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  1. The sad thing is, the people most affected by internet piracy are the small companies. The indie game devs, the independent movie producers, small time novelists, etc etc. While the people on the ground benefit from the sharing of content, and the big, rich, established groups can take the hit, the guys trying to make ends meet in the middle just can't afford these losses in revenue. And from my (limited) perspective, anime is kind of a niche market in the US (larger than most niches, but still) and maybe, like the small companies, can't really afford losses to piracy.
  2. No worries. And that makes more sense than ripping photoshop effects - though I didn't think custom blood sprites were commonly used enough to warrant such a large-scale project. Or, that could just be my poor attention span.
  3. First of all, can the attitude. Secondly, not possible. The anti-aliasing of Photoshop effects makes them unusable in MSPaint. That answer your question?
  4. All the sprites of other factions usually get compiled onto megasheets within my own files. An IOT one, a Voltor one etc
  5. Boom. This is my compilation of explosions, debris, weapons fire, impacts and bloodspurts. What you need is right here.
  6. Well, I don't have any problems with it (hence why I left my intro comic involving their "retirement" open-ended), just seems like a bit of a curveball out of the blue. But no worries, goosestep away, bud!
  7. Hold the phone. How come the SS are making a comeback all of a sudden?
  8. Don't you speak ill of Emilia Clarke! She's a NATIONAL TREASURE! Jai Courtney is pretty naff though, I'll give you that.
  9. About Salvation... you remember the opening scene of T2: Judgement Day, right? Skynets Terminators, backed up by HK-Tanks, go up against the rag-tag Tech-Com survivors in the ruins of downtown LA, with purple lasers flying everywhere? Thats what I thought Salvation was going to be. I was sorely disappointed.
  10. Apologies on that front. I've had a comic in the works, but university work has completely stopped me from making any progress on it. I'll be on Skype either later tonight or tomorrow, perhaps we can discuss an ending to it then.
  11. Form alliance with purple dinosaur. Commence intergalactic Pain Train.
  12. Break open the space-coffin and eat the goo inside.
  13. Valiant Hearts is a prime example of what the game should've been like, in my opinion.
  14. Personally I think slavery was a bad starting point. They probably should've tried doing the Romans, or the Battle of Hastings, maybe. Slavery, the Holocaust and other particularly grim subjects need more experience before you ease into them, especially if your target audience is schoolchildren.
  15. Whats the matter? Did you expect a childrens learning game to have ultra-visceral graphic interpretations of some of histories darkest times? I remember reading the Horrible Histories books, and while they did discuss matters like Transatlantic Slavery and the Holocaust, they did it in such a way that it wouldn't outright scar kids minds. I'm not sure whether this game is as successful as HH in that respect, but from the looks of it the game is trying to take a similar angle. Also theres the fact that this is probably a lot more engaging for children than a boring, footage-centric documentary like, say, Nazis - A Warning From History. And I'd rather children actually took an interest in history, even if they start off with something as basic as this.
  16. Kenny is love. Kenny is life. Also, lets have a talk about love.
  17. I might've known as long as you've supported the devs by spreading the word and are at least intending to hand over money for it, it looks like they've earned it!
  18. Its fairly plausible, but I suppose it would only make sense if it happened later in the campaign, when the Antarcticans are really starting to gain ground. Once our forces meet in a proper engagement, then we could put such an idea into action, depending on the situation. Think of the Freidrich Paulus case - an officer gets trapped in an encirclement, surrenders to the enemy forces, and eventually defects into their service (with possible brainwashing).
  19. As it turns out, the Axonian captain has defected... FROM BEYOND THE GRAAAAVE! No but really editing that out now :0
  20. Awkwardly enough, I just looked at the games Steam page... and you come up under "Friends who want this game". How are you playing it, exactly?
  21. Maybe follow this route; Panel 1 - Antarctican Ship, Bridge Interior. Naval Ensign tells Captain that Axonian ships are in firing range. Captain acknowledges, and gives the order to fire. Panel 2 - Antarctican Ship, Hull Exterior Mid-range shot of the ships main guns firing. Panel 3 - Axonian Fleet, Exterior Several Axonian ships, side by side (by comic perspective, stacked before and after one another) take multiple explosive hits from the shells. Panel 4 - Axonian Ship, Bridge Interior Computers blast warning signals, debris falls from the ceiling, equipment catches fire and sparks fly. The Captain panics and tries to make radio contact with other Axonian forces, but... Panel 5 - Axonian Ship, Bridge Interior ... an explosion engulfs the bridge. Debris and crewmen are thrown aside by the fireball. Panel 6 - Antarctican Fleet, Exterior. Several Antarctican ships float past Axonian wrecks, burning ships half-sunk into the waves. Over the radio, the Antarctican Captain congratulates his men on a job well done. Try that layout.
  22. I heard about this game, and its an instant want from me. "Power fantasy" games are all well and good, but we need a good amount of Social-Realist games like this as well.
  23. Stick some ships on water, in a way you deem cinematically fit. Not to talk down to you or anything, but you might be overworking your battle scenes - simplicity and brevity are the best way to go when you're stuck on making a comic.
  24. I trust you kept the music box constantly wound?
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