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  1. does this version include notifications (update) silly me didnt realise the notification and mesages
  2. greatings new comer i look forward to more ships that i can make light edits to. dont worry i give credit
  3. greetings we need fresh meat. also i have used some of your old sprites before they are amazing.
  4. Mechasonic


    well that is a releaf I have been attempting to get a gmod mod to work but it seems to have glitched steam i watched the videos and all but nothing i guess i will just have to uninstall the game and mods again.
  5. Mechasonic


    I see it the same way that is why I am exparamenting with new things. Mabey the reason why most people don't come on hear and make an account is because other spriters don't like how the campaigns work. Hence why I'm making a version of sprite wars in steroids. Maybe we will be able to get more people. I actually wanted to reboot the fantasy campaign. I made a magic based faction but some people in powerful positions on this sight said no you cant have a faction that both has the ability to summon angels and demons. So my hard work on compileing the sprites was worhtless fruitless. The main idea was to have a government like america in which there are 2 parties and they are a republic. Accept instead of the parties republican and democrat we have white magic holy based order and on the other side dark magic both are considered by the other to be ether eliminated or just have both be allowed to be together in harmony. I wanted to add political melodrama to the mix. just some of my complaints to ad to above.
  6. thankyou Dhalo and Dendygar i will send a pm to both of you soon
  7. I thought this was as good as any a place to put this message if its not in the right place i would need somebody to move it to the correct place. I have been looking for a new mentor, due to a falling out between me and mike my old mentor, I believe he needs ether a break or full distancing from me. I realize that a portion of this was due to the fact that my faction was too game breaking and over powered, and also messed up the whole thing by bringing in the chaos emeralds into the mix. I realize that i need to make a new faction so now would be the perfect time for somebody with the understanding of how campaigns work. just think of it as a preemptive damage control strike so is anybody willing to help me?
  8. (edit to comic- eggman: the self destruct has already finished exploading so pull back to the old base and get out of this dimention) guys I kinda wana start fresh on a new faction any how I just did this post to move the story along and get some time to think on it ok. Its for the best of the story ark if I do.
  9. helo all, It seems that my current faction is actually not what fits "Normal" sprite wars criteria. So i am tasked with making a new faction that can cooperate within the walls of the story ark. so hears my idea I was thinking of a faction that is kinda a mix of 3 of the most terrifying things together imagine a species of parasite that is basically has the abilities of the Zerg from Starcraft and aliens from the movie aliens and is like a zombie virus. I also may be getting some ideas from the gears of war game trilogies the emulsion specifically. this virus is basically a zombie virus on steroids. Why do i do this? I know how people react to major threats that come into the fray. I saw what happened to the voltor in global 2. (i know i probably spelled it wrong). not to mention that zombie viruses with out any twists are boring. so what makes this virus so special. imagine this, you shoot zombies with bullets at first you start to Moe them down like grass then a few survive and start to evolve and grow an armor exoskeleton not that thick in the second generations of zombies but by the third and 4th generations you will have walking tanks amongst the dead with bug exo skeletons. also you may find that eventually when they are faced with certain techs they may be able to start to convert them and take them over basically infest it like the Zerg in star craft do to buildings. this does require a thing inside it that's a live for the infection to spread. Not to mention they do make nests. the most effective way to deal with these pests is to evacuate areas a ways distance around the infection zone cutting of the supply of fresh humanoid soldiers ,the other animals in the area will be eventually kill and then they cant generate more troops. also the use of unmanned robots would be recommended because they couldn't be infested unless you decide to place an animal inside the robot. you could also kill the queen, then all of the drones would die then you basically are on cleanup duty. I am deciding to make this as different as i can from skurge's idea.
  10. guys i may be pulling out permanatly from global due to certain circumstances
  11. i believe the banner making should kinda be a team effort to bad there isn't something like a paint google docs hybrid
  12. oh heck yes i looked into it is a jem that must be exploited ,you got me on this band wagen, i have access to adobe premear
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