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  1. I'm a few months late, but here is the finished product!
  2. Dhalo


    Mod recommendations time. The Master Chief Collection has created new opportunities. Finding mods in the Steam workshop makes it easy to change up the game, and most of the mods outright change the whole campaign experience. I'll go through my favourites. Lumoria Rebalanced The voice volume is horrible and they need to consider subtitles. There is one point in the storyline that, for a few seconds, made me have to hold back my disbelief because it was stupid. That is my harsh criticism out of the way. This is a custom campaign with beautiful scenery, close quarters tight-walking assaults and outdoor massed battles that fit the bill for Halo Combat Evolved's playstyle while still changing things up in just the right way. To go with this, the music is full of well-made tracks, most of which you can find on sites like Youtube. 8/10 recommendation. Better With Friends Halo levels have plentiful short portions where there is no combat. You can use these to meditate and enjoy the good vibes, stand still to hear dialogue, or look around at the good scenery and see how Bungie put the work in crafting these masterpieces. But sometimes, you've had enough calm and need more organised chaos, and Better With Friends is here to help. The mod employs more UNSC and Covenant dropships in strategic positions, and different groups of marines will follow you through large sections of the mission. Both factions are vying for control of the Silent Cartographer and will deploy troops and vehicles in fitting numbers and locations to achieve complete victory. The changes in gameplay are nice, and I can see the mod-maker has clearly valued where enemies and allies are added into the game. A bit of advice: when dropship Victor-22 crashes, do not leap out of the building to go down there. Take the scenic route back, the fight's more epic that way. It's just a mod that affects The Silent Cartographer mission for now, but I hope they do more missions. Everything felt like a well-oiled military op mixed with the horrors of war on an alien artifact. 10/10 recommendation. Ruby's Rebalanced Ruby does solid work. There's some cut weapons reinstated at reasonably frequent rates throughout the game, a few cut encounters are back, and there is a heart-touching moment in Two Betrayals that almost convinced a couple of tears to fall from my eyes. He did a good job. Further, he touches up and makes slight changes to each level that still feel very much like Halo CE, but as if it was done the way Bungie intends. The Library was actually fun for me because of these changes. The added details also bring more mystery to Halo, because one must wonder about the trials and terrors that various corpses went through before sealing their fates. I cannot accurately describe how very good this mod is, except that I would offer this campaign to first-time players in the place of vanilla Halo CE. It's just that good. 10/10 recommendation. Escape! This one's a standalone mission tied into Two Betrayals where you play as a marine. It is both immensely fun and horrifying, as it plays into the threat the Flood poses while offering large scale battles. Your objective is to get to the Control Room and escape via pelican, but other pelicans will try to rescue marines at one or two points throughout the rest of the mission. And honestly, that's one of the flaws with this mod. I accidentally created a better time for myself by blocking off the pelican when it tried to grab up all my marines, so they ended up following my scorpion tank into the tunnel anyway. The mod tries to rescue some marines prematurely and that sacrifices some of the potential for mass combat. 9/10 recommendation. Massive Mod There are a few mods I've tried out that just didn't make the cut. They all add some unique things to gameplay, but they were too alien or too frustrating to deserve a mention in this list. Massive Mod is not one of those. Massive Mod scales up the number of marines, throws in some friendly SPARTANs, changes where the Covenant arrives in the levels and drastically increases their numbers while also changing some of the weapon properties. For example, the sniper rifle lacks an aiming reticle unless you zoom in. This means any no-scopes you make are extra cool. Fighting additional enemies in this mod feels really satisfying, but don't get cocky now! Needlers are deadly, especially against people with breached shields, and you and your marine pals can still get killed. The one flaw I perceive in this mod so far is that there are too many friendly spartans and they are usually equipped with one magnum each. That's just dumb. The rest of this mod though, oooh, it's fun and worthwhile to play at least the first two levels on varying difficulties. Being able to mass-annihilate Covenant squads has scratched an itch I've known that I had for quite some time. Plus the placement of enemies offers different surprises and gameplay challenges that feel fun to tackle. 9/10 recommendation.
  3. Necroposting from two years later to remind anyone who plays this game to ALWAYS outflank the enemy at every opportunity.
  4. Hey friend, can you PM me the Discord link? Might come back just to post some edits for fun. 

  5. Monstarules with more followup comics!
  7. Monstarules' newest comic, released today!
  8. Recaps from Monstarules' Task Force 100:
  9. Rayranaldo's Demon Empire: as the demonic Emperor plans his army to merge out of the ground he first gather his subordinates and told his plan. Demonic Emperor: Demon kings, queens, and lords as you know I am your emperor and do not despise my plan of action. We will gather humans, experiment on them to become our loyal monster, I also want all of the demon beast to be tamed and at my command. We will start with the Dezminos Spiders. Tamed them and the rest of the demon beast will follow. Got it? Demon kings, queens, lords: yes your highness Note: demon kings/queens and lords are demon ranking. Kings/queens are at the second rank, meaning they are the one next to the heir of being the Demonic Emperor.
  10. Captain Neko's United Bakkefolk comics:
  11. Hey, warmongerers! As Sprite Wars grows in members and the amount of heavy firepower stored in all of our closets, we run the chance of attracting *other* spriting communities across the web! We need an affiliate icon. Something friendly websites can put in a place where you click it and it brings them to SpriteWars.com Like this!: This is an affiliate icon. And we're running a contest. Whoever makes the best little icon that shows off Sprite Wars will contribute to our face across the interwebs. People can go to partnered sprite websites, click it, and get transported to the forum. Contest runs from now until midnight on Sunday! EDIT: (Note: looks like the size is roughly 88x31 for the affiliate icon. :3)
  12. Hey all! Murry crimbus and happi hollerdays from the Sprite Wars community. 'Tis the season to be spriting & shooty.
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