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Found 1 result

  1. Hey folks. This is Storm. And I am excited to announce that for the first time in a while, I am going to running an East campaign. But this isn't just any East campaign. While it will be running alongside the Global Campaign, the East campaign itself will be taking place in an entirely new setting with a new back story. The name of the game in this new setting is to challenge some of the old conventions that have become artifacts of the old way we played the game. Some of these changes include the reinstatement of unit size limitations, a revision to the map system, and perhaps even the reinstatement of Superweapon rules. Furthermore, the setting itself has some unique attributes that will force the players to rethink their previous strategies. Thick clouds of space debris above the Earth make space operations a harrowing and dangerous venture. Meteor-pocked landscapes, thick jungles, and rising ocean levels have changed the planetary surface in significant ways. Regional conflicts force players to think in terms of single operations, rather than on a global scale. The mission of this campaign is to play the game differently. With this newly rebooted setting, I will also be issuing this challenge to it's players: Do something different! I know we all have our legacy armies, our pet projects, our sacred factions that have been with us since our first days on Sprite Wars, but with a new setting comes a new opportunity. Switch things up! Create a new army, or put a drastically unfamiliar twist on an old army. Change your tech base, your affiliation, your alignment. Just find a way to change things up somehow, because if there's anything that Sprite Wars needs, its change. Over the next couple days or so I will be posting the setting information and plot details, as well as some rules and regulations to help you begin building your factions. The proposed date of start will be AUGUST 1st, just to give people time to get their basic armies figured out. Thank you all in advance and I'll see you on the battlefield.
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