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  1. I'm in charge of HoV. And people got removed because it's no longer affiliated with SW. We pretty much removed everyone who doesn't regularly play games.
  2. UPDATES ASSHOLES. Games now on steam, http://store.steampowered.com/app/211400/
  3. Damnit, I didn't think fot that!
  4. It isn't perfect, especially around the buttons. But fuck you if you don't be wanting one.
  5. In this day of FPS, Cover shooter, MMO, Sports based, Racing games. It's hard to remember the humble platformer. UNTIL ONE DAY IT JUMPS ON YOUR RAGGED BODY WITH A DAGGER AND DEMANDS YOU SUCK IT'S PHALLUS DRY. And on that note. I give you DEADLIGHT! This years most awesome platformer. Now before you get all excited, It is only an Xbox arcade game, so it does lack a little in length, and it is console restricted. But for those Xbox bros out there... You fuckers are in for a wild ride. You cunts remember Abe's adventures? YEAH WELL I SURE FUCKING DO! This game, feels, like that. It's about honest platforming, timing and a quick head. But unlike Abe, our illustrious Wingwolf wannabe here can hand out some ass when needed. By the power of FIRE AXE! There is some Gunplay, but bullets are an uncommon commodity. No really... They are this time. This is one of those adventure platformers that will having you yelling yes, YES! And then suddenly OH SWEET MERCIFUL FUCK NO, I EMPLORE YOU! All in all, it's a beautifully constructed peice of playable art, the scenery is just amazing. And the Art direction makes me want to yank my dick so hard it... Sorry. Xbox Brothers and Sisters. This game deserves a run. And at 1200 points... It's hardly reaching into your privates to find more change in your secret stash. This game gets a Wingwolf approval rating of: FUCKING PLAY THIS SHIT. And remember folks, when under zombie attack. Stay away from Hospita- Oh Gods no...
  6. Well, it seems this wont be going ahead. The idea was nay'd and i can't be arsed wasting my effort over it. let the faggots suffer.
  7. That is exactly the problem.
  8. So some of you may or may not be aware, that in Garry of Garry's mod latest Meth trip, He has fucked the modeling section to high ho dilly. Now, I have petitioned to the forums users, if they would like me to set up a temporary section for their use. HERE. Now before you hit all emergency stations, I will be creating a new user group for the Facepunch refugees that will only allow viewing of Wingwolf's Tavern. SO your sprites and general dick baggery will be secure. To ease the possible influx of new recruits, I will also be making the models area viewable to guests, so non posters wont really have to sign up and waste validation time. Speaking of, The validation, may need a rethink in order to cope. I am thinking of temporarily lifting the manual validations, and making the new Facepunch refugee group the default group. As we don't see many new spriters it would be easy to just edit those, then edit every mother fucker. Now I have spoken to Mike, and he's cool with it happening. So we shall see what happens. Just everyone be aware that shit might get a bit rocky for a while, But this could do us favours. Kind regards, Your Overlord.
  9. Enjoyed it. But felt like I learned fucking nothing about the jockeys. Except for that they look cool... Thanks Ridley.
  10. I have always enjoyed Treyarchs story lines. And for one was very happy to see Woods kicking. I was pissed when they had him exit in such a bullshit way. Shame there's no chance of any Reznov action...
  11. I gave Merku the power to arrange these within the Steam group. But as of yet I haven't seen any fucking games set up.
  12. So it would appear microsofts server is still riddled with shit spam bots. I just wanted to let you guys know i will no longer be opperating [email protected] so block it, as it will only be spam until msoft delete it. sorry for the hassle.
  13. You're welcome. Next time let me know when the funds are out ya big sillys
  14. Last ones for now. a new Witcher 2 Icon. And finally Terraria.
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