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  1. Dhalo, Monsta, and FreakOps, remember, tonight is the briefing, so please hop on Discord sometime tonight.
  2. Alright, so it looks like you've all decided on who you want to run things. Monstarules will become the head Administrator of the Spritewars Forum, and FreakOps and Dhalo will be his new moderators. Congratulations, you three. Now I know I said I was gonna do the briefing and transfer of power today, but real life is kicking me in the ass with Finals and furniture moving right now, so instead I'm going to ask that we bump it back to Friday so I have time to get my own stuff handled. Mike, I'll send you a message on Steam sometime in the next day or two. Once reorganization is handled, I'll post a topic explaining how things are changing and what's remaining the same. Talk to you all again soon.
  3. Alright, we've got our three candidates. We're looking for three staff positions, so this works out nicely. Now, this vote is to determine who will become Administrator of the forum, with the other two being put into moderator positions answering to the new head honcho. The polling will run until Sunday of next week, and once concluded, briefing and promotion will be carried out immediately on Monday of next week. As stated before, us old guys who don't have time to run things anymore will step into a newly created advisory group, myself included. Before that's done though, we'll post up an announcement on how things will change and how they'll remain the same. To our candidates, good luck.
  4. Okay, it's Sunday so I'm gonna go ahead and kick this off. Heading this topic is a poll with the four people that have expressed interest in candidacy. Vote for one of them. If you are a current staff member, do not place a vote. We are first going to select three people to serve as the core of the new moderation team, then out of those three we will have a secondary election to nominate the Administrator who will be in charge of the staff. Once that's done, you new Staffers will be briefed, and then we'll take care of the transfer of power. We'll let this poll run for a week, then see where we're at next Sunday. Good luck to all of you.
  5. Mike specifically approved this move because he's tired of having to worry about everything, and wants to step down and just keep playing the campaigns. As for everyone else, your applications are noted.
  6. Hello Sprite Wars, I've returned from the void with important news. A lot of us staff are getting pretty long in the tooth (believe it or not, SW has been around in some form or another since around '04-'05), and most of us old farts who have been around since the beginning don't really have a lot of time to keep as much of an eye on the forum as we'd prefer to. We've discussed things, and in the wake of recent events, a plan has been proposed that should make everyone happy. We're gonna hold elections. "But Commander," you fresh faced young warlords may ask, "Who will we be electing?" The answer, my small and less Commander-y friends, is yourselves. Most of us or in or nearing the end of our twenties, and most of us barely have time to make sprites, let alone administrate a forum, so the general idea is to elect some of you young'uns into our place and pass on the torch of running this joint. All of the current staff will be retired into an "Old Farts" Role that only serves as an advisory capacity for whomever the new administration will be (and one with no direct power, at that.) I hear the question already, "Commander! How will we pick our new overlords?" The answer is quite simple. You guys will talk about it yourselves over a week or so, and once we have a general consensus, we'll have polling week so that everyone can cast their votes. Now to make sure that this new administration is representative of the current generation of SW members and isn't one that most certainly forces us old people back into the saddle, we're gonna have a few rules for this election, listed here: 1. You will only be eligible for election if you joined the forum on or after January 1st, 2012. Why the specific date? Age. Most of you guys in that bracket aren't out of highschool yet, which means you (surprisingly) have more time to take care of the place. If you joined before this date but only became active afterward, contact a current Staff Member and explain your case. 2. Current Staff Members will not be allowed to vote. The truth of the matter is, we're all biased. We all have our own opinions on how the forum should be run. And those opinions may not line up with what you newer people want. We also want to make sure that this doesn't feel like a rigged election setting up a puppet government. 3. No voting for yourself, and vote responsibly. You can apply for a spot on the polls, but you can't vote for yourself. Vote for someone you think is competent enough to run things, not someone you think is a cool dude who would look cooler with a crown. 4. There will be a maximum number of three selected from the election: One Administrator, and two Moderators. SW's staff as it stands today is a bit top heavy, with a lot of staff groups and a lot of people in them. We're gonna try and use this election to trim things down. The only head honcho who will remain is Player1, our fantastic Webhost who doesn't do anything besides keep the forum from burning down. However many applicants we have. 5. What would you old farts be doing? Not breathing down your necks, for certain. We'd be rolled back into a member group for old farts that holds no power, and only serves as a prestigious title for being an old fart. We'd be on hand to give advice, if needed, but otherwise we'd just be relaxing and making sprites and not having to worry about running the forum, just like the rest of you guys. That's about all for the time being. I'm gonna leave this topic open for questions and open discussion. I'm thinking that on either Friday or Sunday we'll open up a nomination topic so people can start picking who they think should be up for election. Edit: It occurs to me that some of the newer members are already staffers, and that the rules as stated exclude them from candidacy. If you feel that Freak Ops and Monsta should be granted candidacy with an exception, then it shall be done, since they're part of the membership age bracket. So feel free to discuss that in here too.
  7. THE JOVIAN CONFEDERACY The Jovian Confederacy is made up of the colonies located in the vicinity of Jupiter, as well as several research colonies orbiting Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It is primarily governed by the Corporations that initially established the facilities for the purpose of Helium 3 extraction, the most prominent of these being the Valken Corporation. In the wake of the Arcadian Revolt, they too have declared independence, and demand recognition of all forthcoming colonial independence claims while threatening to cut off vital Helium 3 Fuel Reserves from Earth if their demands are not met. Main Sprite Sheet Jovian Utility Hardsuits Jovian Shock Troops
  8. I'll get the sprites and my profile up later, I'm still finishing sheet organization.
  9. Alright, as everyone knows, we have a community dropbox where everyone can send me or Mike their email to get added to the whitelist so they can access it. Everyone uploaded all of their sprites to it, plus tons of resources like backgrounds, free use stuff, sprite rips, old campaigns from seasons past, and everything else one could imagine to it. This constitutes probably the biggest concentration of Spritewars Content since Majhost went down. Now, we've been out of space on the dropbox for a while, so I'm taking measures to fix that and free up some space. What I want to say first and foremost is that your personal folders will not be touched, or affected in any way. Now that I've said that, I'll tell you exactly what's going on, and what changes are going to happen. I've created a new archive on Mega.co.nz, which has 50gb of storage free and is much more suited to the purpose of uploading archives of comics, backgrounds, and things like that. Features that make this change worthwhite include: 1. The ability to download entire folders of files as .zip files, instead of having to grab them one at a time. 2. Increased space for files (50gb, as stated before.) 3. Centralized hosting for files instead of everyone having to download files from each other. Now, instead of waiting for the entire archive to load through dropbox, you can just page through it and pick what you want. 4. Increased Security. The files can only be accessed through secure links. This isn't such an important thing since I'll be posting the links here and elsewhere for everyone to use, but it's an extra layer of protection for stuff. Features that could be considered downsides are: 1. No Communal Editing. The only people who will have control over the archive are Me, Mike, and anyone he deems vital to keeping it maintained. That may change in time, but for now it's not so much a security measure, as a matter of just spreading the login info around, which could lead to confusion while we're setting it up if multiple people are doing different things to it. But, the Mega will not be for hosting your personal work, so you won't really need to log into it anyways. ...And that's it, really. What this means for you: We're keeping the dropbox, so all of your personal folders will go untouched. The only things we'll be pulling out of the dropbox are the Public Resources folders, and all of the archived seasons of comics that aren't running anymore. I might pull the free use stuff from your personal folders if you have it, but I will not do so without asking your permission first. If you have something you think should be on the archive, like old comics or the works of members who aren't around anymore: Just let me or Mike know, so we can review it for addition to the archive. And that's it, really. I won't be deleting the stuff in the public resource folders for a few days, so don't worry about waking up to a bunch of changes just yet. I wanted you guys to have a chance to be informed about this before it happened. Feel free to discuss things here, I'd like to hear some feedback on it.
  10. Could always find an opponent and start an It's Personal match, if the current campaigns aren't appealing.
  11. I hope you have a speedy recovery and feel better soon.
  12. Only reason I had the gold border on the USSR was because we have so many red colored nations already.
  13. Godspeed, Vas. Congrats on the kid, and the family to be!
  14. It shouldn't have. Try logging into dropbox's website again. Also, PM me your email address that you signed up with so I can add you to the member list, then the SW folder should show up when you sign in.
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