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  1. Hey all. Recently I've been surveying people about what abilities they'd have if their character appeared in a Metal Slug game (Kind of like how in Metal Slug 6 onward each hero got a special ability). As an example, here's mine: -Start out with fat versions of all weapons, without actually being fat (So no detrimental side effects). -Cannot become Fat Player. -Up+A+D activates Burst Shot, which basically fixes position and firing direction as forward, but allows autofire without reloads, meaning you can spam Power Guns all you want provided you have the ammo. This is exactly like Marco's Burst Shot special. -If killed during a MAX multiplier (Via Rush Blaster), will explode into Gold Coins. Will add more stuff later. Like when i can actually see my posts.
  2. Everyone, grab your torches and pitchforks! It's time to take down Mami Tomoe!

  3. You...seem familiar. Good to see you.
  4. You're...you're ALIVE! Metal Slug: Evolution love machine. Not terribly original, although it has God-tier stats for a Slug. Parts - Core - Gunner Core Caterpillar - Gunner Legs Cannon - Gunner Cannon Vulcan - Gunner Arms Armor - Tempered Shield Color Change - 1 Yeah, it's the infamous Slug Gunner + Tempered Shield combo. Like I said, not terribly original. Oh well.
  5. Well, we kind of missed my birthday, it was in April. No biggie though, so did I.
  6. There are a lot of things I could name, but because most of them involve the United States in particular I'm worried I'll sound like a bigoted lunatic that doesn't care about the rest of the world. The first thing that came to mind though was flat tax rates. Also, less emphasis on the concept of "my beliefs > your beliefs". What is good should be up to the individual, not a collective. One can be free to pursue life as they see fit but whatever it is, it doesn't extend to their peers. EDIT: Oh screw it, I'll post a couple of things I had thought of anyway. They shouldn't be that bad. For starters, I think that people should think of atheism differently. There is really no such thing as "no religion", so in reality atheists really are just agnostics that believe in science. Speaking of science, there are multiple fields of "science" that are so little understood that they should be titled as religions or art more than science. Prime example? Human psychology. Having started on a Psychology major in college, I was amazed to find so little of the field was based in cold, hard factual basis. You can't say something is a science if even its own supposed givens lie in an area of ambiguity. I guess what I'm getting down to is that things in the world need clarity. Too much information, even in today's day and age, is very ambiguous. So many people have hidden agendas and oftentimes they are not the ones some may expect to be. Maybe if people kept track of the incentives of others before taking their word as fact things would be better. For example, not to bash all petitions (There are good ones out there), but someone I know recently got convinced by a petition that 9/11 was an inside job. If one kept track of incentives the error in this line of thought should be obvious. Think to yourself: what does a petition want? The answer's pretty clear; it wants more votes. Should it alone be a trustworthy source? Not in my opinion. Perhaps another example of how I would want the world to change is the emphasis on economic rather than political decision-making. I know it sounds like a fat-cat capitalist ideal but unlike in politics, economic decision-making leaves only the one who made it responsible for its results--whether they be negative or positive ones. In my opinion that leaves a lot more freedom for others to pursue their own goals, which is a good thing.
  7. All of your problems solved.
  8. >Act of Valor >"Oh cool someone else saw that movie! I might as well comment on how great it wa-" >Some kind of propaganda bullshit >Also this text is actually green Solidus, I can't tell if you're trolling. If you are, you're doing a damn fine job at it. If not...well, I have this to say. Seriously, by that standard...Saving Private Ryan would be "propaganda". The news would be probably count too Oh wait it does. Did I mention what you're saying could count as well? What about the words of a very particular watchman around here? Did you even bother to check and make sure you actually knew the definition of propaganda beforehand? Even if it were propaganda, who gives a fuck? That's like looking at a poster asking for your grease during WWII and saying, "That's bullshit, it's propaganda!" So what is your point? There was only one proper answer to such a remark at that time, and it was to scrape all of the grease off that person's screaming body and hand it to Uncle Sam. Now I ask you: What have you done with your grease, you Nazi son of a bitch? You had better answer fast because I have a squeegee right here and I am in no way afraid to use it. Did it say to tell L.A. to screw their liberal-ass selves and let the aliens run things? Because I'm A-OK with that. Otherwise it's not propaganda in any sense near what Solidus is speaking about. inb4 "WAR HORSE IS PROPAGANDA"
  9. I would totally turn this thread political right now but I REFUSE TO DEVOLVE INTO ANOTHER MERKU oh god the corruption it's seeping into me AAAAAAAAAAAUGH
  10. I thought you blocked me because you had taken down your Livestream. As if things made sense to begin with...
  11. I don't know what has happened for the last four pages of this thread but bear with me here... I mostly decided to sit back and see what happens before I made a decision either way about this subject. At this point I realize that was a mistake. A big fucking mistake. Apparently the U.S. government is making jabs to take down all anonymous filehosting sites simply because they're easier to run pirating schemes through. That kind of thing seems so un-American and makes me more afraid than ever of my own government. For that kind of reasoning one might say helicopters should be banned because they crash. Ugh. I hope the new age the Mayans were talking about is some kind of reversal of all this shit. For fuck's sake. Funny, I was just discussing this with a couple of people yesterday. Government in most parts of the world is not a means of order, it's a means of coercion. People who live in just government systems should not take their benefits for granted.
  12. Next up, Orbit Cannons, the mechanized equivalent of being chased by a swarm of bees firing lasers!
  13. Someone ought to experiment with CAVE-style effect usage using Metal Slug sprites. It would be badass. DAN WHERE ARE YOU
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