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  1. I haven't posted here in, hell I don't know, 14-10 years? Thought I would say hi and see how you were all doing, or at least hi to anyone that is still around. I just kind of remembered you guys the other day and wanted to see how you were all doing. I doubt anyone still around remembers me, but its nice seeing some familiar faces. I hope you're all doing well.
  2. Trying to make dramatic effect, the legion thing was all exaggerated D:
  3. Only two panels long due to the fact that I don't play a major part yet ;-;.
  4. Oh lawd, made the last panel too small D:
  5. The Holy Yorian Reich Our faith makes us strong. Info ------------- Space is a very large place, with countless planets and species. From a distant universe, come the Yor, a race thriving off combat and religion. After conquering their own universe, the Yor send large fleets into dark space to discover new planets to colonize, or conquer. Fighting in the name of their kaiser, and the holy god Stavern, the Yor fight without fear or regret. Stavern is the god of war and conquest, each Yorian fights in his name, the more faithful warriors become blessed with Staverns will and gain supernatural powers. A Yorian soldier is strong, resilient, and loyal. They do not know fear, or doubt. The kaiser is watching, Stavern protects. C.O ------- General Maximus, Tyber ravenblood: Tyber Ravenblood has been fighting in the army for more then 150 years, his expirience on the field and in command has made him a powerful adversary to anyone who apposes the Reich. Admiral Maximus, kraden Wolfheart: after leaving the academy, Kraden was immediately assigned to ship duty, and quickly rose in the ranks to Admiral maximus. Not much else is known. Units ------------ Battle brother: The work horse and backbone of the Yorian ground forces, a battle brother is armed with a standard issue ST-134k and a combat blade for hand to hand fighting, Battle brothers are fearless due to their blind faith, but also a frightening force to see on the battlefield. sprites Veteran battle brother: After two years of loyal service, a Battle brother will be promoted, and biologically enhanced for more combat effectiveness, usually seen leading a squad of battle brothers. Chief battle brother: Top ranked field operatives, Chief battle brother can only be achieved through unwavering loyalty and outstanding combat effectiveness, Biologically enhanced even further to become even more powerful, chief battle brothers are rare and are usually seen commanding entire company's into battle. Fanatic: when Stavern blesses a soldier, sometimes the body does not react well to the transformation and the soldier is turned into a larger, more vicious and blood thirsty warrior. Fanatics are usually seen in squads of 10 and prefer melee. Close combat is not recommended. Xenoforcer: Xenoforcers are warriors that preform powers during battle like psy powers, pyro powers, and soul powers. usually seen attached to a a chief battle brothers main squad. Predator tank MkII: Work horse of the Yorian armor batallions, the predator tank moves at 80km/h and fires ten laser rounds a minute, making it a very deadly machine on the battlefield. sprites B-99 wraith:Providing the ground force with air and bomber support, the wraith works as a air and space fighter, with speed and weaponry rarely matched. sprites
  6. I have two different armies a 3000 point necron army and a 2000 point demon hunter army I'm really proud of my necron paintjob. I added little strings of glue to there joints to make it look like cob webs.
  7. Coincidence? If you dont like it I could take some of them out if you want :<
  8. XD knew I forgot something X3 Edit: Fixed
  9. ((even though they share the same name and appearance. The helghast Ill be leading have absolutely nothing to do with the ones associated with the video game killzone. exept for the home planet, and a few weapons.)) The Helghan grand empire -Message received- -Grand master general Lucas vomas- -Hierarchy Narwin komaraka- -may 17th, 253 A.E- My Liege. This is a urgent message that the Great and all powerful emperor must see as soon as possible. Our patrol ships have discovered a new planet. one already colonized by Humans. The planet shares the same environment as the planet Vekta we conquered those many century's ago. Messagers report that the imperium is already mounting an invasion of the planet. The psyker we have with us, reported that there are many other army's already on this planet. Its resources could be of great worth to the empire. We should join our Human allies against the enemy that are already on the surface. We will crush them in the name of the holy empire. May the emperor be with us. -Grand master general Lucas vomas -end transmission- Army list. Helghast Base troopers: CO's GMG Lucas Vomas: Veteran of over a hundread battles in his lifetime. Vomas is a excellent strategist and a renowned general. Born on the planet Helghan, He was pushed into the army at the age of 6. His IQ put him into the commander division of the academy. Psyker over lord-Varna nazer: Nazar was killed over 300 years ago. but with advaced helghast preservation technology, He is now asleep in a metal body. only awakened to do the emperors wishes. The Creature: Little is known about this Helghast experiment. He appears human but can Unhinge his jaw to consume almost any kind of living organizm. A cannibal and Brutal warrior. The creature is known for devouring humans or mobians on the battlefield. striking fear into the enemy. Units: Helghast Base troopers: The backbone of the helghan Army's. Soldiers from different worlds under one banner, Foreigners from the planet helghan are Mutated to breath the helghasts air and slowly convert into them. Armed with a standard assult rifle and a combat knife. Helghast soldiers are formidable troops in any battle. Helghast base troopers are also fit for all battlefield dutys. including, anti tank,anti air,medical,engineering, and many more. Sprites Human Auxiliary: Human auxiliary are Of cource humans that are converted to believe the helghast ways, But refuse to be mutated. Humans are not aloud to carry helghast weapons but instead are carrying weapons from there home worlds. including armor and food.sprites Combat suits: designed during the Strogg-Helghan wars to combat the stroggs almost never ending swarms. The X-V1204 Combat suit is armed with 2 STA-308 Chainguns replacing the arms, Firing over 1000 rounds per minute. The V12 can wipe out advancing troops in mere minutes. Considering the V12's usefulness in drawn out combat, Helghast scientists created the X-Z19 Close quarters combat suit (steel ape). Which was designed during the later periods of the Strogg-Helghast conflict. It is not equiped with any ranged armaments but is designed with a giant claw on each arm that can be used to strike or crush the enemy's.Combat suits are specifically designed for injured Soldiers Or troops that are too weak to fight enemy's in close combat.sprites Helghast "ground pounder" armored battle tanks: One of the only war machines that wasn't designed to match certain enemy tactics. The Ground pounder is a all around combat tank used mainly to destroy enemy armor or large density of enemys. it is armed with 3 Cannons whitch 1 shell every 12 seconds. sprites Slip fighters: Another unit created during a first losing war. The slip fights where created to fight Cylon Raiders During the Cylon-Helghast wars. Considering that cylon raiders had no Pilot therefore Blackouts didnt occur in combat, The raiders could change any direction at any speed necessary. Scientists created the E121 Slipfighter. Using advanced Helghan teleportation technology, the slip flighter can change any direction by the flick of a switch, included in this technology the Slip fighters could teleport behind a perusing enemy IF it was in a certain range. The Slip fighters proved they're usefulness during the middle of the war when a small test squadron Destroyed a Cylon baseStar.sprites Helghast lancers: When its older model was first created the helghast Spear Created the 2nd rule of helghast Rules of Space combat. The Lancer is designed with a incredibly strong front. Used to Ram enemy ships at breakneck speed destroying it then firing into nearby enemy ships. the tactic was first preformed during the last half of the Helghast-ISA wars proving its usefulness in combat. sprites Helghast Iron fist: The newest ship in the Helghan Navy, the ship was designed to fight off Covenant cruisers that they occasionally ran into during the covenants war with the USNC forces on earth. It fires 300 Slugs from its main cannon every 20 seconds as well as other cannons fireing from its side to destroy enemy shields and the ship itself. it is rumored that a whole fleet of these can turn an entire planet into rubble. sprites Helghast super weapons: (will update later) The crusader: The largest ship in the helghast Navy. It carrys over 1000 guns and is the size of manhattan. Though rarly seen on the battlefield. Enemy admirals fear of this ship due to its large size and unmatchable firepower
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