed with remarkable speed thanks to former Martian tech and settlement proceed apace. What the colonists of the newly-christened "Gyuylenkov" (an awkward merging of corporate CEOS Gyula, Cuyler, and Malenkov) didn't know was that Earth went to complete shit a few years after they first set foot on their new home. As old enemies from the Morden war, furry humanoids, and beings of pure ice clashed on Earth, nobody but the Corporate higher-ups who headed the colony in tandem was aware of these developments. How much disruption, they pondered, would the news that no thanks, settlers or supplementary aid was coming bring? Aside from unsubtle pushes to encourage marriage and having more kids, they kept the economic exploitation going as normal. Then the Corvolt struck. Admittedly, this was no full-scale attack. Gyuylenkov's defensive fleet was forced to retreat, but only from lack of sufficient weaponry. On the ground, several outlying settlements were occupied while and others lightly bombed. It is fortunate that this was merely an audacious raiding fleet, and they launched their assault right before the Free World's League began their campaign to retake Earth. Panicked Corvolt commanders on Gyuylenkov rushed their campaign after hearing the news and charged into an ambush, while the fleet was stripped of ships that were sent back to Earth. After the colonial fleet struck back in a desperate battle than involved ramming, the Corvolt withdrew in annoyance to try and clean up the growing mess on Earth. The colony avoided the brutal occupation suffered by Kanthros. Still, the merciless acts of the Biomechanical warriors left scars on the population. Their fragile assortment of what was now 4 systems was at the mercy of any potential foe. By now, the CEO's lifted their veil of censorship and revealed what had happened to Earth. Not even the news that the bloodthirsty Corvolt were being kicked out calmed the Colonists. They couldn't have known the attack was coming, but their complete silence on the potential threat was bad enough. At this point, Defense Force General Delbert Niemhoff entered the stage and had the Corporate bosses "taken to protective custody". Coasting on his success in combat, he assuaged the population's fears with transparency changes in the Colonial Administration. More consequential were his "security reforms" (that actually made censorship worse on close inspection) which involved placing his subordinates in various high-ranking positions. The new Military administration tried to let things proceed as usual while negotiating with the CEOs to produce additional weapons with Colonial industry and help reverse engineer Corvolt Tech. After all, they wouldn't be selling as much of their resources back to Earth as planned with the markets in chaos due to conflict. Trade did, however, spread to other colonies, both in the Solar System and abroad. At last, new colonists trickled in. The Fleet was replenished, Expanded, and used to launch forays into neighboring systems. On one of these expeditions, the fleet encountered more than they bargained for when they blundered into an outpost of the Mobian Imperial Guard. The Imperial fleet responded to this unannounced intrusion as one might expect given that they were now in their "Shoot first, ask questions later" mindset. The scouting fleet retreated, but were tracked back to Gyuylenkov, which inspired the bored MiG Admiral to pursue and drive home the point that trespassing wasn't allowed. The fleet left warp with just enough distance from the ragged scout force to flee, but it didn't matter. In the middle of their bombardment, the Admiral was shocked to receive a transmission from the surface. The Corporate CEOs, chafing under Niemhoff's constant arm-twisting were offering themselves up as representatives of the colony and it's interconnected systems. If terms could be provided, they would be happy to surrender. This was, of course, a fib, part of a planned coup against Niemhoff that was hastily engaged. But doing so under the circumstances of enemy bombardment did not make things run more smoothly and let them pin the blame on the General. If anything it spread confusion that turned into rumors of enemy troops landing in the city. While the MiG Admiral pondered what to make of an offer above his pay grade, a new transmission arrived. Niemhoff and his loyalists had regained control of the Capital city and warned that they wouldn't surrender. In fact, reinforcements were already warping in, he warned. This too was a bluff, the defense fleet was spread out across their territory and thrown into confusion by the coup. But on the other hand, the MiG Admiral wasn't interested in trying to tie down a potentially troublesome set of systems populated by another race with a fleet much too small for the task. He called off the bombardment and negotiated a treaty that forbade settlement of any system past the large swathe of space separating the two factions. Niemhoff was quick to frame this frightening incident as an act of treachery by the CEOs, and responded in an expected fashion. The Corporate bosses were executed, their families exiled back to Earth. The Corporations were wholly incorporated into the Military Administration. Using these resources, a militarized society was built from the ground up with the intent of warding off potential threats and expanding where possible. To support this rapid expansion, human refugees from Earth were admitted at large rate and the current population was mobilized in various ways to work "for the common good". Today, Niemhoff remains the Big Cheese of the "Gyuylenkov Unity Association" which has several systems under it's control. Still, they are if anything militarily backwards and lack heavy native shipyards. Their ideal goal is to control a large chunk of this colony and it's resources, and for this reason they've sent an expeditionary fleet out. Notable people: Delbert Niemhoff (not in-system) : "Supreme Field Marshall" of the GUA. Rapidly rose through the informal ranks to become general in the Corporate Defense force by the time the Corvolt invaded. He led his tanks to both harass and ambush the invaders during the war, leading him to prioritize building up the Armored portion of the Army. Wary of aliens. Hector Lukoski: Commander of the Expeditionary Fleet, veteran of the Corvolt attack on Gyuylenkov. Prone to melodramatic attitudes. Edvard Szobranczy: Major General, Commander of the 2nd Assault division (Airmobile, heavy infantry). Janko Sovarik: Major, Commander of the 74th Mech battalion. Matt Haerdson: Major, Commander of the 3rd Commando Battalion (irregular warfare) Klara Baessler: Corporal in the 3rd Commando Battalion Claude Mihailescu: Sergeant, leads a heavy infantry squad How to portray: Keep in mind that they are not aiming to slaughter non-humans. They're just overly suspicious of them due to prior experience with the (ironically human) Corvolt, the Mobian Empire, Mahlan raiders, and the Voltor, as can be seen by their decision to accept only human refugees. Their overall attitude towards the current colonists is disinterest. Alliances are not out of the picture. Commandos should only be involved if I make a preceding comic showing that they're in the area. In battle they have some experience from fighting the Corvolt but their expanded army is full of inexperienced personnel and the occasional veteran of Earth conflict. They favor either Armored attacks or airmobile attacks with many troops involved. Smaller pushes involving those with better guns and actual body armor can also be employed to break through areas. Space assets are used cautiously and in long-range tactics due to past concerns about preserving limited forces. Forces (Major WIP): Despite the rapid pace of industrialization, it still only started a few years ago. Combine this with heel-dragging in some systems and the GUA is still nowhere near as militarized as the Axonians, the Voltor, or Terran Command. The rapid expansion of the military only makes things tougher. Furthermore, putting CEOs on show trial before shooting them is generally seen as an extreme move by outsiders, so getting production licenses for cutting-edge equipment has been tough. Infantry: Regulars: Make up most of the ground troops involved. They lack body armor apart from a helmet, but are relatively mobile and numerous in number. Most wield the infamous AK rifle, but there are also minigunners, Mortar operators, Flamethrower troopers, and Anti-Tank gunners. Officers: Lead the Regulars on a Platoon and upwards level (one every 60 guys). Assault troops: Soldiers with Gas masks trained for attacking strongpoints.. Heavy Infantry: Soldiers with body armor, squad automatic weapons, and other equipment the "Regs" can't get. Commandos: trained for infiltration, utilize nonstandard equipment. Power armor troopers: Very rare and untested in combat. Guns: Turrets: Autocannon for use in defensive positions. Towed Artillery: still a part of Regular infantry brigades, comes in 105 and 150 millimeter flavor. Particle Cannon: VERY rare weapon used in defense of key bases. Can hit large targets (low orbit ships) and ground targets but NOT fast aircraft. 40mm Grenade launcher. Transports: Trucks. M1 tactical Car: 4 and 6 wheeler transport with MG and Grenade mounts. BTR: 8-wheeled APC in multiple configurations. Bradley: Available with 20mm and flamethrower Iron Nokana Tanks: T-84/3: Main battle tank T62 ERA/T-72 ERA: Older tanks with extra armor, the former comes in twin-turret flavor. T-90 Leopard 2 Iron Iso BUK AA missile carrier. AA Nokana Helos: Mi-24 Tomahawk Mi-8 Planes: Mig-17 Space: Phaedroth Frigate: Fast moving ship with Railguns and missiles. Capricorn Heavy Cruiser: One of those ubiquitous ships that happens to wind up everywhere. Armed with plasma turrets and missile racks. Budapest Transport: transport ship with floating capability. Kosice Class corvette: Missile and railgun-armed picket ship. Hussar Class Battlecruiser: warship with twin laser turrets installed in the bow. Musai Battlecruiser: Refurbished surplus, applies to the two below. Gwazine Star Dreadnought: Salamis Destroyer: "League" Gunboat: Pelican Dropship: Transport rated for space travel and impromptu gunboat with the right weapon addons. R14 Space Attack Craft: Fighter-bomber equivalents, lacking in maneuverability. Night Raven: Interceptor made by Cobra Arms company (Much more on the way) Links to Sprites: Regulars Heavy Infantry Space Fleet Pelican Helos. Planes. Niemhoff Admiral Lukoski Edvard Szobranczy Generic Officers Transports. Armored vehicles Defensive emplacements.
  4. Yeah, not even the framerate drag on this computer dissuaded me from playing it.
  5. Perhaps. I miss the wild discussions we had in Discord VC.
  6. Watch while you can, this probably isn't legal. I once saw the climax referred to as "the best shootout scene in modern cinema".
  7. Funny, I was planning on making new poses for older sprite sheets as a way to diversify battle scenes. And I HAVE been making those NRE Titan Empire sprites. You sure you can't recall the faction? If anything I want to start making customs by editing Ascawr guns into regular Rebel troops.
  8. Is this picture wars scale? Now that's a rare thing. There forum was deader than ours last I checked.
  9. Halo Infinite finally has a gameplay trailer available for us. In my view, it's really, really average. Nothing amazing. There's many aspects worthy of further examination (the UNSC having "lost the war" for example). The there's the expected return to a classic Halo style that's executed somewhat haphazardly. You can see a mix of Halo 4 and Halo Reach grunts in glimpses, the Covenant guns are entirely new, the assault rifle draws influence from Halo Reach, and the pistol looks like something from our time, nothing like the hand cannons of past games. Most notably is the comical Brute redesign, including the Chieftain at the end who looks more like a regular human with lots of cosmetics (that could be due to the angle we see him hiding the Brutes jutting jaws, but even then those have been shortened). Brutes in the 343 Era have gone through this redesign I can't really approve of. They almost like like a different race of burly aliens. Even the elites and their awkwardly-moved eyes weren't that bad! Halo Infinite's Brutes seem to be combining the two eras in a jarring manner. Graphics in general feel off, though my expectations might've been tempered so much by just not being interested that I was initially surprised other people had made the complaint. Hopefully the theory that this is an early build proves true. And the Warthog engine sounds entirely different, 0/10. Won't even be playing it anyway most likely, no Xbox X for me living out of state. So, how do you feel about this desperate attempt to recover from the disaster that was Halo 5?
  10. Hello! Make sure to join the discord, where all the real magic happens!
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