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  1. Whoops, placed a vote by mistake. Please disregard.
  2. Received and understood. I'll try and throw something together after work this week. I have to agree. GC1 was awesome. Like, my favourite campaign hands down. I suppose we were so busy trying to collectively out-do what had already been done, that we went a little too George Lucas on the whole thing. That, and IRL commitments. Ah well. Here's to GC3, if I can get off my arse and do something about it.
  3. http://www.pcgamer.com/digital-homicide-withdraws-lawsuit-against-steam-users-says-studio-is-destroyed/?utm_content=bufferbe53d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb Here, folks, have a good laugh on me.
  4. I always knew you were a part of this place, my son. Welcome home.
  5. Current sheets are on Dropbox, as Mike suggested. The collection is still incomplete, however - about half the army exists in WIP sheets and mothballed projects. PM me if you can't find what you need on the Dropbox.
  6. The irony isn't lost on me, you can be sure of that.
  7. Holy fucking shit. So glad I didn't accept her friend request on Facebook! Everything squared away? What did she get you done for?
  8. False alarm on this guy. Despite his tasteless username, he seems pretty solid, even crediting me directly in a few of his works. Might be a good avenue of approach to talk to him, in case ImperialGuardsman ignores us or has a hissy-fit over our requests.
  9. Anyways, welcome. Come in, take your breasts off at the door.
  10. You think you can slip a Micheal Rosen monologue under my nose? Think again.
  11. Did a review on this. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will probably enjoy my second playthrough. http://gamesmoviesdeals.com/xcom-2-review/
  12. IIRC, the sprites Mike made were Mister Gutsies, so no effort required, really. I've probably got them somewhere, so I'll dig them up later on. Protectrons too, now that I think about it. In short, yes, any reasonably-powerful robot should be fine, just not one of the "miniboss" enemies.
  13. An Institute Synth would probably be a little too OP. A run-of-the-mill Mr Handy would probably be better, and as I recall Mike has made sprites of them.
  14. Oh man, that takes me back. Good to see it's still kickin'. Consider me down for the clown.
  15. But why exactly are we fighting over this planet? What does it have that all the other worlds don't?
  16. Similar things have been affecting my own participation, so I feel for your troubles. Perhaps we should keep the Balkan front as a stalemate for the time being.
  17. Welcome newcomer. I am the resident community legbreaker. Remember to pay your tithes and not ask questions about the smell.
  18. Alternatively, do what I did. Go full-on retro-futuristic and retroactively adapt your army into having space technology, while still using antiquated ballistic and vehicular technology.
  19. You son of a bitch; you've managed to utterly outdo my recent computer upgrade on all fronts. Hope this new machine works in your favour, let me know if you need any advice (though, that being said, the advice I can offer is extremely limited.)
  20. Now I've got the munchies for some Aspic and Bird Meat.
  21. Bit of a dearth of things to criticise here, chum. Question; are you just doing silent playthroughs or narrating? Do you have a decent mike and a practiced oratory skill in English? What games do you intend to play - niche indies, horror games, pieces of crap or just BF/COD excerpts? Try to tailor your channel towards a specific type of tried-and-tested YouTube Gaming format, IE by genre, branching off to others as necessary.
  22. Pretty much. IOT and EAGLE forces are considered attached directly to the Axonians or the Teutonburgers since they're the main IRON forces in the area, unless Mike wants to change that and add his own icons and movements to the map. However, grey arrows pretty much represent the movements of both the Axonians and Teutonburgers.
  23. Reuploaded the comic with Imgur links, as some people were having trouble. Also, a quick run-through of what actually happened during that comic, because it isn't entirely clear; Finally, for use between anyone involved in the Balkan front, a map with which to depict troop movements with more accuracy; Good to be back, guys. - CC
  24. Fucking FINALLY finished a comic. How about that? Three pages long, please listen to the music provided; Aaand here we go. Hope you enjoyed that. I'll upload a summary of the events that transpired into the discussion topic later on.
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