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  1. Lemme go find my cane then so I can hit you with it.
  2. Alright, count me as less concerned. Am I eligible to put my name in for Watchman, or do I technically count as an old man?
  3. It'd feel just plain wrong to no longer have the sole remaining Founding Father in an administrative capacity, and I feel like kicking Monsta and Freak out of their positions for the sake of trying to refresh the forum is kind of a dick move. Far as I'm aware, both have done decent jobs as Watchmen, so I see no justification in removing them from their spots.
  4. Everything looks different.
  5. I have no idea if the Arcade is even used - Without the leaderboards working (from what I can tell anyhow) it's hard to tell if anyone uses it regularly. Lord knows I don't, sadly, can't even play Raiden-X like I used to. I could see an upgrade being overall a good thing, would just require an adjustment period as we figure out what still works, what doesn't, and what works differently. That being said - PANIC
  6. Niiiiiiiice. You can make a topic for yourself in either our Art Forum or Sprites.
  7. Great to have you here, Anowi. Said it on DA but I'll say it again here - Your work is fantastic. Keep it up!
  8. Thanks for remembering mine, Backtothefryingpan. I really do hope that this is a good sign. My dad got rid of my old harddrives, so the only place I could get my old WIPs that weren't re-posted on Imgur by others is through Majhost returning.
  9. Soli! Been a long time my man.
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