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Well I'm not sure to do either smaller more frequent updates or larger less frequent updates. I'd guess the next one at about the 10th Feb, maybe.

Seriously though if anyone has ANY request for sprites from Metal Slug 1-5 I'll be more than happy to get on them ASAP. Any help with naming things would also be hugely appreciated as 'official' names seem hard to come by.


I'm also happy to animate anything I have on the site if people want them. You guys are like the biggest Metal Slug sprite users out there so take advantage!

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Hmmm... can you do a full rip of the Iron Nokana (the boss from Metal Slug 1 that looks like a huge WW2 German armored car)? Down to its separate pieces and all, if you could.





Just finishing off the Zombie Rebel (doing his rotating limbs) and then I'll get right on it!

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