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Angry Ninjas And You


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Holy shit, awesome! But what the fuck is that for a beard!

You'll find out soon enough. It does something.

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So, just wandering around the forum, minding my own buisness...

When this drawn comic suddenly jumps out of me!

So I look for a few seconds, a relatively confused look on my face... and then the epicness sinks in, and I know, life will never be the same. For now, I must spend a few minutes, every updating, reading through the comic, and letting the epicness slide it's way through to me each time.

In short, good series.

'ello again :P


Also. It certainly was a blowout sale 8D

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And the sketch was going so well, too.


Until I once again blew it completely during inking.

Meh, I think you're not givin yourself enough credit, dude, cause it looks pretty damn good to me...


Unless if your refering to having screwed up some panels that might've gotten scrapped, and not the ones shown there, anyway...

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