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  1. Faction Name: The Kolvartian Empire Faction Alignment: Neutral Technology level: Advanced, similar to Helghast circa 2357-2360 (KZ 1,2,3) and Sith circa 4980 BBY (SWTOR) The Kolvartian Empire is the successor state to the old Kolvartian Republic which was forced into exile from Earth centuries ago and has since forgotten its location. The Empire is based on xenophobic expansionism as it only accepts humans after its conquests, however, its rule is seen as benevolent to its people and representing Humanity's best interests, the Emperor wishes to “reunite” Humanity through peaceful or violent means in order to make its stand against alien ambitions and cease what he sees as 'fraticidal' wars. As of the beginning of the campaign, the eastern part is battling against two planets which have rebelled against imperial rule and an expeditionary fleet is being sent by order of the Emperor to find out Earth's location, having been for centuries away from the planet and longing to return to their 'home', the Empire knows nothing about Earth's current situation [NOTABLE PERSONS] The Emperor: The seemingly immortal leader of the Empire, he conceals his face with a smiling mask which has also given him the nickname of 'The Smiling Emperor', seen as a benevolent leader, it is unknown how he's been alive for so long, and no one dares to ask. The Emperor is currently in an unknown location but he still manages some affairs of state and makes some public appearances through hologram. Jeremiah Vircan: Grand Judge of the Empire, Viceroy of the East and Lord Commander of the Red Fleet, he's currently fighting the Karankan and Dimapofian secessionists while planning a coup, unknown to everyone except his inner circle, he holds the treasonous thought of integrating aliens into the Empire in order to ensure its survival, he sees the imperial government as outdated and decadent and believes that it must be taken down for Kolvartia to progress. Silas Auer*: Judge of the Empire and commander of the expeditionary force, also known as the "Butcher of Fort Darren". He used to be Jeremiah's protégé but as of know he harbors an immense hate for the eastern viceroy. Marguerita Vircan*: Executor of the Imperial Justicars and niece of Jeremiah, she has been tasked with assisting Silas as his second in command, in reality, she has been sent by her uncle to watch on Auer's actions and attempt to persuade him to join Vircan's coup. Anton Paktarec*: Fleet Commander of the expeditionary force, he was previously an officer in the Thandoran navy but after its surrender he joined the Kolvartian military in order to improve his planets' standing within the Empire. Lord Blutzen: 3rd in command of the expeditionary force and survivor of the massacre at Fort Darren. He's exceptionally skilled in melee combat, seemingly going beyond human capabilites. It is thought that he is part of the Culter Dei, an organization with ties to the Emperor. Lord Shien: Chief of Staff and Castellan of the Imperial Palace. He's currently the de-facto Head of State due to the Emperor's disapperance but his age and weak physique may trigger the end of an era. *: Characters that may be killed on sight, a message alerting me of their impending death is enough. [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] WIP
  2. Once I get the Kolvartian flag done I'll place the location, the reason I'm so slow working is due to the fact that I've too many ideas in my head for my own good and I have difficulties putting them on paper (and even more on spritework). Besides, Kolvartia being xenophobic and only worried about the welfare of the Empire and humanity would it be considered evil or neutral? (Eastern Kolvartia is definitely evil, but it may only exist if certain things happen.)
  3. If the map's of the whole Milky Way I could throw in the Kolvartian Civil war sidestory so players could change the outcome of the war effort from within (either helping Kolvartia defeat the secessionists and prevent a coup or **** up the Kolvartian inner situation by either supporting the rebels or the eastern leader), it could also mean that Kolvartia itself could be attacked directly and force all Kolvartian troops to defend the homeland (and maybe permanently destroy the Empire itself). However, I'd need someone to assist me in controlling the secessionists factions and maybe Eastern Kolvartia if certain things happened.. Come to think of it, it would be interesting if certain events in a faction could trigger if some requirements were met (like the faction itself losing, a planned coup gaining support of external factions...). Like in games such as HOI or Europa Universalis.
  4. United World Army Color: Green The United World Army is a ragtag army with a goal with mind: To unify Earth and expel what they see as enemies of the people and traitors of humanity. Although most of their army is made up of hastily trained militia, the UWA has a core of elite soldiers tasked with special operations and small scale skirmishes. Sprites: WIP
  5. We could have a multiplayer match someday, it works on Zandronum .
  6. Has an exact date been decided for the start of the campaign? Just to know by when I have to finish my army.
  7. Forgot to add, rather than being an asian faction it will be something similar to Francoist Spain
  8. It's pretty much final fantasy VI-level of Black Magic (without the doomday magics), and it will be restricted to certain characters and a special division with very limited numbers.
  9. Yeah, the only things that will change are the addition of spaceships and mechs and some other nifty gadgets. I may change the lore, instead of being an empire I could change it to be a militarist dictatorship. Also, is magic permitted?
  10. That has given me a new idea... Hurrah for a Zeon-Gestahlian inspired army! I'll just have to re-edit some stuff and create whatt I haven't.
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