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Found 4 results

  1. Thanks to CommanderCool, Underling, Mike, Monstarules, Freak Ops, Skurge, Dempsey, Steampeng, Draco, and Mechasonic for submitting panels. And anyone else whose panels I used to fill in some spaces. Special rules thread coming soon as well. Will have information about merc contracts (Draco will elaborate in his comic as well.)
  2. People've been asking about Global 3 so here's the current idea(s) we've got so far: - New Planet and a 1/2 A problem that I've noticed, and contributed to, is that while our playerbase has gotten smaller, our map scale has not. Earth is big, plain and simple. With this new planet, which would be a little smaller than Earth, I'd like to prevent factions from being so isolated like in Africa at the beginning of Global 2. Isolated factions have the possibility to idle around, waiting for enemies to come to them, or wander off and do their own solo thing, which is fine sometimes but isn't really what Sprite Wars is about. Or worse, go inactive when no enemies show up. With this new planet, which will be slightly smaller and less watery than Earth, I hope to encourage more close contact between factions and lessen chance of isolation. With this smaller map, individual cities, towns, and other landmarks will have more importance. It was brought up, in the Skype chat I think, that lots of the fighting recently is spread out , it's lots of engagements over an entire front, which is fine, I'm not saying it's bad, just that that's all it's been recently. Back in West Season 5 (or 6? I forget) the finale was fought over the city of Odessa and almost everyone showed up to brawl over this place. By claiming, winning, and losing cities it might give some oomph to conflicts. Like, we lost the main battle for City A, but we're managing to hold them in the hills at Town B down the road. Factions that are more Earth-bound should not worry about being left behind. This planet is in our solar system and there's plenty of ways to get there, if you even want to bring that up, you're not required to; you can just be there and wave it off saying "oh we took some spaceships offscreen" or teleported there using a stargate, whatever explanation you want, really. More updates will be posted in this thread, including a preview of the map and any other ideas that we intend to implement next season. Please bring forward any questions you have to me here or on the Skype chat, I'll answer 'em the best I can. Preview of map so far. Nothing is set in stone and is bound to change.
  3. Meant to get this up earlier but oh well. Be sure to include more details about your army. Strengths, weaknesses, how to portray, stuff like that.
  4. We're just going ahead with the mostly-blank map. Current Map. Latest addition: Underling's Terran Command If you could, use your faction icon to mark important locations. Like, the Axonian Cross could mark their capital and important cities/bases. Stuff like that. Although you might need to edit your icon to be slightly tinier and/or just zoom in on your area of the map if it's smaller, like the smaller European areas. You can go into detail about the locations you mark here. The above map might be a little small so I found a bigger one here: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Glitch63/Global/earth_boarders.png PM or Skype me if you need more detailed maps, I'll try to find some...like one that has North American lines.
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