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  1. Welcome to the forums Lucas! We're glad to have you. ABINADI, now there's someone I haven't seen in a hot minute! Certain websites are starting to go out of style due to the advent of Discord, which takes over many roles that forums have to offer. Not to mention it's much easier to reach out to people on a chat program. That said, we're still very much alive and kicking. Some of us are preoccupied with other aspects of life, but we're all still somewhat hanging in there. I for example, am working on some ROMhacks of the Pokémon Crystal engine. I make music, sprites, and do programming for these games with a lot of my free time. It's a lot of fun.
  2. Faction Name: Task Force 100 (X) Faction Alignment: Lawful Good Technology Level: Futuristic The Task Force was a victor in the pyrrhic war on Earth. Even though it came at the heavy cost of life lost to allies, the Task Force itself managed to not occrue heavy losses (the number of MIA, and KIA TFX soldiers was much less than the other factions, rolling in at around 3 thousand). A lot of anti-TFX sentiment was unsuccessfully planted in the hearts of the citizens on Earth, who are now largely able to start rebuilding, with the horrible exception of China, which lost nearly all of it's inhabitants and is now a wasteland (the blame for this is pinned on the Terran Command), and Russia, due to Robotnik's last strike on the Continent. However, the fighting had moved elsewhere, and the Task Force needed to chase down the war criminals. Bolstered now by Mechvaraans, ex-IOT forces, and the United States, the Task Force takes back off into space after retreating enemy forces. However, there is still much to be done, many refugees to be taken care of, and a lost planet appears...what happens next? The Task Force is an elite force that is trained for multiple situations. Every member knows how to use multiple vehicles, in case of emergencies. The Task Force has an intricate method for recruiting. The background checks are extensive, and acceptance usually takes a month. It's extremely hard to infiltrate the organization because you can't just throw on a uniform and claim you're one of them. There are several classified deterrence methods (I refuse to say them because I don't want people using this as a way of suddenly knowing how to infiltrate the task force. The idea is that it is really hard, and you're gonna have to do it by trial and error). In combat, everyone works together, utilizing tactics and several approaches. Everyone works together in order to find weaknesses. Another important thing to know is that there are no nanomachines used by the task force. They are highly efficient in combat, and it takes a lot to make them even slightly afraid. They are not to be portrayed as inept, stupid, or easily dealt with. Their biggest drawback is the lack of manpower, which however, is now starting to disappear with the addition of more aliens into the ranks. The forces are accepting of xenos, and everyone is treated equally. With the exception of war criminals and high ranking enemy officials, Task Force prisons are not harsh and degrading, and interrogation is usually done by 2 "nice guys". The sprites are on my deviantart page. However, there are several updates that have since occurred and the sheets need to be updated.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Be sure to join the Discord, friend!
  4. I'll move the topic for you, mi amigo! Welcome!
  5. Here it goes, short but sweet. I worry too much for too many people, who probably don't care about me. What do?
  6. Faction name: Task Force 100 (X) Alignment: Justified Good Tech Level: Advanced Home Base: Kait'hur Task Force 100 was made as a solution due to terrorism in the Middle East, as well as other parts on the terran planet, Earth. These soldiers fought some in some of the hardest battles, and diffucult conditions. These people and aliens had tried their hardest to defend their countries and planets. Several of these men and women made names for themselves as some of the most selfless and hardworking men and women alive. After the NATO disbanded, several soldiers from divisions of the armies from the former NATO decided to join together and help defend Earth. As time passed on, more volunteers and other ex armed forces members decided to join the disavowed military members, forming a strong faction, adept at assault and defense. Eventually, mobians joined forces with the Task Force, as well as kaithe, xorgs, virox, wolven, and a few kragolyte refugees. Slowly growing from the ex-NATO, soldiers from all flags, and eventually other planets, began to unite for the greater good. TFX operators are extremely well trained, compared to several of the factions they have fought. Their skill level borders the limits of what a faction can do. However, it has come at great cost to the soldiers. Many a time in the Task Force history, has there been catastrophic loss. After the events of GC2, TFX is at a new high. Elite soldiers of all nationalities, and several planets, are serving together. The Task Force has become much larger, and it is a well oiled machine. While TFX relies on technology, it can operate without it, which is the most important thing. TFX does not use nanomachines, and every soldier in TFX undergoes a very physical and psychological test to make sure they are truly fit for the job. The training has produced several bi-products, such as immunity to mind control, and a heightened level of awareness. IMPORTANT CHARACTERS Orion Michael Irving: Orion is the leader of the Task Force. While he may not always be on the front lines, he has a unique skillset and is a seasoned veteran. He often issues orders, along with Colonel O'Leary, and was responsible for the Kaithe-TFX alliance, which became permanent. He has gold and slate gray armor, and wields an assortment of weapons, dependent on the tasks at hand. Richard O'Leary: O'Leary is Orion's head field commander. Like Britain's Montgomery, Germany's Rommel, and America's Eisenhower, he is a stoic and very smart leader. He is someone who helped found the Task force, and has strong interest in helping the Kaithe. Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano: Chernobyl is an ex-spetz soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and exposure to a deadly amount of radiation. Augmented by the radiation, he became stronger, and suffered a genetic mutation that made his eyes turn blood red. Don't be fooled, however, he isn't evil, even though his armor is black and red! Rees "Red" Noble: Named after one of the men who lead America's "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III in WWII, Red was already destined for greatness. Task Force soldiers are portrayed like an elite unit. They think things thoroughly. However they are not mindless war machines. They have hearts and souls too! Up to date TFX sprites can be found on my deviantart: https://monstarules.deviantart.com/
  7. Weigh your options, maybe consider a 3rd party service.
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