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  1. Translated from English to Khmer and then back again. Mecha Sonic enough with everyone crammed into seven chaos emeralds Cornelius was mortal of Sonic and his attorneys continue to toss him. Lawyers seen explosive hedgehog on the porch of his favorite had enough of Sonic Mecha laser and proceeds from Starship on his own. Laser hit a house, blew up an entire wing for children mobian enjoy.
  2. Get in touch, i could hook you up.
  3. For those who played Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.
  4. Ban yourselves for making us worried, you dipsticks.
  5. Yeah, jokes on me too. You fuckers, you.
  6. Dendygar


    Welcome to Sprite Wars, Ikakiddo! It's usually pretty quiet around here and activity is irregular. All of the members are nice and easy-going though.
  7. I agree with Skurge. There is nothing bad in having a specific, preset resource and/or substance on this planet that players could mine but it gives us a lot more freedom if we are being allowed to make up our own set of ores and minerals. This would also give factions different reason to take advantage of its untapped mining potential.
  8. Dedicated to all the fine lads fighting for their freedom in eastern Ukraine.
  9. Have a look at Discord. I just recently started using it and it's pretty good.
  10. ... and it was worth the wait.™ Yes, Sven Co-op is finally released as a Standalone game in it's own right on Steam. And it's completely free to download just like it always has been! What wonderful news! Steam page here. The Sprite Wars steam-group should definitely host a Sven Co-op game sometime.
  11. Im working on some Generic mooks that could be used and reskinned by anyone who'd wish to join us and play. I imagine that would make things a bit easier for those without any sort of model-hacking experience.
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