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Found 2 results

  1. Everyone, I want to make a large list of our Majhost account names incase Majhost does come back, and it seems like it is going to eventually. So post your accounts, and any you know of. Tango (older sprites of mine) esreveR (I don't like him but he did have some good stuff) RandomRebelSoldier ABINADI Gniolliv DHalo MrJedi MikeRugar TheMadSoldier IvanTheMouse Steampeng millboar Skurge Tsauruvia Tsauruvian mouser madjackalprime bucue5 brothersarmys wolfrider armymank nexus93 mrjao1 merku mannerheim marksic BFEAadmin majorswift xshadowkalashx mannerheim keelan sanjit rufus solidus meiji07 dempsey owlbear1337 tallran krusade iron-mike eris fluxx garrick stormthefox stormspotterfox dracostrife poogan kronic531 hyacinth13 darko sukairaa stualpha zephy Usvash matchbox91 MD1032 Artea shinva Drdisco glitch63 Zigge bluefox auto-fox Jam sammisan Hazapuza DarkKaiser ElectroDan tarantula1991 docstoffhimel darkoverlord Mechanox firered6 timberwolf drecanic blitzkrieg boarmaster RFZ Saphire1331 (?) spoons Freak-Ops htlr archym Giko Hisoka Mysterious-Madman Spacemarine335 admittingsword I'll keep adding as people deposit usernames.
  2. I'm making another sprite animation for class that is a 2 minute preview for an up and coming fictitious movie. The topic is well 1984, and my little preview is going to be about the fall of Oceania. The rebels in question will be a part of Antarctic rebel group during 2050. They currently survive due to the advanced tech development areas that the ministry of peace had run giving the rebels more advanced tech because Oceania refuses to adapt new tech, as stated in the book. The rebels send a 2 man team in to ferment rebellion and cause terrorist acts in Britain the the center of the Oceania's power. any dyistopic backgrounds i can use or resources you know of that may help me i will be posting the final product hear of corce.
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