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  1. Forgot that I’ve been here for 6 years now, better late than never in introducing myself.

    Hello everyone, I am Ember 1-6, also known as Verdant on Discord, and G4051 on DeviantArt. I’ve been doing pixel art for a while now, started around 2018-2019 if I’m not mistaken, credits to Monstarules who first introduced me to his own set of sprites, and have been making custom stuff out from his sprites, i.e new sprite hands (holding handguard of rifle, and holding pistol), new camouflage patterns, custom weapons (credits to the people who did the ASCAWR 6.0 sprite sheet, but I did make my first knife based on the Huntsman knife from CS:GO), and bringing some of my OCs into life thanks to Monsta’s sprites.

    Latest stuff that I’ve been doing recently via Discord is the Ember Elements and Hongbin from Black Powder Red Earth, made by a group of people from Echelon Software, with Jon Chang being the guy who did the entire comic book series of BPRE.

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