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  1. He as fresh as decade old spam. He a vet you know. Anyway, welcome back to the front.
  3. GTA called, they want to move back to london.
  4. *Crash though a random wall* GREETING THERE! Steampeng, at your service.
  5. Why, they actually did self destruct! Wondering when this was going to happen after the first time hearing them.
  6. Terrible but let's be honest, this was BOUND to happen. If you really want to control the people, you control at least one of two things: Resources and/or media. Why wouldn't they control the media if they could?
  7. Private Snafu is the best Edit: And form Disney... know what, I need to post a entire topic or something about this.
  8. That NK cartoon? Heard About it. Havn't really looked into it. Squirrel and hedgehog right? Semi-off topic: The world's first 'anime' (Which people would look at and call an anime) was a propaganda film. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Momotar%C5%8D:_Umi_no_Shinpei Also, Casablanca was a propaganda film as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casablanca_(film)
  9. A friend on steam think this is going to be good...I don't believe him.
  10. *Meanwhile...at konami business flight, being transported by the antarctic penguin air transport service...* https://youtu.be/mLccxrDgi5U?t=14m39s
  11. *Crash though a wall* Welcome back again. You came at a good (or bad depending how you look at it) time. SW is in a bit of a slump at the minute so any person that can help would be handy.
  12. I wish they get done with this game some time.
  13. It might be an april fools joke,...it might not be... Were's the sarcasm mark?
  14. *Ride into the forum on a 1916 traub* *Viva jumping off a ramp and into a self- defenestration* GREETING THERE FRIEND, STEAMPENG AT YOUR SERVICE!!
  15. Forcing bad software...what the cliche phase that is needed here... That just terrible.
  16. I have to ask, how bad is windows 10 again? I know it forced which is bad, but I'm talking about the actual service.
  17. Me want in! May join this, but me and friend are for now working on a mission with G mod (making something.)
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