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  1. Welcome to the forums Lucas! We're glad to have you. ABINADI, now there's someone I haven't seen in a hot minute! Certain websites are starting to go out of style due to the advent of Discord, which takes over many roles that forums have to offer. Not to mention it's much easier to reach out to people on a chat program. That said, we're still very much alive and kicking. Some of us are preoccupied with other aspects of life, but we're all still somewhat hanging in there. I for example, am working on some ROMhacks of the Pokémon Crystal engine. I make music, sprites, and do programming for these games with a lot of my free time. It's a lot of fun.
  2. Faction Name: Task Force 100 (X) Faction Alignment: Lawful Good Technology Level: Futuristic The Task Force was a victor in the pyrrhic war on Earth. Even though it came at the heavy cost of life lost to allies, the Task Force itself managed to not occrue heavy losses (the number of MIA, and KIA TFX soldiers was much less than the other factions, rolling in at around 3 thousand). A lot of anti-TFX sentiment was unsuccessfully planted in the hearts of the citizens on Earth, who are now largely able to start rebuilding, with the horrible exception of China, which lost nearly all of it's inhabitants and is now a wasteland (the blame for this is pinned on the Terran Command), and Russia, due to Robotnik's last strike on the Continent. However, the fighting had moved elsewhere, and the Task Force needed to chase down the war criminals. Bolstered now by Mechvaraans, ex-IOT forces, and the United States, the Task Force takes back off into space after retreating enemy forces. However, there is still much to be done, many refugees to be taken care of, and a lost planet appears...what happens next? The Task Force is an elite force that is trained for multiple situations. Every member knows how to use multiple vehicles, in case of emergencies. The Task Force has an intricate method for recruiting. The background checks are extensive, and acceptance usually takes a month. It's extremely hard to infiltrate the organization because you can't just throw on a uniform and claim you're one of them. There are several classified deterrence methods (I refuse to say them because I don't want people using this as a way of suddenly knowing how to infiltrate the task force. The idea is that it is really hard, and you're gonna have to do it by trial and error). In combat, everyone works together, utilizing tactics and several approaches. Everyone works together in order to find weaknesses. Another important thing to know is that there are no nanomachines used by the task force. They are highly efficient in combat, and it takes a lot to make them even slightly afraid. They are not to be portrayed as inept, stupid, or easily dealt with. Their biggest drawback is the lack of manpower, which however, is now starting to disappear with the addition of more aliens into the ranks. The forces are accepting of xenos, and everyone is treated equally. With the exception of war criminals and high ranking enemy officials, Task Force prisons are not harsh and degrading, and interrogation is usually done by 2 "nice guys". The sprites are on my deviantart page. However, there are several updates that have since occurred and the sheets need to be updated.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Be sure to join the Discord, friend!
  4. I'll move the topic for you, mi amigo! Welcome!
  5. Here it goes, short but sweet. I worry too much for too many people, who probably don't care about me. What do?
  6. Faction name: Task Force 100 (X) Alignment: Justified Good Tech Level: Advanced Home Base: Kait'hur Task Force 100 was made as a solution due to terrorism in the Middle East, as well as other parts on the terran planet, Earth. These soldiers fought some in some of the hardest battles, and diffucult conditions. These people and aliens had tried their hardest to defend their countries and planets. Several of these men and women made names for themselves as some of the most selfless and hardworking men and women alive. After the NATO disbanded, several soldiers from divisions of the armies from the former NATO decided to join together and help defend Earth. As time passed on, more volunteers and other ex armed forces members decided to join the disavowed military members, forming a strong faction, adept at assault and defense. Eventually, mobians joined forces with the Task Force, as well as kaithe, xorgs, virox, wolven, and a few kragolyte refugees. Slowly growing from the ex-NATO, soldiers from all flags, and eventually other planets, began to unite for the greater good. TFX operators are extremely well trained, compared to several of the factions they have fought. Their skill level borders the limits of what a faction can do. However, it has come at great cost to the soldiers. Many a time in the Task Force history, has there been catastrophic loss. After the events of GC2, TFX is at a new high. Elite soldiers of all nationalities, and several planets, are serving together. The Task Force has become much larger, and it is a well oiled machine. While TFX relies on technology, it can operate without it, which is the most important thing. TFX does not use nanomachines, and every soldier in TFX undergoes a very physical and psychological test to make sure they are truly fit for the job. The training has produced several bi-products, such as immunity to mind control, and a heightened level of awareness. IMPORTANT CHARACTERS Orion Michael Irving: Orion is the leader of the Task Force. While he may not always be on the front lines, he has a unique skillset and is a seasoned veteran. He often issues orders, along with Colonel O'Leary, and was responsible for the Kaithe-TFX alliance, which became permanent. He has gold and slate gray armor, and wields an assortment of weapons, dependent on the tasks at hand. Richard O'Leary: O'Leary is Orion's head field commander. Like Britain's Montgomery, Germany's Rommel, and America's Eisenhower, he is a stoic and very smart leader. He is someone who helped found the Task force, and has strong interest in helping the Kaithe. Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano: Chernobyl is an ex-spetz soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and exposure to a deadly amount of radiation. Augmented by the radiation, he became stronger, and suffered a genetic mutation that made his eyes turn blood red. Don't be fooled, however, he isn't evil, even though his armor is black and red! Rees "Red" Noble: Named after one of the men who lead America's "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III in WWII, Red was already destined for greatness. Task Force soldiers are portrayed like an elite unit. They think things thoroughly. However they are not mindless war machines. They have hearts and souls too! Up to date TFX sprites can be found on my deviantart: https://monstarules.deviantart.com/
  7. Weigh your options, maybe consider a 3rd party service.
  8. That's going to be rough. You might need to have a third party help you
  9. I like Mandemons image for a contested marker. Anyways guys, reopening this thread. Let the discussion continue.
  10. WELCOME TO THE INTERSTELLAR CAMPAIGN This is the official registration page for Sprite Wars' Interstellar campaign. If you have not already, I would suggest you read the GC2 comics, as well as the Interstellar introduction, as they will give you more information on the current situations regarding the main SW canon. TABLE OF CONTENTS Registration Information Registration Format Registration Information In order to play in this campaign, you must first register. That's kind of a given, but before you register, you must have basic military sprites for your factions, because without them, you will be unable to make comics, or have responses directed towards you. I think the best quote we can take, is "If it isn't sprited, it doesn't exist". The next best quote is "If you need it, make it". When you register, you agree that you will be making comics and responding to the people who make comics towards you. Now again, the first bit of this campaign is largely going to avoid large P2P confrontations, and if you do enter into an all out war with a faction early, be wary of other factions who may stumble upon your fighting. I've digressed. There is going to be plenty of time to make sprites, even if you don't have the ones you like just quite yet. Just have something to work with. Because when the fighting really starts, you will be in for a shocking defeat if you are not prepared! Registration is just as easy as filling out the format below. Registration Format Below is a good guideline to follow for registration. ------------------------------------------------ [FACTION INSIGNIA] (if applicable) [THEME SONG] (if applicable) Faction Name: Faction Alignment: Technology level: [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] [NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable) [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] Links to Sprites: ------------------------------------------------ I suppose you get the gist of what is needed. You can add more if you would like, but there are certainly things that you NEED to include in the description, so that we can make the Map properly. It is your factions profile, after all! Take a look at how some of the past factions have done it. To register, just comment with your faction information.
  11. Welcome to outer space. This is going to be the next campaign to start. This is mainly going to be something that is going to be on low heat during the majority of GC3. We've had a spike of inactivity, but the cure to inactivity is a small group starting to do something (and something DIFFERENT!), and since this campaign was desinged to start off slower, with more of a focus on each personal faction starting off, it is perfect since several comics are really going to be personal, revolving around each specific faction. I suppose we should give a bit of background as to what has happened, and to the situation that is currently leading into this campaign: "The sitiuation on Earth...is dire. The IOT has fallen. The Task Force and Mechvaraans have exhausted theirselves with damage control, and are now no longer based on-planet. Evil lurks, as hostile factions have retreated and watch hungrily for their next target. A decent portion of North-Eastern Earth (Mostly mainland Asia and Russia) has been irradiated and damaged after the events of the Battle of Heaven. In addition to this, there is a massive terminator-like outbreak that is currently bordering Europe, and Western Russia. However, there is hope! The Terran Command has fallen, with the remaining members being pursued by the Executors, Task Force 100, and the Mechvaraans. More importantly than this, is a new planet recently discovered in our solar system, which has the ability to sustain life. The people and factions of Earth prepare for their Exodus into the wild...while far far away, many more factions are preparing for inevitable war with each other, and against a great evil, that has yet to show it's face." Basically, Earth is slowly turning into a Fallout/Terminator/Mad Max style mess, and it going to probably not be showcased a lot in the main campaign after the first 4-5 pages, due to the new planet. Since the situation on Earth is becoming dire, a lot of GC3 is also going to be focused on exploring and establishing bases, but unlike Interstellar, GC3 is much smaller, and you will be running into trouble with other factions, and wildlife almost immediately, whereas in GC3, your main issue in the begining will be lack of resources (for factions that are just starting off), and pirates. Anywho, do not be fooled, when Insterstallar becomes the main campaign, you will need to respond, as these first several pages of mostly quiet comics are your chances to gather a lot of resources and build your armies...if you do not, you're in a heap of trouble, because when huge battles start to occur, you will find yourself having to run away into the wilds, or you may even find yourself facing utter destruction at the hands of multiple factions. Some factions, such as the Task Force, Axonians, Alliance to Restore the Mechvaraan Republic, Voltor, Liberalis Terrae, Mazenovich Empire, and Kragoltyes, are already well off, as they control planets (and in the case of Voltor and Kragolytes, entire galaxies) and have decent forces already available. As it stands, there are currently several people and factions who have expressed interest in joining this campaign. Some factions may not make an appearance under their original owners. Regardless: what is the goal? To explore! The galaxy is literally your oyster, but if you are going big, you have to make sure you have the forces and materials to KEEP yourself big. Expand and make your faction the best it can be! Protect your property, work with or against the government, do whatever it takes to lead your team to victory. The galaxy is a huge place...there are a lot of places to hide, and bide your time. Don't be in a rush to get killed! This is going to be the last thing said. When will it start? As far as a starting date, I think sometime in mid September will be good, as it will be giving us plenty of time to redesign sprites, make more sprites, and to design backgrounds. For the first several months, it is going to be laid back..so by the time battles are going to be in full swing...it only exists if you have it sprited. There is going to be plenty of time yet to make sprites for your faction, and there are people who are willing to assist you in making sprites for your faction. In fact, they probably would love to help! Rules and registration topics will be made shortly as well.
  12. Monstarules


    We're only inactive because the community recently passed the torch of ownership. I am the new head admin. Anyways, welcome to Spritewars! While you might not see much activity here, we do have a very active discord!
  13. The Forum Rules These are to be cared for as closely as your Bible, Tora, science, Quaran, Sprites, wife, left/right hand, or whatever you hold dear and highly esteem. The Golden Rule: What happens elsewhere, stays elsewhere, and what happens on Spritewars, stays on Spritewars If something happens off-site, in a PM, chatroom, or whatever, we don't care. I don't care. Neither do the other staff members. If it involves a threat to the site, that's a different story. However if someone is giving you shit off site and they are a member here, that's between you and them. Keep it off of here. I don't care if you think they are "right wing scum", "leftist cucks" or whatever. I don't care what people have as far as ideals, as long as they keep creepy, crooked, or plain wrong things off here. 1. Follow US Law For those of you that DON'T know what this means, let me elaborate on the high points: - Don't post child pornography. If you're into that, you're sick and need serious help. - Pedophilia is also not allowed. - Don't attempt to phish for information. - Don't pirate, and post links to pirated things here. - Do not commit terrorism. Also no pro terrorist propaganda and conversations. I'll go more into this later. - Do not sexually harass other members. Please. Just don't. - No hacking the forum. We said no, US law says no, most international law says no, so don't do it. Even for CompSci classes. - Zoophilia is not allowed. Commiting any of the above offenses will pretty much get you permanently banned. You will not be able to appeal this ban. 2. No Porno Porno is not allowed on the forum. In any form. Period. Webhoster rules. No links to it. There IS a small exception, some nudity in a sprite comic here or there is okay but if you are going to be making sprite porn, stick to DeviantArt...and also don't say you're posting it here, or even related to us. We like having this nice forum around. Posting porn will get you banned on the website for 1 week. Repeat offenses results in a permanent ban with no appeal. 3. No racism/sexism That shit don't fly here. Racism is defined as discrimination against a person, or group due to religion, beliefs, ethnicity, background, skin color, and/or practices. Sexism is defined as discrimination based on sex, or sexual identity. However we do not accept outlandish identifications either. You are either a male or female. You're also either: gay, bi, straight, love everyone or hate everyone. Or you're a furry. We don't mind our local furries, they're pretty cool. Anyways, joking is cool. Bullying, is not. By the way, if you identify as the opposite sex, just say you are the opposite sex. Unless you have a sex-change while you are part of SpriteWars, we don't need to hear your preferences. Say you are a girl or a dude, and we will like you no matter who you are and identify as. Racism/sexism will get you banned for a month. A second offence will get you permanently banned. 4. No "Social Justice" This is not something directed towards any political party, look at this in a non political manner. You're not allowed to do that here. It is not good for our image to have that here. I don't care if you think you were fighting for "the good of blah blah blah". Especially keep politics and religion off of here. Stuff that happens off site will not be used against someone except in extreme circumstances. Especially if it is PM'ed to someone or is using their personal information to bring "justice". If I see people ribbing each other and trying to say one is better than the other, I will laugh at both of you for being complete cunts. Social justice will get you banned for a week. Repeat offenses results in a permanent ban. You may however, appeal this one. However, time between your appeals lengthens with each ban. 5. No politics/religion Fuck off with that on the forums. It isn't allowed here. In Discord, we have a NSFW seperate group for talking about that. If you don't like it, don't look. It's not related to the forums, and what is said there will have no consequence here. Not even personal opinions from what you say there will affect you here. Ask Skurge if you want access to it. Politics/religion will get you banned for 3 days. Repeat offenses carry heavier bans. 6. Try not to fight each other outside of comics We're all friends, mostly, but we occasionally argue. Most arguments here are massive misunderstandings, or breaking other rules. Arguing is normal in humans, so try to keep it in PM's. Generally, the staff will stay out of it unless the conversation starts to be bad. We will warn you several times before muting, kicking or banning you. And remember, if you shoot at someone, expect them to shoot back. Try and keep if off of the forums and chat. If you're being a bitch and you can't take the flames, thats on you. If you're messing with one person and their buddy jumps to help them, you're also on your own. Fighting each other will usually only end up with day bans. If it continues, the punishments will get heavier. 7. This is more of a notice. The "Don't be a dick" rule is no longer in effect, but cyberbullying, is not okay Yeah, it was a stupid rule that just allowed people to harrass the staff whenever someone called someone something that they didn't agree with. If I see people fighting each other, I will laugh and call them both cunts. Keep it off the forum and the Discord. If you're misunderstanding someone, you need to talk to them first. If they keep being a prick to you, that's when you come to us. However if it's happening off site, go talk to the people where it IS happening. Or just block them. Cyberbullying will result in harsher penalties, as it is against US Laws. 8. No advertising People who attempt to advertise other forums, or communities will have their post deleted if it is not in the "Links and Affiliates" forum. You may pay $10 via PayPal to this website to advertise and have it featured in the announcements. If you keep trying to advertise in any other forum, we will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group. If you evade and skirt that, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban. If you evade your punishments, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban. 9. No spam Just don't do it except in the spam forum. People who attempt to spam will have their post deleted if it is not in the "Spam-o-Can" forum. If you keep trying to spam in any other forum, we will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group. If you evade and skirt that, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban. There are exceptions to what might be considered spam. Necroposting and bumping of topics is alright in certain situations, say if asking a question about sprites to an active member, or bumping your own topic back up. You may also multi post in your own topics. If you evade your punishments, you will be subject to a permanent rangeban. 10. No multi-accounts If you have a reason to have another account, chances are you did something wrong. An account deemed to be an already existing member, will be deleted. 11. Do not DOX people If I find out you're using this website to fill out DOXXes, you will get banned and we might actually be required to call the police. DOXXing involves getting very personal information, including street adresses, phone numbers, private emails, and such. It also includes attempting to contact people through that. Attempting to do this on the forum, or Discord, will get you in trouble. This is one of the few things that can get you in REAL trouble on this forum. Do not do it. At all. Finding someone's Facebook is one thing. Finding out what street they live on is another. Permanent ban for DOXXing. 12. This is not Facebook We're not your followers or whatever. We don't want to see "*yawn* Lol so bored imma do this" or "Check out my new selfie" or whatever. You're only going to be making fun of yourself. I don't need to punish you. You would already be doing that to yourself. We will put you into a "Need's Post Validation" group if you try posting status updates here. 13. No attempting to divide the forum. Also no terrorism Schisms happen, but if I see someone attempting to divide the forum over something, especially over something that happens off site, staff will be stepping in. Additionally, let me delve further into what defines terrorism, and I mean, outside of the dictionary. No vouching or sharing propaganda for real life: murder, mass genocide, assasinations, anarchy, anti-semetism, the KKK, ISIS, attacks, or anything of the sort. There is enough of that in the real world. 14. No causing or feeding drama Enough said. If you don't like what someone else says, talk to them. Do not talk to us. I don't care if you don't like someone. Keep your opinions to yourself. Usually, drama is started here because someone disagrees with what someone says. I will not even look at your argument. The most recent examples were because someone personally felt targeted. News flash: you paint a bigger target on your back by screeching. Besides, if it is breaking the other rules on the forum and chat, they will get dealt with. If it however, happens off site, read the Golden Rule and rule #4. You're supposed to be here to enjoy yourself.
  14. This may be your last chance to vote in the primaries, as stage 2 might begin today, or tomorrow.
  15. Guys, listen. You're missing the point he's making. Most of the Watchmen and the remaining Founding Fathers want to step down and allow us to bring this forum back to it's great former glory. They're going to basically be in an advisory role. Some of them aren't even going to really disappear, like Storm, Mandemon and Mike, who still love to Sprite and fight in campaigns.I am okay with stepping down for this election because I have a lot of heart, and I might end up getting re-elected anyways. The same goes for Freak. He's pretty nice and would probably get re-elected too. It's only fair that an election is being run. As it seems, most people seem to have popular support for Freak and I. If you, the community, want me to remain as an admin, and Freak to remain as a moderator, it's going to happen. We're also going to need another moderator or 2 if Freak and I stay in our positions. That's where you guys step in. John is asking people to apply. The old staff are going to go into advisory mode, and new guys like us are going to take over. This place started from the bottom once, we can get back up top, and we aren't anywhere near the bottom right now.
  16. I will bump this and insert my 2 cents in here, and give some of my own replies since I am an administrator. These are going to be in response to Shiki's post. 1. Yes people should work things out between themselves. However there are certain instances where the staff should be required. I have yet to really see them, but there have still been some recent incidents where very silly disputes and arguments got blasted out of control by people immediately jumping to conclusions without reading and re-reading. Again, those could have been solved by further discussion between the opposing parties, but lately there had been a complete zero tolerance policy towards practically everything related to disputes. 2. Already been brought up before. Yeah there were some inactive people. There were some retirements. Problem is, now there is nothing really happening. 3. Personally, I was promoted based on past experience. However sometimes it is required to select random people to replace moderators, such as when FreakOps was promoted, and he learned really fast and is quite alright! 4. Community spirit is extremely lacking for a multitude of reasons which all are relatively well known: A. Downfall and several year maintenance of Majhost. B. Very repetitive campaigns, causing people to get bored/lazy/sick/tired. C. Extremely outlandish and very new users entering said campaings without really posting anything beforehand. D. Moderating issues E. Lack of new users. F. Life. Let's begin. Of course, Majhost being nuked destroyed almost all of our history. Then we need to realize that while Global 1 was alright, Global 2, basically a continuation, really killed the activity. I mean TFX appeared, for sure, and a few other factions really took off but other than that...it was just way too boring and slow. It was a pain to write a response almost every day sometimes. It wasn't fun. In addition there are a lot of outlandish OP factions out there. Time Travel, first attempts with TFX, Mechasonic, and his...whatever...that kept fucking everything up, and then some. There's also this moderation issue lately. Never mind that Mechasonic needed a ban years ago, It's bothering me that some people outside of staff are really influencing staff decisions for certain things, or are being relied on too much. While input is good, people completely flipping the tables and being required for assistance on something that should be staff only, is not. Let's be honest, a lot of dumb things have occured lately, and even those tiny person to person events are influencing some staff decisions. Easy answer though, the staff has gotten way too involved because of the lack of users, which is the next issue. We're not attracting new users. Period. One every 2 months isn't that great. The DeviantArt campaign has been doing nice, but as for on the SW site, well, not really. The last campaign really killed morale. Thankfully this Deviantart thing is attracting people, and it was a fantastic idea. We also need to remember, the biggest reason: Life. Some things will fix some things but life rules all. I do agree, there are things that should be done, such as contests and whatnot. I have somewhat of an authority to start something like that, so I think I will. 5. This is too much of a grey area, and this should not be changed or added. You might think someone is an asshole, but 500 other people might not. There has been too much of a fear of making someone upset lately here on the forums. There is no diversity and the staff is catering too much to the small issues instead of the bigger ones. I mean yeah if someone is literally calling you a faggot and they aren't your friend, then yeah, that's not cool. But if someone just makes one or 2 people upset by saying something...then yeah no. The forums have gotten way too sensitive lately. If someone doesn't like something on this forum, I think they should remind themselves: A) This isn't a shit haven, This is the internet, and C) This isn't some sort of facist communist state where there is no free thought. I'm also thinking that removing links in drama would be fantastic. If there is too much drama coming from one member, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Aka, Democracy. Really. It's not fun listening to one person constantly bitch because they're mad at XYZ for saying ABC. I think everyone on this forum needs to have some backbone and remind themself we are all here for a good time. If your good time is being ruined because someone has a different opinion, the door is always open leave before the drama starts, and for someone to rejoin when they remember that there are other opinions. That might sound harsh, but that's reality. 6. No for the first thing. Again too much of a grey area. I also don't like hearing it from you...I'm not trying to rustle you up here, but you've been enourmously guilty for grudge holding, and that's not a grudge, that's a pretty well established fact that even you have proclaimed yourself. Your second argument, well, this is enforced plenty fine. People might not agree with what some people might do but there isn't any rule breaking in the staff. Hasn't happened for years. 7. Sounds good to me, but before we do that we need more people. Also, there needs to be a line in what the community has a say in. If we're talking about staff removal or something, or whether someone should be banned, that stays staff only. I think I should also add this in as a final critique...This post seems more like a you thing, rather than directed at the entire community. I see a lot of what you want. For you.
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