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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to outer space. This is going to be the next campaign to start. This is mainly going to be something that is going to be on low heat during the majority of GC3. We've had a spike of inactivity, but the cure to inactivity is a small group starting to do something (and something DIFFERENT!), and since this campaign was desinged to start off slower, with more of a focus on each personal faction starting off, it is perfect since several comics are really going to be personal, revolving around each specific faction. I suppose we should give a bit of background as to what has happened, and to the situation that is currently leading into this campaign: "The sitiuation on Earth...is dire. The IOT has fallen. The Task Force and Mechvaraans have exhausted theirselves with damage control, and are now no longer based on-planet. Evil lurks, as hostile factions have retreated and watch hungrily for their next target. A decent portion of North-Eastern Earth (Mostly mainland Asia and Russia) has been irradiated and damaged after the events of the Battle of Heaven. In addition to this, there is a massive terminator-like outbreak that is currently bordering Europe, and Western Russia. However, there is hope! The Terran Command has fallen, with the remaining members being pursued by the Executors, Task Force 100, and the Mechvaraans. More importantly than this, is a new planet recently discovered in our solar system, which has the ability to sustain life. The people and factions of Earth prepare for their Exodus into the wild...while far far away, many more factions are preparing for inevitable war with each other, and against a great evil, that has yet to show it's face." Basically, Earth is slowly turning into a Fallout/Terminator/Mad Max style mess, and it going to probably not be showcased a lot in the main campaign after the first 4-5 pages, due to the new planet. Since the situation on Earth is becoming dire, a lot of GC3 is also going to be focused on exploring and establishing bases, but unlike Interstellar, GC3 is much smaller, and you will be running into trouble with other factions, and wildlife almost immediately, whereas in GC3, your main issue in the begining will be lack of resources (for factions that are just starting off), and pirates. Anywho, do not be fooled, when Insterstallar becomes the main campaign, you will need to respond, as these first several pages of mostly quiet comics are your chances to gather a lot of resources and build your armies...if you do not, you're in a heap of trouble, because when huge battles start to occur, you will find yourself having to run away into the wilds, or you may even find yourself facing utter destruction at the hands of multiple factions. Some factions, such as the Task Force, Axonians, Alliance to Restore the Mechvaraan Republic, Voltor, Liberalis Terrae, Mazenovich Empire, and Kragoltyes, are already well off, as they control planets (and in the case of Voltor and Kragolytes, entire galaxies) and have decent forces already available. As it stands, there are currently several people and factions who have expressed interest in joining this campaign. Some factions may not make an appearance under their original owners. Regardless: what is the goal? To explore! The galaxy is literally your oyster, but if you are going big, you have to make sure you have the forces and materials to KEEP yourself big. Expand and make your faction the best it can be! Protect your property, work with or against the government, do whatever it takes to lead your team to victory. The galaxy is a huge place...there are a lot of places to hide, and bide your time. Don't be in a rush to get killed! This is going to be the last thing said. When will it start? As far as a starting date, I think sometime in mid September will be good, as it will be giving us plenty of time to redesign sprites, make more sprites, and to design backgrounds. For the first several months, it is going to be laid back..so by the time battles are going to be in full swing...it only exists if you have it sprited. There is going to be plenty of time yet to make sprites for your faction, and there are people who are willing to assist you in making sprites for your faction. In fact, they probably would love to help! Rules and registration topics will be made shortly as well.
  2. Thanks to CommanderCool, Underling, Mike, Monstarules, Freak Ops, Skurge, Dempsey, Steampeng, Draco, and Mechasonic for submitting panels. And anyone else whose panels I used to fill in some spaces. Special rules thread coming soon as well. Will have information about merc contracts (Draco will elaborate in his comic as well.)
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