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Found 1 result

  1. It had been a few mere decades ever since the Grand Campaign wiped out the world. They finally did it. The politicians and generals destroyed the world and what was left is but deserts of where great civilizations used to be. Great armies reduced to roving bands of marauders and killers, pillaging what small communities that sprung up from the survivors. What used to be the greater area of the city of Boston had been reduced into a police state, controlled with an iron fist by The powerful and futuristically advance Institute and its army of Synths. Okay, so I've been mulling over this forever, and I wanted to suggest a Fallout-style campaign. Factions you can join, but not control, technology is hard to come by (scrapping requires actual knowledge of the tech prior, maintenance of high tech is a difficult and time consuming task, etc) You are not a general to an army, you are an individual, or a small group of individuals. Your existence means little in the grand scheme of things. This is a campaign not about grand armies or great schemes, this is a campaign about people, a chance to tell stories of the common man and the affects of the world on them. So what'll be? Any of you interested?
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